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Block Remoderation Removal Logs
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Name: [BTSD] Pay Block
Author & Submitted by: DjMPK
Description: This is a Pay Block

When Mario touches the block it will be checked if he has a set amount of coins and will remove them and distroy himself

There is also a ExGFX for the Block

WYE's note: Works, but must be set to act like either 130 or 1E6 - 25 doesn't work

Reason of removal:

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Name: [BT] Shop blocks
Author: Beb
Submitted by: System
Description: These blocks will place an item into your item box at the cost of some coins. Mushrooms cost 10 coins, flowers cost 30 coins, capes cost 50 coins, and stars cost 70 coins. Note that you should make it so only the bottom side of the block can be reached by Mario to prevent your coins from being drained away.

Reason of removal:
Exists, as a better version too.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Name: Coin Pack
Description: This pack contains blocks which all add a varying amount of coins to the total coin count - 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 are the default, although they're really the same block, except for the define. "Acts like" setting should be 025.
Author: InfiniteCoinBlock - Submitted by: Roy

[BT + ASM] Custom Coins Coins worth 3 or 5 and even coins you can use underwater! mikeyk
Submitted by: Lightvayne


Both removed in favor of this.

[BT] Password BlocksStraight from Keytastrophe. Included is six blocks - the main password block, and each of the numbered blocks. Read the enclosed ReadMe for more info.S.N.N.
Submitted by: S.N.N.
2.1 KB

.bin. Also we have a lot of these that are better (sorry SNN!)

[BT + ASM] Frozen Sprite BlockThis block will turn into a sprite when hit with a fireball. Change the very first byte of the .bin file to control which sprite is created.mikeyk
Submitted by: mikeyk
1.3 KB

Better version exists.

[BTSD] SM64 Red Coins These are like the 8 Red Coins in SM64, but instead of giving you a star when you get all of them, the level will end.superman6791
Submitted by: superman6791
1.1 KB

	LDA #$01
	INC a
	STA $13CE

	LDA #$80
	BRA Branch1

Just a few of the more common examples of bad code. It shouldn't even work in most scenarios.

Shatter BlockWhen big breaks from bottomacefan77
Submitted by: acefan77
0.5 KB

Not even your code and we already have brick blocks.

[BTSD] Fan blockSimilar to the note block, but doesn't bounce you as high and acts almost like a fan blowing Mario into the air.3317
Submitted by: 3317
0.3 KB

This block doesn't even do what it describes. No idea what happened there.

[BTSD] Shoot player upThis block shoots the player in a direction like a slanted pipe would, except much higher. The sound effect is m
Submitted by: mr m
0.2 KB

Already exists as launch block.

[BTSD] Frame Hurt BlockThere are two blocks in this package:

- A block that will hurt you on frames 1-8

-A block that will hurt you in frames 9-16

Credit not needed.
Submitted by: Roy
0.9 KB

Framal blocks approved instead- more efficient, more ubiquitous.

[BTSD] Teleport Block
Added: 11-06-2012 06:47:47 PM
A teleport block in a -simple!- .asm format.Maxx
Submitted by: Ramp202
0.3 KB


[BTSD+P] Item SellerA block that can sell your item for an amount of coins. See the Read Me for more information.UltimateLuigi
Submitted by: UltimateLuigi
4 KB


[BTSD] Warp when button is pressedThis block when your are touching it will warp to another level using lunar magic's sreen exit when you hit a button (x by default). Made by request. Give me credit.

Tester's Note: Rename the ASM file so that it has no spaces, otherwise it may not work properly.
Submitted by: wiiqwertyuiop
0.3 KB


	LDA $7E0015
	AND #$40	;This is what buttton to press
	BNE Warp

I know this is ridiculous but technically if a sprite is touching it/fireball exactly at the time/cape hitting it and the player presses up it'll teleport which is serious.

[BTSD] Shop-Block-PackThese blocks are exactly like the ones already on here except that if Mario dosen't have enough coins, it will give him 10 coins and shatter. Also, this is my first custom block submission.Master S
Submitted by: Master S

Oddly specific. Probably not necessary (although fully functional).

[BTSD] Upward Boost BlockA block that boosts mario upwards like he touches it, like the block from the original blocktool did.

How high mario gets boosted up can be easily specified in the .asm file.

Requested by Knight of Time.
Submitted by: PatPatPat
0.5 KB

There are like a million blocks that do this.

[BTSD] Shop Block 1-upGives Mario a 1-UP for a cost of 90 coins,which is configurable,you may need to change the GFX of the 1-UP while its in your itembox.InfiniteCoinBlock
Submitted by: InfiniteCoinBlock
1.3 KB

You can do this with other shop blocks.

[BTSD] Passcode BlocksInspired by, but not the same as, S.N.N.'s Password Blocks.

Mario must input a passcode in order to unlock (remove) a certain block. Included are 10 blocks:

Code blocks 1-8

Code Reset block

Code Lock block

Be sure to read the readme for details on how to use these blocks.

Updated to BTSD by Glitch.Mr, fixed said version up by Roy.
Netto Takashi
Submitted by: Roy
2.9 KB

Better version available (imamelia)
Most bin blocks/original block tool blocks.

Reason: Obsolete. Replaced by modern blocks, block creator, or lack of practical application.

Also destickying thread since remoderation is done.
Using this thread for (yet another) re-moderation.

Name: Above kill block
Author: Teff007
Submitted By: System

This block will only kill you if you touch it from above.

Tested and succefully worked on BTSD.

Made on request of Santaskie555

Very simple, can be made either very rudimentary ASM knowledge or Blockreator.
Name: Instant Kill Left Only
Author: Mindless
Submitted By: System

Block, which kills Mario when left side is touched, otherwise harmless.

Request by Knight of Time.

Very simple, can be made either very rudimentary ASM knowledge or Blockreator.
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