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BG Error [Fixed]

When I looked at my level C5 in LM 1.91, it looked like this:

When I load this in ZSNES, it looks like this:

The BG gets screwed up completely.
Could this be caused by the new Lunar Magic?
Did you hit F9 or hit save on the 16x16 editor?
Yes i did.
I would show you the 16x16 editor, but i can't take a picture of it.
How about a screenshot? If you're using Windows you can use Ctrl + Print Scr to get a screenshot of your computer.

I was going to say what 2dareduck was going to say but he said it before me lol.
Originally posted by Mini_Coin
Yes i did.
I would show you the 16x16 editor, but i can't take a picture of it.

Hmm.. I've had this happen to me. Are you sure your sure that you hit F9 and hit the green mushroom button to extract the ExGFX?
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or give them cyborg implants and conquer the British.

The area with the box are where the tiles are.
Oh okay, it looks like you've saved the 16x16 Map Screen.

Have you saved the ROM itself?
LM [1]

Obvious is obvious.
....and blurry
lol, just making sure :)

Um, if you want, you can send me an IPS and I'll take a look at it and see what's really going on here. It's not usual for something like this to happen.
I've figured out the problem. :)

In order to keep the background (the checkerboard BG) as it is, if you use FG2 you will need to keep slot F8 free and open as its a standard free/open spot. Otherwise anything that is in slot F8 will cover up the BG. I'll send you the IPS back with the fixed graphics. I did have to move the item in F8 to D8 (check the 8x8 graphics) but it should work now. :)

I'll edit this with a link soon.


Here it is, all fixed up. I think you might need to color in some of the checkerboard things in YY-CHR, the dark brown blocks are missing some color. But it should work now.
An error occurred:
"The ROM either has the wrong game title, or is in the wrong format"
It also says the ROM I patched is 6,114 KB!

I accidentally double-patched a ROM.
Are you patching to a clean SMW rom?

You can use this to check:

EDIT: Ah okay.