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Demo release: Koopa Wars 2


My brother's Demo SMW Hack. And it is only exclusive on my website only. Not SMW Central. And SSM asked me not to host it on SMW Central. Please delete any submissions of this hack I'm hosting. Only full complete hacks belongs in SMW Central.

About the Koopa Wars 1 hack. He had to discontinue it and has to start over from scratch because of bugs and glitches. You guys remember this right? Plus the gameplay IS TOO SLOW.


needs more fg exgfx
I love how he managed to make the Piranha Plant look like the one in Super Mario Bros. It gives a nice retro feeling.

It sorta reminds me of Demo World TLC , I'll probably try it.
Okay, I've played most of the demo and here are my impressions.

The good: Nice and simple. Fun to play. You didn't go overboard with ExGFX which is nice. Levels are designed pretty well and have a few tricks to them.

The bad: The learning curve doesn't exist. Pretzel Bridge 2 is a good example. you really oughta put a feather at the start of that level. Try and make the levels slowly get harder.

The odd: Alot of the block layouts are from previous mario games. Many seem copied.

Overall i like it but before you make any new levels I'd suggest tweaking the ones you already have. It's very nice and fun to play.

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Post hijacked to say that this hack actually looks rather promising...

(btw the old one was spam.)
@mimic The hack is more like DWTLC. And he is inspired to make this hack like DWTLC and also inspired FuSoYa too.

@Dagx Thank you for you suggestions. Appreiciated. :)