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How often do you rage?
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I think the title speaks for itself. How often do you rage (or ragequit) in or out of video games?
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I actually don't. I might get frustrated enough to turn off the game and walk away from it for a little bit to cool off before going back to it, but it's not angry or vehement enough to be considered rage quitting.


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I usually rage quit a game whenever I have to do large chunks of the game over again after dying or quitting but not saving properly(yes, I've ragequitted after just opening the game and looking at it) or similar. I rarely rage quit when encountering a tough challenge, but it still happens every now and then.

When it comes to real life, I don't think I ever rage, but rather give up in a cool-headed fashion and return to it later(if I'm not utterly convinced it's impossible). "Later" can be a long time, though.

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Mostly in Minecraft when I go exploring a cave and die and lose all my shit.
Sometimes I rage quit when I can't get past Tubular in SMW, or in the Jewelry game when I can't get past certain levels, as the jewels were going down too fast. The only stage I did got until so far is 106.
Sometimes when I get a game over in a game, especially when it's one of those games where you can only save in intervals and if you get a game over, you have to do a few levels over again (looking at you, 5-4 thru world 5 castle in NSMB Wii). I've also rage quit during the boss in Bowser and the Fire Sea in SM64. Same with trying to get that one bonus in Koindozer Klamber in DKC3 (the one above the Rekoil). I don't think I rage quit as often now as when I was younger.

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I used to ragequit out of video games all the time when I was younger, but I rarely do that nowadays.Free counters!
I rage quit very rarely, but when I do it means I am more pissed off than anyone can imagine lol. I may get really mad at MW3, but then I realize I am doing bad because I am getting all worked up over nothing, so I just clear my mind, and go back to kicking some ass. I usually only rage quit on older games, especially SM64. I love that game, but sometimes there is some really BS moments, like when you hit the lava and Mario is running around randomly, then you keep falling in the lava. OR you are almost to the top of Tall Tall Mountain and you fall all the way to the bottom. AND let us not forget the dreaded last Bowser level, which takes me about 20 tries because I always manage to get knocked off way to the bottom... But in the end it is just a game, I try to keep my composure, but sometimes I just cannot help it. Also it is good to take a break after playing for a while, maybe like a 10-20 minute break.

I actually don't rage very much at all unless I play games that are filled with some BS. (Phantasy Star Portable 2, Mario Kart Wii, Mario 64, Mario Galaxy 2). I really hate when some games suddenly decide to cheap shot you, that pisses me off more then just a game being really difficult.

As for rage quitting; the only game I ever found myself rage quitting often was Super Mario Galaxy 2 and that's just about everytime I play it unfortunately.

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Every time I play CoD and the lobby is fucked up. Which is very often.
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Originally posted by Error 52
Mostly in Minecraft when I go exploring a cave and die and lose all my shit.

This. I lost many cool stuff by stupid death like some diamond tools and blocks. Diamonds are rare and it's not easy to get them.

Also, when I play a very frustrating game, I sometimes rage on some hard games and close them or turn off the computer. This doesn't happen too often since I'm pretty patient but if something is really annoying, I just turn it off.
I do ragequit often. Yeah, i'll admit it. But only because i'm playing very hard games very often, but I also do ragequit in somewhat easy games. I also threw once my Gameboy against the wall because I couldn't get at least 5 yoshi coins in Tubular (f that level).
One time I rage quit Sonic Mega Collection so badly, I actually broke the physical CD copy of the game in two.

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I usually just rage without quitting, but certain parts of some games can do it. Mega Man 1 and 3 are notable offenders, as well as a few stages in New Super Mario Bros. Wii (9-4) and Donkey Kong Country Returns (6-K, 8-2). I also ragequit Super Mario Galaxy pretty early on because of the whole camera-screw thing. Beyond that, I've ragequit most ROM hacks I've played, too.
I don't usually "ragequit" so much as I just walk away in order to rest from a difficult part of a game.

I usually do get severely ticked off, though.

Originally posted by miguel21450
Sometimes I rage quit when I can't get past Tubular

Oh the horrible childhood memories.

I did it a lot when I was younger, but not anymore, especially since I don't really play many videos games now

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Pretty much never.

Modern Warfare Reflex is very good when you want to rage (ALL lobies have hackers, campers, unbalanced weapons) Mario Kart Wii also is the same damn thing.
Also Team Fortress 2 + cp_dustbowl + Enginner + Build all stuff and level it up to LV3 + be Credit to team :D + A lot of stickybombs around + BOOM = sure ragequit.

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Yea what Kaijyuu said, I never really ragequit, or quit a game due to being hard at all (unless I get bored with the situation because I know I won't beat it if I don't take a break (taking a break from a game immensely boosts your skill in it the next time you play it (this is 100% scientifically proven (this is also why I'm so good at every game I never played)))), at most I will sigh a few times or, if possible, just take on another level or something, so I can get back to it later.

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Originally posted by Martin9172
Every time I play CoD and the lobby is fucked up. Which is very often.

Grrr that gets me so frustrated too! You know the game is screwed up when it's a difficult challenge just to play the actual game itself. Normally I don't rage quit. I don't rage when I play games cause.. well they're games. I don't scream at the TV/Computer screen, sometimes I'll do that quiet "What??" thing gamers do when they die. I do believe the reason why gamers rage though is because of online lag issues. Seriously, for you ragers out there, think if there was no lag in games. Do you think it would be as annoying if you died a legit way?

However trolling people in online games can make people rage on purpose! I would know. It's not like I have another youtube channel dedicated to trolling or anything... Nope.

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