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How often do you rage?
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Originally posted by leod
(taking a break from a game immensely boosts your skill in it the next time you play it

I've experienced that quite a bit. Sometimes I would quit playing for years before getting back to it. That's what happened with Super Mario Sunshine and New Super Mario Bros. I got NSMB game in winter 2006 and got to world 8 fairly quickly, and then quit for a few years until finally resuming in Christmas 2011 when I beat the rest of world 8 and Bowser. I started playing Super Mario Sunshine near the end of 2004 and quit playing until near the end of 2009, and then I beat it in summer 2010.
Not just video games that I've experienced this. In college, there was one semester where I took elements of physics and I got a 24% on a test, so I dropped the class, and then a couple semesters later, I retook it and got an A. I suspect the same thing may happen with Calculus 2 (minus the getting an A part).

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I've raged a lot as a child. Sometimes over every little thing, but most of the time, over video games. Nowadays as I grew older, my voice rarely went into the red.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
I raged yesterday because of world 8 and 7 on super Mario 3D land. The special world is so freaking hard. When I was little I got in the habit of slapping my eye and punching my knee. I still do now like yesterday. I used to hit the controllers and throw them at my system but that stopped.

It gets better. When I was 5 and had a SNES, I poured a big ass glass of water on it and it still worked. Took a cartridge in half, put the pieces back together and it still worked.

Yeah, sometimes I rage when playing certain games (50% because they're hard, 50% because I'm not really lucky =P), like Megaman 3 (because of insanely hard robot masters battles), Super Mario Bros. 2 (famicom version, also known as "the lost levels"), Castlevania 1 (being killed by a stupid fireball after beating Frankenstein in hard mode = Screams + turns off the Wii), Castlevania 3 (fall down in the hole after beating dracula + Game Over = ...) and others I don't remember now. But most of the time is more quit than rage, because I don't really get that mad.
However when I was younger, I remember that, playing Mario Kart DS, I literally threw the console under my Tv, because I was 1st in Rainbow Road and Bowser made me fall down and I lost the whole grand prix XD.

Originally posted by DDDchu
punching my knee

^^ ahahah, this, really!
I tent to ragequit a game only if is a kaizo hack or a hack that just seems like is totally unfair since there's no type of waring of an important occurance. Games like "Super Meat Boy" made my ragequit once, after that i started to whoop-a*s. I don't know why but when you Quit a game and come back to it you always play twices as better/lucky thatn before. Wonder why O_o? Has it happen to you too?

I don't ragequit often, usually I quit when I'm so unbelievably disappointed in my incompetence that I'm to exasperated to continue playing. Though in that disappointment I'm raging at myself, not the game. I think I may have damaged my skull from all the times I've hit myself in the head out of self-loathing.

On the other hand, I legitimately ragequit when I am failing at a game due to no fault of my own. For example, if I'm playing Super Meat Boy and trying to pull off a no-death run of a chapter and I end up getting killed by a moving platform that I'm standing on for the third time in a day, then odds are I'll stop playing it for the rest of the day.

Apart from failing things I'm certain I can do, nothing really sets me off. I kind of gave up on anger a while ago. You could say I quit rage. (But then if you said that I'd probably hit you.)

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I've rage quit Mega Man 1 so many freaking times. I get to Wily stage 1, then that Yellow Devil fuck always gets me. It's ridiculous.

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It takes an amazingly long time for a game to get me really angry. Goes for most things, really. but I get irritated quickly anywhere near idiots (a term for which I have several definitions).

The last time I got angry enough to cheat or quit was at Halo Reach in a multiplayer. Had a couple of nuts with Banshees and that blasted sniper rifle focusing on me.

My sister, on the other hand, never seems to get mad...


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Sometimes I'm able to keep my cool while playing something, I'll just get really serious and quiet (this is usually around my friends, and sometimes normally) and if I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing somewhere, I'll sometimes just kinda laugh until I figure it out and accomplish it, but if it's something extremely easy that I just keep failing on, I'll get reaaalllyyy mad sometimes (a good example would be when I was playing Metroid Prime 2, I was fighting the Alpha Blogg and I just kept dying stupidly, to be fair, it WAS on Hypermode, but still...), or even if it's something I know how to do, but I just keep doing stupid things to make myself fail. (Most notably when I'm playing Touhou, I'll be trying to conserve bombs as much as possible, and I'll get into a situation to use one, but not use it and die. Sometimes I get through it, and then die at a simple section, or even just not pay enough attention and fly right into a bullet.)

As for real life... I rage EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I'm surrounded by idiots, ignorance, arrogance, narcissim, egotistical people... it just UGH. Then, there is this guy I know who I get into a "discussion" with, and he'll end up literally TROLLING me, without even knowing what trolling is... And the worst part is, I KNOW for a fact there are more stupid, more arrogant, more ignorant etc etc. people out in the world.

I don't ragequit, but there are times when I walk away from a game without finishing it or returning to it because I strongly disagree with major aspects of its design, or because I just feel the game isn't for me. Recent examples would be Dark Cloud, Sonic and the Dark Brotherhood, Solatorobo, and Skyrim. Dragon Quest VIII should have been an example, but I played that during a time when I had a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I had to finish whatever games I played.

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I rarely actually ragequit, but I tend to get pretty mad and yell a lot if something doesn't go my way in a game. :V But never led to breaking anything... or any injuries for that matter.
Pretty much what Kieran said. I've never broken anything before because of game rage. Normally I just curse when something pisses me off in a game.
I never ragequit. I very rarely quit anything, actually, but, when I do, I usually do it calmly.

The only things I generally rage about are video-games (notably Fire Emblem and games where you go for long stretches without saving), people who treat others badly for having disabilities (and, here, I rage like you would not believe), and people refusing to acknowledge obvious truths. Other than that, I am an extremely calm person.
I tend to laugh at my own failure, so I never rage but instead laugh manically, which is a lot better.

If it's getting really bad I may descend into the realm of angrish, which is just as fun.
I don't really ragequit, but I do rage quite often (read: yelling profanities), and that rage makes me want to keep trying.
Originally posted by cyphermur9t
I don't scream at the TV/Computer screen, sometimes I'll do that quiet "What??" thing gamers do when they die.

The first few times I die, I do that. Mainly because of:

Originally posted by cyphermur9t
I do believe the reason why gamers rage though is because of online lag issues. Seriously, for you ragers out there, think if there was no lag in games. Do you think it would be as annoying if you died a legit way?

This. I rarely die legitly (without lag). It's the main reason why I rage.

I remember raging so hard, I turned off the game, punched my couch about twenty times, and then yelled so loud that my neighbors probably heard it. Looking back, it was hilarious.
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Honestly, very rarely. Maybe If I was playing for hours and got no where I'd take a little break. But I'm good enough at video games that I don't often get stuck.
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