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Mario's stuck

I'm making my overworld. I put the mario srpite on the first level but he won't move! and I've checked the level paths and initial level setting flags. They're good. So why won't he MOVE?!!?
Try a new file.
what do you mean?
You did not set the green paths? SMW Wiki has such a detailed overview to your advantage.
The 0xc0000005 error:
That's what my computer had and has on my computer.
I couldn't do anything with my computer, it was done through the task manager. Every now and then those rundll.exe errors occurs, but all of this does not stop me from working on my hack.
Originally posted by Claus
Try a new file.

With that he means you need to select a file in the main menu of SMW where level progress is EMPTY - basically not played yet.

But, it may also be that the Mario Paths are missing, as SMGamer pointed out.

Try both of our advices and it should work...
Also, dont forget to put mario a tiny bit higher then the level's green circle, or else he'll be stuck... That might be it!