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Upcoming ASM workshop

Hello and welcome to the next iteration of the ASM workshop!

The ASM workshop is an event being hosted by various members of the IRC channel #serioushax designed to help teach ASM. Simply put, this workshop will be used as an interactive way to teach ASM to those who are interested. The event will also be logged and published in an effort to help those who were not able to make it.

The ASM workshop will consist of tons of examples, interactive lectures, a Q&A, and more! The event will be held on 26th of Februrary. So who is going to be doing the teaching? The answer is many of the #serioushax members, here is a list of current participating hosts:

1) Alcaro
2) Imamelia
3) MarioEdit
4) p4plus2
5) Roy (not really a host)
6) Sementa

And this list is expected to grow!

Here is the golden question for all of those out there who want to learn ASM, what would you like to see? Specifically, what topics are people most interested in. Here is a list of some rough topics that come to mind, please expand on this list!

1) Basics of ASM (of course :P)
2) Talking about some of the SNES hardware
3) HDMA as well as DMA
4) Patch designing
5) More in-depth ASM topics(less common opcodes, etc)
6) Debugging

For those who are wondering how this will be held, it will take place on IRC in the channel #workshop. However, #serioushax, via PM, or here are better places to ask questions as #workshop will be dead until the day of the workshop itself.

Even though there is no RSVP, it would be nice if you posted letting us know you are coming to help give us a head count. As we start getting closer to hosting the event, I will reveal more details in this thread, so stay tuned ;)!


The official times will be 12PM and 8PM EST. So if you miss the first one be sure to tune in at 8PM!
Could prove interesting. I've wanted to learn ASM for a while now. Consider me there.
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Originally posted by marioVSshadow
Could prove interesting. I've wanted to learn ASM for a while now. Consider me there.

This; although leaning more towards: "Oh freaking god I have been trying to get ASM in my head but I can't even though I'm analytic with a recessive and growing global part!" or the like.
yay, I could use more knowledge with asm, and :D

edit: I am interested in mode 7 and uploading to vram, and super fx chips because I want to make a boss from yoshi's island. also, it will expand my capabilities and thus for I will be awesome. I know some mode 7 but not much D:, and it crashes my rom D: so hopefully, someone will work with me on that. Because I want to make the yoshi's island giant bowser boss with everything, from SFX, to HDMA.

EDIT EDIT: so how will this be done? irc? I can't do it if so, because they banned me for "causing drama" you can blame that on a certain user >.>, but we could do it somewhere else for me, or a different server.
I've pretty much completely lost interest in everything smw now, but eh, I might still come, just for the sake of it.

My only question is, when?
Last time I couldn't show up due to time problems =/
That's nice! This will let the people learn ASM, like me.
But now I'm too busy with school, maybe in the summer I will try this out.
I'd like to bea host, if that would be okay with you guys. If not, I'll still attend.
I think I'll be there to answer any questions, but I can't guarantee my activity.

I could also try to teach people stuff, but I don't think I have the patience for that (which is why I'm putting all my effort into my ASM tutorial).
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
This sounds pretty cool. Count me in!

Celarix | smlimitless@github | Avatar by Uhrix
Good call. I think we had a similar workshop for music a couple of years ago (and I know I held one for Yoshi's Island hacking that proved interesting). Seeing another one of these pop up is great, and I hope people actually make use of it.
Um, I can only make blocks with ASM, so it would be fun!!
If I want to come, can I regret it later? You know, if I have to go somewhere on sunday or something...

Also, where does this happen? On IRC? I don't get it!
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This should be interesting to see. I think I may use this as an excuse to learn something that has always interested me but I haven't bothered with for a long time.

ASM, alright.
There've been tutorials that I've downloaded that just bored me, so actually having communication with experts to learn what they're good at should be a step in the right direction for me.

Edit: This is the second time someone posted at the exact same time as me.

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
Hmm sounds good. I'm wonderin though if this workshops are more for "beginner and semi-advanced" or ONLY for "beginner" ?
Originally posted by Shog
Hmm sounds good. I'm wonderin though if this workshops are more for "beginner and semi-advanced" or ONLY for "beginner" ?

I'm sure the beginning will be pretty basic (what with teaching people the basics as stated in the OP), but it could get more interesting later on, and even then, you can still ask about stuff that interests you.
As the OP says.
Your layout has been removed.
Your layout has been removed.
Oh, ok!
I've never been on that channel, but I will probably show up!
Also, is it like #smwc? Can I use mIRC
I think I'll try to show up. I'm still slowly attempting to learn ASM and a workshop is probably a good way to start.
This certainly sounds interesting. As long as the time it takes place at isn't too horrible, I'll most likely show up.
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