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104: Jewel Jubilation - AxemJinx
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 5 - 104: Jewel Jubilation - AxemJinx
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Owner: AxemJinx/Milk
World: 5
Exits: 1
Theme: Desert
Music Options: 1, 2, 3 or compose your own.

Briefing: A standard desert level. You are free to do what you wish with it.
I'm going through the various unfinished levels independently, so I'm not totally 'up to speed' on how a few levels are going and whether or not you have been talking with S.N.N. or Lightvayne. Even if you have, though, would you mind posting something to let the rest of the community know how far this level has developed?
I don't understand; what happened to Jewel Jubilation?

After a bit of discussion, the direction the level was taking just wasn't working out. Axem still wanted to keep the level, but wanted to take a bit of a break before he started it again
Layout by LDA during C3.
To borrow a phrase from FPI, I'm not dead yet :b

In any case, after a couple of weeks in the rejuvenation chamber, I'm ready to start this again.

Sheesh, this level's a mess of resources at this point. Allow me to recap on what I'm going to focus on this time around:

-Magic Carpets
-Snakey Ropeys
-Gems (as cement blocks)

-Fire Chomps
-Pile-driver Microgoombas (masquerading as sandstones and gems)
-Fire Snakes

And what I'm not going to use:

-Gems (as on/off switches)
-Sandstone Sprite (and its corresponding generator)


No more delusions of puzzleur- this will be more about the sprites and environment from here on out.

The level will start in the desert and progress toward a cave of gems. I'm toying with the idea of Mario triggering a lava trap and having to escape à la ddin, but honestly, this level is such a leech on resources already that I think I'll just stick to desert->cave->extro. As you get closer to the cave you'll see more and more gems strewn about, and once inside the microgoombas will hide inside of gems instead of/in addition to sandstones.

Assuming I can get the microgoomba to work as I want, I have pretty much everything I need, barring a background for the gem cave section (which can obviously come later). I'm much more confident this time around that the concept can work- I guess mostly because I'm now not afraid to toss elements I don't personally like- but let's see where this goes.

Edit: (For my own reference) 13A, 94.

Edit 2: By the way, Milk's name should still be on this level. I'm still using the carpets, ropes, efreeti, gems (albeit in a different manner) and so on.

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Sounds good so far, looking forward to seeing these elements again. :)
Could I perhaps have some assistance with this pile-driver micro goomba sprite?

I inserted the standard version into the baseROM to check out exactly how it works, and it appears that once it dies, the brick portion explodes in the same way that a SMW turn block does, while the microgoomba falls.

Since I want the goomba to hide in sandstone or gemstone (and not a SMB3 brick) depending on the extra bit, I either need to also change the turn block shards into sandstone and gemstone shards, or make it so that instead of exploding, the whole sprite just falls. The former would be more authentic to how the enemy appears in SMB3, but I don't know where in the code to say "use these graphics for the shards." For the latter, I don't know where in the code to say "die by falling, not exploding."

Just to clarify, I also want to change the palette the goomba uses based on x-position (but only for the gemstone version), so that it can hide in all four of the colored gems. Oh, and I suppose upping its y-speed during the jump would be more authentic.

Any help would be appreciated :b

Edit: Another palette problem: when the fire chomp and micro goomba (?) die, their palettes change, and I don't want that to happen.

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Today was productive. I added wall interaction and extra bit behavior for the fire snakes, corrected all the sprite palette issues I noticed, and succeeded in making sandstone/gemstone varieties of the pile driver micro goomba. The turn block shards actually look fine with the sandstone variety, but I'm not sure about colored gemstones turning into gravel when stomped...If anyone would like to help with that "problem," please use this version of the sprite.

Since I ran out of palette space, the sandstone micro goomba and sparabuzzy are mutually exclusive, but that works out fine because I wasn't planning on using the latter in the first half anyway. With all of the SMB3 sprites I'm using, this should turn out to be a fun action level.

I'm tentatively planning on including Yoshi in this stage, but the ropes aren't exactly Yoshi-friendly, so we'll see. Maybe I can use Yoshi-only blocks where ropes are required otherwise?

...Anyway, things are looking fine so far, and I should be ready to build soon.

Edit: Forgot to mention a couple of things.

First, since I'm not using water, I won't be needing some Map16 space (for blocks with water lining the corners), so I'm thinking of making some 16*48 and 48*16 sandstone blocks to maybe give more definition and variety to the architecture. I guess it's not really important, but I thought I'd mention it.

Second, you know how 32*16 bricks can create single-tile gaps in which Mario can accidentally die? Would it be ok to plug those holes with invisible cement blocks, or would it just be better not to have those gaps in the first place? I'll post a screenshot later if I'm not making sense now.

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Some nice sprite progress so far. How's the level going? It has been a week.
Unfortunately, since I've had to get a head start on something else for the past several days, all I've managed to do is clean up the ridiculous mess of Map16 tiles that was engulfing the level like green alien goo.

Still, on the bright side, that means there's pretty much nothing else left to do but build. Sorry for the delay, though :/

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Ah okay, not a problem.
Could a few people try out this short IPS and let me know if they find it a fair introduction so far? Is it too overwhelming or too boring? Does the environment look appealing?

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Looks wise, it's good so far. The fire guys don't seem to hit me at all though unless I jump too high and there is a tripping problem on Screen 1's downward slope and Screen 3's upward slope. Other than that, it looks file.
Yeah, I don't know why the tripping is happening. The ledge acts like 100 and the steep slopes like 1AA/ there something else I'm missing?

I want the first couple of efreeti to be mostly harmless so players can get used to them first, but do you think I'm doing that a little too slowly?

Thanks for the feedback, by the way :b

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Originally posted by AxemJinx
Yeah, I don't know why the tripping is happening. The ledge acts like 100 and the steep slopes like 1AA/ there something else I'm missing?

I want the first couple of efreeti to be mostly harmless so players can get used to them first, but do you think I'm doing that a little too slowly?

Thanks for the feedback, by the way :b

I think I've figured out what's causing the tripping. The tile "acts like" information is correct but I've found that when I replace those ledge tiles (acts like 100) with that of Tile 3601 (non-priority tiles) they work. I bet it has something to do with priority mismatch so I'd just move the columns over one and then it'll be okay.

Is this the first time in the game where Efreeti appears?

NP :)
Oh wow, that's weird- what does layer priority have to do with that? \o.O/

Thanks a lot for figuring that out, though!

And yes, I think this might be the only level in the game to have any of these enemies (so far, anyway), so I guess I'm just trying to be careful about introducing things.

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Ah okay, then I guess that introduction is fine. As far as the level design goes, do you know what you want to do with the level?
I've played trough that, and I must say that I like how you introduced that fire thing (Efreeti is its name, right?) making it harmless at first, so the player can figure out what they do without being hurt in an unfair way. Also, clever enemy placements so far, and I like how you placed the invisible mushroom to make look like it actually comes out of that bottle.
Ah, thanks! I really wish I could put invisible 1ups in the pots, too, but alas, those are objects and not sprites...Oh, wait a second. I can just make versions of the pots that act like those invisible 1up checkpoints. *Cackles gleefully* Never mind, that didn't work >_< Any ideas? Maybe I'll try replacing the actual graphics for them instead... Ok, apparently only the #4 tile is replicable, but since that's the one that spawns the 1up, it'll do :b

And yep, they're called efreeti to my knowledge, though I didn't come up with the name.

To answer cstutor's question:

I think I'd like to have three main areas. The first will slowly introduce the ruins aesthetic and alternate between spindly towers, pyramid-like structures, piles of stones, etc. I'll focus on the fast-moving efreeti, high-hopping fire snakes, and sandstone micro goombas, maybe using global sprites here and there to complement them.

At the end of the first area players will enter a giant pyramid (or something equivalent) through a formation of stones that looks like a giant creatures mouth, perhaps. I'll use darker background sandstones to reinforce the indoor environment (though you can still see the background everywhere, as the structure is ancient and worn away), and the place will be full of gemstones. Here, the enemies will slant more toward gemstone micro goombas, sparabuzzies, slithering fire snakes, and perhaps the slower efreeti (which throw more fireballs)- basically, more variety all-around.

This structure will conveniently be placed on the edge of a vast cliff, so upon exiting Mario will dive into an airborne archipelago of ruinous quality, with each island being almost-but-not-quite connected (and in many cases, quite separate) by those tiny NSMB-style bridges. This area will probably have the highest concentration of magic carpets and fire chomps, though by this point I'll have no qualms about throwing everything I've got at players (while keeping it fair, of course).

I may also appropriate that layer 2 snakey ropey section Milk made way back as a smwcoin side room, located under the pyramid somewhere.

I'll probably include a cape or two and/or a Yoshi or two. I'm liking the idea of hiding goodies in the pots instead of question blocks for a change of pace, and I'm toying with a idea of a small bonus area or two as well. Many of the finer details are up in the air at this point, but I'm pretty confident with the overall structure I've settled down on (especially since it doesn't require any more resources, so I don't anticipate any major problems).

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Interesting idea so far. I'm kind of excited to see how this turns out but so far it sounds good.
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Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 5 - 104: Jewel Jubilation - AxemJinx

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