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TeliShrooms - telinc1

ExGFX Name: [FG] [CUSTOM] TeliShrooms - 0.8 KB - Downloaded 13 times.
Type: Original
Palette: 0xB
Author: telinc1 - Submitted by: telinc1
Description: All right, here it is! The first entry in the TeliPacket! These are some Mushrooms, inspiried by the ones in SMB1. They're blue, my favourite colour. I think that the brown stems go very well with the actual mushrooms. I tried to make the graphics file as smaller as possible. By the way, it goes in BG3. As usual, credit not required, but appriciated.
The ZIP includes:
-A .map16 file, for Lunar Magic 1.90+ users.
-Two .bin files for users that use older versions.
-The graphics themselfs.

Honestly, the gfx are so basic and flat on these, I don't see them being usefully used anywhere. Sorry.
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