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Is there a visual editor for composing SMW custom tracks?

I know there are midi sequencers and GUI interfaces for adding effects through hex and stuff... but is there an actual track editor for music .txt's, y'know, with user-friendly interfaces like staff roll and stuff?

Just out of curiosity. I think it would really benefit the music scene.

~ Blue Warrior
Nope, the only way I'm aware of is opening a MIDI in FL Studio or Anvil Studio to look at the tracks. It really falls under just knowing what you're doing when adding things like ADSR, Echo, Instruments, etc... which many people have proved that they know. I do however agree that it would be useful to have but I really doubt anyone would be arsed to actually code a program to open the SMW engine and make it work like a tracker. The closest thing I can think of is Kipernal's "A Mad Scheme" tool which uses ModPlugTracker if I recall correctly.
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Not yet. Hopefully by C3, though...? I guess we'll see.

Anyway, like Slash Man said, there isn't really much of a good way of doing it. You can use Anvil Studio to make MIDI files and then convert them, but the output is sometimes messy and switching instruments mid-track is a pain. Also like Slash Man said you can use A MAD SCHEME with a MOD Tracker which allows you to sort of hear your song before you insert it (minus ADSR and echo and such), which you can read about here and get here (and get a file containing SMW's instruments for use in the MOD files here).
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