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Working on an unnamed Kaizo Hack

I got part of a level finished. I hope you like the sideways munchers!


The level is Yoshi's Island 2 (I know, too lazy to rename it)
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I've just done a TAS of this if you're interested in seeing it. The speedrun ends before the purple boo room, since that has no exit. I included the automatic level in the video though since I thought that was pretty neat.
Btw, can you figure out why Mario's hat is a platform tile in the boo room?
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I don't know a lot about lunar magic, but the platform tile isn't actually part of mario, it just seems to sit above him. I can duck when I'm big mario and see me ducking, with the platform still floating above me where it was.
Originally posted by mathelete
Btw, can you figure out why Mario's hat is a platform tile in the boo room?

It's probably just a sprite glitch. It's not too big of a problem.
Done with SMW for a while.
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I'm wondering, I read the thing about sideways Munchers, and how do you get that? I've wanted to make a Muncher Kaizo level (or at least a Muncher level) and I want to make one level a maze, but I don't want it to look too crappy. How do you get a sideways Muncher? Is it a graphic or something found on here?

My YouTube username is DTE225.
This thread was dead. Mods, please close this. As for sideways munchers, I overwrote the graphics of other animated tiles, but I think ExAnimation also works (I just have not gotten thehang of exanimation yet, so I overwrote animated tiles)

There are some tiles that have more than one frame:
Turn Block
The circle that is usedfor candle flames in the castle bg
Oh...and how could I forget...coins.
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