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(Rules + Submissions) (CLOSED) 5th Annual SMWCentral Level Design Competition
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i like submitting stuff close to the deadline. makes it seem as if i've been spending lots of time on it.

(also yes, that's my entry, in case it wasn't obvious)

edit: I made a small update. I know you're supposed to make a new post, but since the URL isn't changing and it hasn't been added to the list yet anyway, I hope it's okay if I just edit this post.
edit2: ^
decided to try it too

I "ended" with SMWhacking years ago and now I returned reviving this REALLY old profile, K? That's why I'm member since 2009 and have so few posts...
Here's my level.

Philosophy Of The Hated
Swamp Marsh.

My simple entry, which franticly enough took me almost the entire month, while I had it done on the 10th. Guess I slacked off too much.
Praise be to gay orana
Finally got it done.

Switch Block City.

I think I tested it thoroughly, but if anyone notices any game-breaking bugs or major issues within the next two days, let me know so I can quickly fix them.
Nine Inch Fireballs
The difficulty of this level is supposed to be that of a special world castle, and it is comparable to levels such as Animal Antics from dkc2, the temple levels from dkcr, Grandmaster Galaxy from smg2, and Rupture in Reality from smwcp. So this level will pick out the true gamers out there. There are hidden 1-ups and 3-ups in the level, which totals to a 16-up if you find them all. Also, if anyone finds a way to get an item in their item box, please contact me, since that will majorly break the 4-door part of the level.

don't click this link...
Well, this took A LOT longer to make than I thought, so I ended up with an unedited title-screen and OW, but oh well, it doesn't matter.

Here is my entry "Another Grassland":
Link! Link! Link!
Yoshi's Ghost House.

It's completely vanilla, I feel the need to state that because I don't think I've ever seen anyone else do this gimmick before? It may seem chocolatey---It's not.
After playing through my level again, I discovered a few design flaws that required some very minor edits to fix, so here's a last-minute update.

Rex Ruins V2

Hothead!Blitzwing: The Key, Autobot!
Ratchet: You'll have to pry it from my cold, offline servo!
*Blitzwing switches to his Icy face and freezes Ratchet before switching to his Random face.*
Random!Blitzwing: *snaps off Ratchet's Key-holding arm* Well, it's not exactly offline,'s certainly cold! Ahahahahahaha!
- Transformers Animated - Megatron Rising Part 1
Found a major bug (thanks Dinomar!), squished it like it was nothing.

Swamp Marsh - Revision 1.
Praise be to gay orana
I don't know if I have to make another post for my update or not (given the link is still the same).
This update is basically fixing a few glitched screen exits, and widening a few narrow passages that I realized were unfair.

Edit: AUS confirmed that his hack was completely vanilla. I might as well do that same thing, since there are a few things that seem non-vanilla. Judges, if you are not sure, you can open it in Lunar Magic to see how every gimmick works. There are a few areas that look like I used custom GFX, but it was actually super GFX bypass and map16, so you can view it in Lunar Magic to see how I did it. I realized that viewing it in Lunar Magic is pretty much the only from of evidence that it is vanilla.

Edit again: I just played AUS's level. AUS, either I am doing something wrong, or getting the big boo to move to where you want it to is difficult. To see the floor, you have to get the big boo to move in front of it, but if the floor is in front of you and the boo is behind you, it seems to be difficult. Then again, I might be doing something wrong, so you may ignore this feedback.

don't click this link...
It ended up being a little rushed in the end. Well, sure, but it's better than not submitting at all.

Kamek's Kastle
Volcanic Vegetation

And yes, those tips on the vines weren't edited into the gfx!

Took me forever to find a tile that worked. It was kinda crazy. I found one that looked cool before that, but was all glitchy whenever Mario ran by :V

EDIT: I am bad at links.

My entry :3 Nyahaha, I tricked everyone >:3 (but GN, Ludus and 1UPdudes)
Originally posted by Yonowaaru
It ended up being a little rushed in the end. Well, sure, but it's better than not submitting at all.

Kamek's Kastle

I hope you have told the judges to only play the level on the left, as the others are shortcuts. Also, don't leave the orignal levels accessible. Not to mention the secret exit creates a path. Don't let either exit create a path on the overworld. If they do, make the path lead to an end of demo level. Aside from that, the secrets were very clever. Luckily for me, I played donkey kong country, so I know some of those gimmicks, but nice secret. Also, there is a level break where you can jump tothe top of the ceiling and skip to the area where the springboard is. I don't know if this was intentinal (I assume it was intentional since the path is well hidden, and you actually have a safe drop from the ceiling to the springboard area.)

don't click this link...
This is my entry for the contest. Sorry I did not learn the changing of level names yet. :(

Here it is:
Okay...deadline is approaching...time for my final update:
Nine Inch Fireballs

BTW a lot of people might be telling me that the clapping chuck part is just taken from kaizo. So my response: I modified it. In kaizo mario, the clapping chuck only had 3 tiles to jump, so he never got to the height of his jump. Hence, he did not stay in the air long enough, and the timing to get under him was unfair. In my hack, I raised the roof one tile. This means you have more time to get under him, and this 1 tile is the difference between kaizo and non-kaizo (I had to point this out since I don't want my level to be disqualified for being kaizo. I will let you know that I have tested it, and managed to do the whole thing without savestates or rewinds, though I made a savestate at the midway point so I would not get a game over)

Also, take the time to read any message box that comes your way. One of them is not useful, but the other three will be very useful. Furthermore, I will point out once again that there are 16 hidden lives in the level. 7 before the midway point, and 9 after. See if you can find them all (I did not test getting the hidden lives savestateless, the path to the hidden 1-ups and 3-ups is hard, and I used rewinds when testing it, so be aware that they are optional)

Finally, watch the entire credits sequence, up to Yoshi's House.

don't click this link...
Well, the level has the same name as the file, and the overworld doesn't really matter, does it? I've been sick for the last few days, so I had to finish it in a hurry >_>. Since the first secret was actually required to finish the level, I think the second one isn't too hidden.
But we'll see what the judges say.
Okay, just finished, man, I had no free time this year...

The Tower Inferno

It is actually a vertical colosseum, but whatever. :p
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - (Rules + Submissions) (CLOSED) 5th Annual SMWCentral Level Design Competition

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