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(Discussion) 5th Annual SMWCentral Level Design Competition

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Use this thread to discuss the 5th Annual SMWCentral Level Design Competition.
Well, I think this gets fun again! =) I will starting for my level by now. Have fun, other contestants! ;)
Yay, first time in the contest.
Good luck guys. As a little hint, I'd really focus on the design itself and not saturating your level with decorations (like so many of you still continue to do). As appealing (or atrocious) as it may end up looking, it can never hide the true feeling of a level.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Good luck guys. As a little hint, I'd really focus on the design itself and not saturating your level with decorations (like so many of you still continue to do). As appealing (or atrocious) as it may end up looking, it can never hide the true feeling of a level.

Yeah, I think I've learned my lesson from the ninth door contest.

Anyway, I'd love to participate in this. I'd like to wish everyone good luck. :)
Hmmmm... Since I'm not working on a Super-Big-Mega-Project-Supreme-5000 at the moment this seems tempting. I'll give it a couple days thought and see what I think; I'd like to do this, but the amount of free time I have is currently scarce and sporadic, so I suppose I can do nothing but see how things go.

Either way, I'm looking forward to the sheer simplicity of this contest, and I'd be interested to see how people do now that we have reached a "Fanciness = 6/5 Star Game" stage in terms of ROM-hacking.

Not blue.
After all, a level that plays well, but is lacking in design is better overall than a level that looks pretty, but is incredibly frustrating. Luckily, my speciality is level design.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Use of no tools besides Lunar Magic. 8x8 tile editor strictly forbidden as are ExGFX.



It's nice to see that people agree with me on this one and I can't wait to participate.

75 screens is very generous too!
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Damn this is gonna be fun, Vanilla is my specialty!! Good luck everyone, and have fun =D

Sounds pretty exciting, and even though I have less free time than before, I might enter the contest this year. Going back to "pure vanilla" will be quite interesting (after all these years of super-chocolate hacking) :p

Oh and good luck to everyone!
There's a reason I've been excited about February, and this is precisely the reason. This will also be my first time making a level for the SMWCentral level design contest. As per usual, I will not spoil anything until I put it up for download, but I'll just say it's a gimmick I think I'll have fun with and be fairly creative. Actually that could be said about almost every level I've ever made, Kaizo or no. I am also focusing more on level design than on fancy decorations cuz that's how I roll. Since this is a vanilla contest, it's almost like it was made for me, tho it will be kinda weird not using any custom music since many of the hacks I've been working on use custom music.
Legacy custom music
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Hmmm, so back to 1991 classic level making style. Alright. I think I may enter this one.
Oh hey, I'm stuck doing prep. work on my hack, and can't design levels for it right now. I suppose this will give me the chance to get some practice in, eh? Hmm... I think I know what I'm doing in regards to the level. This should be fun!
Currently balancing work and hobbies. Also I've got a job now.
Practice Makes Purrfect
I forgot to ask: Are we still allowed to expand the ROM at least?
Heck yeah vanilla contest with only lunar magic. This is going to be fun. And there is money for the winners (but I don't use Steam).
I will enter this contest and make a great level! Victory will be mine ha ha!

Ripperon: The rom is expanded when you open it with lunar magic anyway so I think it's allowed.
edit: Ok. One more question(or 2): Is overworld editing allowed?
2nd: Can we use the option to obtain more overworld palettes?(Disable fade path effect-frees more ow colors)
I love how the rules are pretty clear-cut unlike last year and 2010 where there were several loopholes in them. There is a small chance I'll participate due to lack of motivation and time but regardless I am looking forward to most of the entries. Would be cool to compare the best level of this contest with the best one from the 2008 LDC.

Also, I hope there are no entries with an underwater segment, then an airship segment and then all of a sudden a grassland segment and so on. I hate those levels. :(
Yay! This seems pretty fun! I'm surely in, since I'll have more free time the next week.
One thing's for sure. Mine doesn't have or at least won't have an underwater segment. Those are slow.
So we just make any random level? no "it must be themed after this" specifcation? damnit, i need to think of something.

...Anyone wanna partner up? #w{=P}
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