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Tip: Yoshi wings take you to level C8 or 1C8. Which one you get depends on the overworld level you're in.Not logged in.
*!* NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island Release
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Okay, I may sound annoying, but I'm stuck again. But this time it's not for 100%. In 3-1, in thebeggining. I flip the Turn Block with an egg to get to the top and then I flip it again to get pass the gap. But then the next ones are on the wrong side and I need to get to the other one, but if I flip it then I can't get pass... I'm bad at explaining I know... But I hope you understand.

EDIT: No matter I got it. Me + trail of coins = can't figure it out! :D

EDIT2: I found 2 flaws in that level. At the end, there is a blind-jump to get to where is the watermelon. Also, you don't even need it: Get a monkey in your mouth, spit it in the hole where you were supposed to shoot watermelon seeds. Stay at its left and wait for him to wake up. He'll start running right and get in the place with the ? cloud. I couldn't get him to jump in the flipper thing, BUT I used the POW item in the pause menu, it transformed into a star and I shot the cloud for the 1/2 second the trap was open.
In 5-8's first Kamek message, there's a period that isn't followed by a space. (And in 5-8's second Kamek message, Kamek says "Thee hee hee", which seems a little strange.)

Also, I think the goal platform at the end of 6-1 may need to be extended a little-- the camera scrolled downward at the end of the goal cutscene for me.

(By the way, I think 6-1 was easier than all of the world 5 levels. Not sure if anything needs to be done about that though.)

@King Dedede: If you're going to be using a pause menu item to break that puzzle in 3-1, why not just use a super green watermelon instead? (Or use a fire/ice melon to activate the ? cloud through the flippers.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Originally posted by Zeldara109

(By the way, I think 6-1 was easier than all of the world 5 levels. Not sure if anything needs to be done about that though.)

I think 6-1 should be a really long, but moderately difficult level, but that's up to you, Yoshi's Fan. I always remember I got stuck at the part where that big blargg chases you, but I don't know if you changed that in the final version. I will try to play is as soon as possible and give you more feedback.
Extra 3 was over before I knew it started, but that final gauntlet with the Nep-Enut was hell. So I suppose it fits the fast and frantic nature of its counterpart. The puzzles in Secret 3 were really devious and satisfying to figure out. That's probably my favorite bonus stage yet.
@King Dedede:
Sorry about the blind jump.
To the monkey-thing:
As Zeldara said, if you're using the item cards to break the game nevertheless, use the correct item at least #w{=P}

I find 6-1 okay and don't think it needs to be harder; 6-1 of the original was pretty easy, too. I'll see what to do about the goal platform.

Yes, Extra 3 is the counterpart of the level from the original game. When I've created the level months ago, I only used the amount of rooms Nintendo has used (1).

I guess you will complain about a certain thing in Secret 5...
The fast-forward button is your friend.

Also, a new theme for Extra 2, anyone?

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
Couple comments about 4-8.

I don't know how important this is to you, but you might want to extend the wall to the left of the red platform at the beginning of the boss room. You can very easily use it to launch yourself over the wall (and might in fact do so thinking there's a hidden 1UP or some such, considering the large open room on the other side), and fall into that room. This will force you to restart the game unless you've beaten the level.

That extreme detour in the sewer section involving bringing the second crate to the lowest door seems a little much for just a life and half's worth of coins. I sweated the crate down to that door under the pretense of it hiding a flower or red coins. Given that it's two or so minutes of sidetracking, I figure you could stick a bit more in there. Maybe one or two of those cool 3UP bubbles you found in the game's coding back in the original thread? It's up to you, of course.

Also, I'm probably the last person who should be suggesting something like this considering I have no ideas to give you, but Soopa feels a little lackluster as just his barebones original self given the fairly brutal stage leading to him, especially given 3-8's boss. I'm not sure what might be added to mitigate this, though. Permanent hazards are few and far between in this game, and some (like spawning bats with 2-4's boss) have already been used. You can't go the ice-floor route since Zeldara's already covered that one, and increasing his health would only add tedium, unlike the bosses of 4-4 and 3-8 where increased health adds directly to the difficulty. I'd risk suggesting something like gusties or some Fire Drops? I'm not sure if those are present in future bosses I've yet to encounter, so sorry if they are, or if they might overextend the challenge level you intend for this boss.

This is kind of a tangential what-if, but have you ever tried putting fuzzies together with a boss and seeing what happens?
Oups, I didn't know it was possible to get stuck in the 4-8 boss room.
Okay, I will add 1-Ups or other Bonus Stuff to the hidden room in the sewers, or think about something different.
As for the boss: Great ideas you have there, I will see what I can do, he's much too easy, you're right!
The same thing applies to the boss of 5-8, but you can't do anything there, other than ASM hacks, since removing logs adds tedium, and adding HP does, too.

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
I might give a little 'inspiration' for Extra 2. Though, I have NOT played your hack yet, since I am actually waiting for the 'version that everyone is satisfied with'.

A thing I notice in most hacks is that they strangely appear to be linear on a short scale, as opposed to the original games, which normally have lots of different ways to beat them. In other words, 'hacked' levels tend to be gimmicky, and with a very definite way of beating them. If that makes sense. It's still better than no gimmicks at all, but... y'know.

Of course, Extra 2 supposedly has to be hard, so that might not work here... On the other hand, if you could blend in elements of a 'casual' game, and that of a 'hardcore' game like what you probably desire, then I'm sure it would be pretty awesome. Although it's possible your 'easier' levels are like that, hence my reluctance to say useless freaking things because I have no idea what I'm talking about O_o

I'm thinking about a level that you can play pretty much your own way, at your own pace, with some coins at some spots that are 'fun to reach to' or something like that. Although 'at your own pace' sounds like 'slow paced', perhaps the level can be done very fast, and perhaps there's a prize for finishing it fast. Like those insane time trials in DKC Returns.

Maybe you can make a level that is repetitive, but also gets progressively more evil... Hence making it 'free' at first, but quite 'restrained' afterwards.

Hope this 'inspires'.

Our world will stop advancing once humans manage to create sufficient magnificence for a whole lifetime. Until then, I just create.
Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
Regarding the Koopa boss, remember that the battle will activate a certain amount of time after the fog appears, so any fixed-position enemies or hazards at the end of the room could be avoided simply by starting the battle farther to the left. (And if there are any ground-level hazards earlier in that room (such as floor spikes scattered throughout the room), it's possible that Yoshi will end up on/in one during the Kamek cutscene.)

I wonder if it's possible to add a spiked ceiling to that room? Considering that it's common for players to hover several times off-screen after ground-pounding unedited Hookbill, that would certainly add difficulty. (It would probably require some kind of ASM change, though, since as far as I can tell any objects above the blocks at the bottom of the screen will become invisible during the battle...)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
For those that managed 3-8's boss battle unscathed to get 100%, I'm curious. Did you tough it out with the water jets and bank on decent luck, or did you exploit the fish's prompts? I must've intentionally killed myself 15 times on that jerk before I finally got some lunatic combination of reactions and ideal timing between jets that led to a victory. Then I redid the level to test out a few curiosities for myself and found out there's a relatively painless method to the boss's madness I hadn't stumbled across my first time. That was a fun moment.
I paid very close attention to the water trajectories and tried not to get hit by them at all-- there were far too many instances where they trapped me in a corner until I started doing that. It helps to know that there's still a reasonable safe spot to stand between the two jets even if they're 2 blocks apart and parallel.

Also, when the Nipper Plants appear, it's generally safer to eat the closest one before it reaches the platform (especially once you work out how to dodge the water jets).

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
During the skiing section in 5-3, one of the yellow coins despawns a red coin in the group of two directly before the final flower. For the life of me I can't identify which it is. It's positively a coin in the skiing section that triggers this, though, because retrying again and again from the midpoint before the ski door will sometimes end in the red coin being present, and sometimes not. I'd say I despawned it when testing about 50% of the time, so it's a decently significant problem, especially in a stage where such an occurrence might mislead people into believing they missed something behind a tree.

This is the first item memory issue I've run into throughout this entire hack, which is pretty impressive.
Oh, Item Memory issues? I surely must fix that.
The thing with the 4-8 boss battle is, that it apparently uses Mode7 for the Koopa Shell, so the Shell becomes Layer 1 while at the same time the ground becomes Layer 2. If all Layer 1 objects could be turned into Layer 2 objects, then the Blue Spikes would not become invisible. I've set a double layer of spikes, so the visible Layer 1 objects go from Y51 to Y53. Maybe it can be hacked easily?

If you scroll along the Y axis during the boss battle the shell and ground objects will appear/disappear as you move. So actually the game makes all Layer 2 objects visible, which are in the lowest 4 Y coordinates and will make all Layer 1 objects visible, which are in the upper 12 Y coordinates. Somehow Hookbill's Mode7 thing seems to be in a conflict with the Layer 2 objects or else Nintendo wouldn't have done such a thing. The coordinates of this battle are in no way hardcoded, neither the X nor the Y positions, it's always in relation to where the screen has scrolled to. Reserving him the space from Y.3 to Y.A seems to be enough, though, so I could make a Layer of Spikes.

Other ASM hacks could activate Speedy Gusty generators once the battle starts, just like the Fang Generator, which is activated, once the fight against Bigger Boo starts.

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
Found this in 2-4:

Didn't read the whole thread so my bad if it's been pointed out before. Anyway, really good hack so far!
Oh, now that is a major bug, thanks for pointing it out, I'll fix it immediately!

Remaking Extra 2. The new title will probably be "Extra 2 : Fire And Ice", it's an icy cave with lava puddles.

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
Do you mind, if I Lets Play this hack Blind?
It would be a german Lets Play, just to let you know. xD
No problem, but I would like you to wait a little, since the version which is available for download now is not the final version, yet, since many people made ideas of improvements and bug reports, so could you please wait until the "real" final version is available? Sorry in case your anticipation is killing you #w{=P}
Of course, still your choice.

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
I can wait until the final version is released.
I have the patience. ^^
I just don't want to do it without your permission. ^^

I'm just curious, how long do you think would it take? ^^
The problem is, I will have my pre-exams this week and next week, so my time is a little limited. Correcting all the things mentioned so far won't take too long, but I think there is more to come, so I will wait till the mid of March(?). Basically I want to wait until most players have reached the last level, so they can judge about the entire hack and I can make the improvements. So you'll need to be patient for half a month or an entire month, I hope that's not too much.

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
This is a small criticism, but it stands out in an otherwise well-paced (and kind of evil in spots... now I'm more apprehensive about 6-S than ever) level. In 5-S, it strikes me as a bit overly tedious to require the player to backtrack for the snowball 3 times to collect everything. It's not like there's any added danger or puzzle based on this. You simply retread through an area where every enemy's already been killed a few times before moving on. Theoretically it could even take you four if you chose the one split path with only two yellow coins. I'm not sure how you'd work this into the geometry, but maybe to preserve the puzzle you have going there (making sure you're careful which side the snowball goes to), you could change it so that a player can collect all the red coins and then exit with a single snowball as long as they don't screw up? It's just a matter of opinion, obviously.

Also, spoilers for a 5-S flower:
do you think the flower in that area might be too obscure? There's definitely no way you'll see the ? cloud hovering where it does even if you force the camera up, and it's in a haphazard spot so there's no real reason to be shooting eggs up there. Now, the reason I ended up finding it is because logic suggests there's a hidden ? cloud somewhere in an area with a chomp rock or snowball, and that outcropping was the only section left where I hadn't pushed it, so you put 2+2 together and realize there must be something in the area to get the snowball over there. But this is a bit of a stretch to imagine everyone coming to as a conclusion. I'm not sure what would be considered a decently subtle hint. Maybe a simple red arrow hovering over the pit that points toward the outcropping you need to push the chomp rock to. It suggests there's something peculiar there without spelling out what you need to do or where the ? cloud for the bridge is. Or it might be fine as it is in your opinion. It's not too mean in mine, either,b but I figured it was worth pondering.

EDIT: So it doesn't look like I'm just posting to complain, I've gotta say one of my favorite aspects to this hack overall are some of the creative ways you've formed puzzles for Yoshi's transformations. It's all varied and interesting, but probably my favorite is the way the train is used in one of the paths from 5-8.
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