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13B: awakening (Phase 2: Mischief) - Alessio/Rameau's Nephew
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 10 - 13B: awakening (Phase 2: Mischief) - Alessio/Rameau's Nephew
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Owner: ALessio/RN

World: 9 (Finale)
Theme: Mischief

This is the finale for SMWCP2, make sure to make this a fairly difficult level that correlates in difficulty with that of other levels in World 9. Phase 2 is all about the theme of mischief. Though the initial idea is to have Mario feel a "what if" scenario of having the ability to go to a faraway galaxy to do the impossible things that would not normally happen - shooting up planetoids, feeling the effects of gravity, having deathly black holes. You could certainly change this idea so long as the theme is portrayed and there's a consequence to that theme.

ASM - PM me if you need Blocks/Sprites for this area.
Music Choice - Any fitting song or one that you can propose.


EDIT: Don't make this level any longer than 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 minutes long.
Originally posted by cstutor
Section 2: What If I Can Do The Impossible? (Mischievous) - This is where RN's ideas come in. Mario is now able to shoot up everything in site in this galaxy field of planetoids and gravity fields. Though there are some gravitational fields that are too strong and suck Mario into a black hole of nothingness.

Originally posted by RN
Aright, enough idle effusing on my end--I was, after all, asked how the proposed experimental might work in gameplay terms. While I'm still hoping some technically creatve types might weigh in an give us an idea of what sort of crazy things might be possible in this respect, here's something of a basic framework concept we can build upon:

Firstly, it should be noted that this level will not, for the most part, feature floors. It will instead consist of large, open spaces, which Mario traverses by flying--not cape flying, nor the sort of free X and Y movement offered by the sky pop, but rather by falling, minus the pesky landing bit or the necessity of being compelled to travel in a predominantly downward-inclined direction.

The level, as imagined here, will consist of three parts:

Part 1: Here, Mario falls normally, albeit with a screen wrap effect when he reaches the bottom, teleporting him back to the top of the screen again. The Eternal Diagonal would thus be Mario's primary method for propelling himself through space, in a manner akin to that seen, for example, in some of the more waggish Knytt Stories levels, and similar to these, with a few objects scattered about to occasionally throw an unexpected kink into Mario's path, such as water, quicksand, spikes, bouncer or conveyer blocks, etc. Likewise, the area would be traversed by assorted abstract shape people, racing to and fro in a state of reckless ecstasy, adding another danger to Mario's journey. The area may or may not also have a slow autoscroll, so as to strengthen the impression of a constant, irresistible forward motion.

Our background here would be a sort of abstract pattern which gives the impression of movement and flow via palette animation, similar to that seen in Tatanga's level, if perhaps a touch more complex. Our shape people would likewise be ever changing in their color but not (or at least only slightly) in their form.

Part 2: In this area, Mario is hurled forward at high speeds, and cannot, of his own power, slow down. What he can do, however, is move into the gravitational pull of small, shimmering planetoids, which he will then proceed to orbit around until the player pushes a button to release him, hurling him forward again (should the orbiting effect be too difficult to pull off, he could instead simply cling to the planetoid via force of gravity until released), whereupon he will again rocket forward until he reaches another planetoid's gravitational field. It should be noted that this effect will not be like the barrel cannons in the DKC series; Mario will always be launched in the same direction regardless one when the release button is pressed and will be able to control his Y motion during the flight, and thus the challenge will consist of avoiding obstacles and shape people during these spurts, and in reaching or avoiding certain planetoids so as to adopt a more optimal path. Again, various blocks could be thrown in from time to time to liven things up, especially things like pinball-esque bouncers, or even spirals made from things like the super-fast current blocks seen in Shénmì Frica-Sea.

Our background here would be more complex than in the previous section, scrolling faster and incorporating frame animations in addition to palette animations. The shape people, similarly, would change in both form and color here (and still more drastically so in the next section).

Part 3: One planetoid would launch Mario upwards, depositing him in the iridescent shaft mentioned in my previous post. A message would then appear reading "Hey there, Friend! Come join the celebration!" whereupon the lights dim, and the aforementioned conga line of doom boss sequence begins.

Once Mario properly peregrinates this fearsome fiesta, he will emerge against a starry sky as the mass of colors and shape people continue rushing by above him and pass on into the distance. Mario himself, however, returning to a universe where our familiar physical laws apply, instead moves in a decidedly more down-to-earth direction, finally splashing into a nocturnal sea, providing an analogue to the traditional "waking with a start" from his dreamy revery. This is followed by a cutscene wherein our hero, somewhat disoriented, drags himself over to a crocky outcropping, climbs up, and sits there for a bit, admiring the reflection of the moon on the waves, accompanied by words "Keep on dreaming". Happy End.

As for the stage title, having twisted the alliterative/rhyming theme to its greatest possible extreme in the final normal level, it would make sense to follow the popular suggestion of breaking it entirely here, e.g. "Life is but a..."

Anyway, how does that strike you folks? As I said, being not exactly the most knowledgeable chappy on the ASM front, my understanding of what exactly is and is not possible here is a bit vague, but if any clever coders can think of any sort of additional crazy gimmicks which could be successfully used in addition to (or in place of) one of those described here, feel free to share it with our esteemed public.
Can I claim this? I'll try my best at it. Also I guess I'll post minimally one update for 2 days. If can't post an update I will tell you that I can't do it for a while.

EDIT: Also I have a great idea for this level now.
Oh okay. I will add you Luigi370 if you first let me know what ideas you have for the sublevel. Mainly because I don't know much you know about SMW/Lunar Magic, and I don't know if you've had a level and dropped one in the past. If the ideas presented are good and relevant to the emotion (given that you are changing the example), I will add you.
I have an idea that in the second half of this sublevel a giant asteroid will follow you. You will have few clouds/rocks to stand one and jump again and again (the falling speed will be very slow) and when the asteroid will meet another one it will destroy. I guess this will fit.
I guess it sounds okay so far, though I wouldn't put clouds in the mix as they don't exist in space. I'll put you on the level for now but on watch because I don't know how this will turn out yet - maybe it might be good, keep this updated on the weekly basis just like every other level in the game.
Ok. I'll reserve this post for updates and a guy(s) who will do this with me. I'll not post an update before saturday, so I'll wait for the next gee.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by cstutor89
I don't know if you've had a level and dropped one in the past. If the ideas presented are good and relevant to the emotion (given that you are changing the example), I will add you.

He has never had a level here before, but it would be in your best interest to watch him like a hawk for different reasons.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'll watch this one quite often.
I have started only selecting GFX, music(Ones inserted to the ROM already) and I made a palette. I'm planning on composing something for the asteroid section. (Yeah, I will work on it much longer than on my last compositions which took few hours. Just few hours.)

Anyway, I'll try doing some ASM too.
I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to compose something, but to let the main level theme play throughout the whole phase.

And I'm also pretty sure you're supposed to use the level's main GFX set as well, no?

Your layout has been removed.
Should be using GFX 15 for now and then a simple replacement later when the graphics do come in for FG graphics. BG2 or BG3 decorations are okay assuming they are relevant to the theme.

Music should be something already in the hack or the special final level theme that SNN composed (preferred).
I have heared it already, and it won't fit the asteroid phase. Also I'm just using cave FG for FG3.
Well, there goes any sense of consistency out the window.

Remind me again why you're using asteroids in a dream world, by the way. This isn't outer space. You have the infinite bounds of dreams at your whim. Be creative.
Indeed, they were suposed to be "planetoids", not "asteroids".Asteroids would be bare, and empty.Making them little, miniature planets would look better, something similar to "kirby milkyway wishes"'s map would be better(thought, with slightly bigger planets...)

Your layout has been removed.
The Cave FG is not GFX15, there are tiles in the Cave one that are not present in GFX15 and vice-versa. Yeah, this is not starting well. Please read the GD for 13B as this phase is a sublevel of the entire level 13B.
Originally posted by Luigi370
I have heared it already, and it won't fit the asteroid phase

Then make the phase fit the music, not the other way around.
Originally posted by cstutor89
ability to go to a faraway galaxy to do the impossible things

I though about a little galaxy themed gimmick. Anyway I have few more ideas.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

1.) You have no choice on the matter of what graphics or music you'll be using.

2.) If you've chosen to undertake this sublevel before you have a firm idea of what you want to do with it, then this will not work out well for anyone.

OK. I have used cave FG only for now. I also used a placeholder BG (Asteroid Antics) for now only.
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Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 10 - 13B: awakening (Phase 2: Mischief) - Alessio/Rameau's Nephew

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