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What was the First Video Game you played on each system?
Forum Index - Donut Plains - Gaming - What was the First Video Game you played on each system?
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GBC: Pokemon Yellow
PS1: Crash Bandicoot
PS2: Simpsons Hit and Run
GBA: Crash N Tranced
NDS: Nintendogs :3
GC: Mario Kart:DD/Super Mario Sunshine
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
3DS: Super Mario 3D Land/Mario Kart 7

NES: Donkey Kong
Atari: Keystone Kapers
Sega Master System And Mega Drive: Sonic The Hedghehog
Super Nintendo: (Emulator) Super Mario World (Official) A link to the past
Sega Saturn: Virtua Fighter Kids (OH GAWD TAH MEMORIES)
Nintendo 64: Super Smash Bros.
Playstation: Crash Bandicoot
Sega Dreamcast: Don't remember!:D (I just remember that it was back then when dinosaur ruled the earth)
Playstation 2: GTA 3
Xbox: ANOTHER ONE I Don't remember.
Game Cube: Not sure, I think Super Mario Sunhine or SSB Melee.
Xbox 360: Virtua Fighter 5
PS3: Don't remember, I think it was a rally game or something.
Wii: SSB Brawl. (It came with the system)
Game boy: Super Mario Land
Game boy colour: Mario Tennis
Game Boy Advance: Some random Batman Game
Nintendo DS: Pokemon Soul Silver
PSP: Another Random Rally Game

Man, I Broke my head to remember all of this.

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Originally posted by Mineyl

360: Left 4 Dead (ugh)


Dude, L4D is some of the most fun I've had with co-op. It's simple yet challenging, balanced, and fun with friends, or in my case, family. It's one of the few games we can all enjoy.

Valve titles pretty much shine FPSes to diamonds. Also of great fun is TF2; my father enjoys that as well...

layouts suck
NES: either Super Mario Bros. or Duck Tales
SNES: Super Mario World (also my first game ever)
N64: Pokemon Snap
Gamecube: Luigi's Mansion
Wii: Wii Sports

Sega Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog

Playstation: Crash Bandicoot
Playstation 2: (Not sure)
Playstation 3: 3D Dot Game Heroes

Xbox: Some racing game featuring Mini Coopers, I think
Xbox 360: Left 4 Dead

Game Boy: Super Mario Land
Game Boy Color: Tazmanian Devil: Munching Madness
Game Boy Advance: Super Mario Advance
Nintendo DS: Super Mario 64
Nintendo 3DS: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

Atari Lynx: Some X-Men game

PC: probably The Sims
MS-DOS: Gorillas

Arcade: probably The Simpsons

Wow, I've had such a long history playing games, and yet I've hardly scratched the surface of what there is.


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Other Submissions of mine:
SNES Controller Graphics (v2)
SNES-Either Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario All Stars
Gameboy-Oddworld Adventures
Gameboy Color-Pokemon Red
Gameboy Advance-Super Mario Advance
Wii-Mario Kart Wii (before we got our own Wii. After getting our own Wii, New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
N64-Either Mario Kart 64 or Super Mario 64 (never had our own N64)
DS-Mario Kart DS (wow, a lot of Mario Kart)
Gamecube-Either Super Mario Sunshine or Wario Ware Inc.
Wii virtual console-Donkey Kong Country

Legacy custom music

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NES - Super Mario Bros 3
SNES - Donkey Kong Country
N64 - Banjo-Kazooie
Gamecube - Sonic Adventure 2
Wii - Super Mario Galaxy
Genesis - Sonic 1
Playstation - Spyro the Dragon
Playstation 2 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
Playstation 3 - Warhawk
Xbox - Toejam and Earl III
Xbox 360 - Gears of War
Gameboy - Super Mario Land
3DS - Super Street Fighter IV
PSP - Sonic Rivals

the rest I do not recall lol

I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
I remember that
my first GBA game was Donkey Kong Country (which I was stupid enough to trade for a broken copy of mario vs donkey kong that didn't save)
my first ps2 game was FFX
my first DS game was pokemon platinum
and my first wii game was SSBB (I think)


Also, still alive, just lost in life stuff
last edited March 7th

Let's see how much I remember

GBC - Pokemon Gold
GBA - Wario Land 4
N64 - Mario Kart 64
Xbox: N64 emulator [Super Smash Bros.]
Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Wii: Wii Sports
NDS: ...I have no idea actually

[22:25:05] <%andy_k_250> Turkey and Grease will one day be reunited - that day will be... Thanksgiving
NES: Super Mario Bros.
GameBoy Pocket: Crazy Castle
PlayStation: Digimon World
Playstation 2: Burnout 3
PC: ...can't remember.
Playstation Portable: Medievil Resurrection

Nothing to see here. Move along.
In order of playing them:

PC: can't remember
N64: Pokemon Stadium
GameCube: 4x4 EVO 2
GBx: can't remember
DS: Mariokart DS
GBA: Pokemon Emerald
Wii: Wii Sports
Xbox 360: Forza Motorsport 2
PSP: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City
SNES: Mario Paint
Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog

Originally posted by Deeke
Xbox: Some racing game featuring Mini Coopers, I think

I believe that would be Midtown Madness. Don't ask how I know that because I don't know how.
Only counting real consoles, not emulators.

SNES: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
PS1: Some racing game... >.>
PS2: Lego Racers or Crash Nitro Kart... I quess.
NDS: New Super Mario Bros.
GC: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
3DS: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Atari 2600: Pac man
NES: Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
SNES: Super Mario World
N64: Goldeneye 007
GameCube: Paper Mario: TTYD
Wii: Mario Party 8 or Super Paper Mario
Sega Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sega Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure
PS1: Crash Bandicoot 2
PS2 (first console): Some Spongebob game - can't remember
PS3: COD Black Ops
Xbox: Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Gameboy: Super Mario Land or Tetris
Gameboy Color: Pokemon Yellow
Gameboy Advance: Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros.
Gameboy Advance SP: ^this
NDS: New Super Mario Bros.
3DS: Super Mario 3D land
PSP: I have no games...
Sega GameGear: Mortal Kombat II

All of these consoles are in working condition.

NES: Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt
GB: Bomberman GB
SNES: Super Mario World
N64: Super Mario 64
GBA: Super Mario Advance
GC: Luigi's Mansion
DS: Super Mario 64 DS
Wii: Depends on whether you count Wii Sports as a game. Otherwise, Super Paper Mario.
GEN: Shining Force II
GG: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear)
PS1: Final Fantasy VII
PS2: Armored Core 3
XBox: Halo
XBox360: Castle Crashers

Can't think of any other consoles that I have ever owned or touched.


My Let's Play channel (Current LP: Final Fantasy VI, MegaMari)
NES: Castlevania
SNES: Earthbound
GBC:102 Dalmatians (yes,thats and obscure game)
Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog
GBA: A race game about Crash Bandicoot
PS2: FIFA 09
DS: Pokémon HeartGold
Wii: Wii Sports
3DS: A Naruto game

Mod edit: Nuked unreadable colors.

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I'll bite, why not.

Colecovision: 4Tris
NES: Either SMB or Duck Hunt, I believe.
SMS: Sonic Spinball? I think there's one before this, but it's the earliest I remember.
Atari 7800: Xevious (lmfao the 7800 is a joke)
SNES: Super Mario World
Genesis: Castlevania: Bloodlines
N64: Super Smash Bros. (although when I got one, The New Tetris was first)
PS1: Tetris Plus (I never really played a PS1 game until 2009!)
GameCube: Super Smash Bros. Melee (or Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, it was a decade ago leave me alone)
Xbox: Jet Set Radio Future
PS2: ... I wish I could remember anything here, only Disgaea 2 comes to mind vividly.
Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure 2
PS3: You know what, fuck, I dunno. Cross Edge, I guess? Only thing I miss about the PS3.
Wii: Wario Land: Shake It!

GBC: Tetris DX
GBA: Super Mario Advance (Oh, how I miss you, 2001...)
Game Gear: Sonic The Hedgehog
Atari Lynx: ...either Block Out or Fat Bobby.
Nintendo DS: Super Mario 64 DS
PSP: ...Daxter, I think it was? (My memory's fuzzy.)
Nintendo 3DS: Pilotwings Resort
PSVita: Some Wipeout 2048 demo (Lumines: Electronic Symphony the first full game)

Commodore 64: Turrican
Atari 800: Crownland
Amstrad CPC: Turrican
ZX Spectrum: Arkanoid (hoo boy, Spectrum games look bad. Nice demo machine though)
Commodore Amiga: Fire & Ice
Atari ST: ... Turrican, again
Sam Coupé: Klax (or some tetris clone with a Rob Hubbard remix)
IBM PC (and compatibles): Kiloblaster (aside from some obscure games disk I dunno about anymore... included "Verso" and "Kaleidoscope"). Let it be said that gaming shouldn't be done on anything older than a 486 with a sound card and VGA card... yikes. It adds so damn much.

...Whew, pretty extensive list. Also, wow, someone's used an Archimedes?! I tried to emulate that once but I ran into some issue...

I'm almost certain I've forgotten one or two. I've toyed with so many systems it's bound to have happened.

I'd rather not go through every single system, but I will tell you the first game I've ever played was Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES.

"I have no words that would do justice to the atrocities you commit to the English language, as well as your continued assaults on the concepts of basic literacy and logical reasoning."
Granted I don't own every system, but I have played on some that I don't own. (They'll be coded red.)

SUPER NES: Mario Paint
SEGA GENESIS: Sonic The Hedgehog
GAME BOY: Tetris
NINTENDO 64: Mario Party
GAMECUBE: Super Mario Sunshine
PS2: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
X-BOX: Halo 2
NINTENDO DS: New Super Mario Bros.
WII: Sonic and The Secret Rings

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Hmm...let's see if I remeber well:

NES: Super Mario Bros 1
SEGA MEGA DRIVE: Kid Chamaleon
PC: Stargunner
PS1: Gran Turismo
PS2: Burnout 2
XBOX: Mortal Kombat Deception
XBOX360: Need For Speed Carbon
PSP: Ridge Racer
DS: Nintendogs

That's it!
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