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smw on the other dimensions - gusapno

I'm guessing you meant "SMW in the Other Dimensions"?

smw on the other dimensions
Hack Name: smw on the other dimensions  - 263.9 kB - 53 downloads.
Length: 4 levels
Author: gusapno - Submitted by: gusapno
Description: mario se a dado cuenta que enemigos de otras dimensiones estan viniendo a la tierra de los dinosaurios

Removal reasons:

Not a removal reason, but the names of the levels could be changed.

When I go in a pipe I should come out of one.

Cutoff between the pipe and water.

An edit of level 0A. Actually it's not even an edit, it's the same level just with different palettes. ctrl+del when starting a new level!

Since I got the secret exit this happens.

Green munchers and weird MARIO palette in the status bar.

Two things wrong here. 1: I fell in the ground after walking into this slanted branch. 2: Layer 2 is one screen too long here and when you walk to this point, layer 2 juts upwards back to its starting position.

The clouds have a bright green outline. Plus this level is all over the place, it has at least 3 different themes with really no reason.

I couldn't get to the fourth level. Also, since those levels have one exit, you should make them yellow, not red. It confuses the player thinking they've missed something.
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