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Tutorials Forum Rules (Updated 2023/03/11)

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Welcome to the Tutorials forum! The home of a lot of "how to" guides for SMW hacking. Whether you're just looking to pick up the basics, or you're an experienced God-tier veteran hacker, you're sure to learn something new here.

About This Forum

This forum houses tutorials and guides on SMW hacking, and related aspects.

Tutorials are written by the community, for the community. SMW Central Staff are not responsible for the maintenance or updating of the tutorials here (but a staff member could update a tutorial of their own prerogative if they wish). If you are interested in helping update tutorials, you should check out the New Tutorials forum.

Forum Rules

1. This is not a forum to make threads asking for help.

That is what the SMW Hacking Help forum is for. However, you can ask questions pertaining to the topic of a tutorial in the tutorial thread. Just don't create a whole thread here for your question.

2. If you're making a tutorial, bear the following in mind.

The below apply if you are looking to write a tutorial.

2a. Cover all the important content.
If you're writing a tutorial on the Lunar Magic overworld editor, for example, make sure you cover all the key details such as layer 1, layer 2, events, paths, etc. If you want a space to draft tutorials and gain feedback before they're published, use the New Tutorials forum.

2b. Proofread your tutorial!
Do not submit a thread with poor grammar/spelling. If it isn't legible, no one will find it useful.

2c. Keep it organised.
Including images, a table of contents, etc. will make it much easier for people to follow your tutorial.

2d. Know what you're talking about.
Nobody wants false information. If you aren't all that knowledgeable on a topic, don't write about it.

2e. Disable your layout when posting a new tutorial.
This makes your tutorial a lot easier to follow. Layouts are pretty, but this isn't the place.

Thread Tags

When creating a tutorial in this forum, you should tag your thread appropriately to help users filter threads relevant to their interests. The following tags are available to you in this forum:

Fundamental Is a tutorial that covers a key SMW hacking topic. Only staff can apply this tag to your tutorial if it's believed your tutorial covers a fundamental topic
Advanced These tutorials cover an advanced, or more technical, topic
ExGFX Tutorials relating to the usage the ExGFX functions for SMW hacking
Ripping/Drawing Tutorials relating to the creation of custom graphics for SMW hacks
Custom Music Tutorials covering the usage of custom music in SMW hacking
Porting Tutorials relating to the creation of custom music for SMW hacks
Samples Tutorials relating to the creation of samples for custom music for SMW hacks
ASM Coding Tutorials relating to general ASM coding for SMW hacks
ASM Patches Tutorials relating to ASM patches for SMW hacks, both the creation and usage of
Custom Sprites Tutorials relating to custom sprites for SMW hacks, both the creation and usage of
Custom Blocks Tutorials relating to custom blocks for SMW hacks, both the creation and usage of
HDMA Tutorials relating to HDMA for SMW hacks, both the creation and usage of
Lunar Magic Tutorials covering topics relating to the usage of Lunar Magic
Level Design (Standard) Tutorials covering level design topics, relating to standard hacks
Level Design (Kaizo) Tutorials covering level design topics, relating to kaizo hacks
BPS Patches Tutorials covering the creation and usage of BPS patches
Emulators Tutorials covering the usage of emulators
Tool-Specific Tutorials pertaining to the usage of a specific tool
Other Niche topics, not covered by any of the tags above

Should you have a question about this forum, please feel free to PM one of the moderators of this forum (listed under the "Moderated by:" section on the Forum Index). Please don't PM the moderators with questions related to hacking the game, use the forum for that instead.
We have made a few tweaks to the wording of some rules, condensed some others, and also removed the redundant bumping rule as this hasn't been relevant for a while. We have also explained each tag, as these have been present in the forum for a while, we just never mentioned it.
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