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Some SMW styled music mockups I made with Synthfont and the SMW Soundfont

Well I made eight "mockup songs" in hopes that it would inspire some
people to port the songs in here into SMW. This Zip file contains
eight MP3. files made via Synthfont.

The songs in this order
"Destroy them all!" from Salamander
"Power of Anger" from Salamander
"Planet Ratis" from Salamander (PC Engine Version)
"Faraway" from Lightning Fighters
"Don't Leave Me Alone" From Nemesis 2
"Into Hostile Ship" from Gradius 2: Gofer no Yabō
"Take Care!" from Gradius 2: Gofer no Yabō
"Thunder Landing" from Super Contra

The Download link for the mockups:
Alt. Download Link:

Edit: Some people have expressed interest in getting the original midi files I used for my mockups. Here it is:

(I tested the link myself and everything seems to be in working order)
Also Please note that the midi files are sorted like this:
(Song Name)(Game from whence it Came)(Arranger)

Alt. Link in case the one above doesn't work:
i really like the midi for the destroy them all one, i do have to say that when dealing with snes limits, the midis (i only checked a few) are in general cant be fully ported or at least cant have more then 8 possible channels, but im glad to see at least one i like looks easy enough to port.
@OmegazeroINFI:If you do decide to port one of the songs, please tell me via PM.