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[WIP] SMW: The Silver Age.

It been over two years since I last hacked SMW. I believe it is now time for me to come out of retirement and show these youngster what a minor
silver age legend can do!

As you should know the general premise of this hack is sort of an ode
to the silver age of SMW hack, This was a time before Fusoya came out of Retirement and upgraded SMW. A time before SNN made his historic 1000th
post, A time when the memory of Icegoom leaving the community was still fresh on quite a few people's minds. Basicly it was the period between the years of 2004-2008. Some say the silver age ended in 2009. My hack will loosely emulate certain trends running among hacks from that era.

And here's a select list of things about hacks from the silver age that I intend to mimic (But not slavishly)

*Some of the default graphics of hacks from the Silver Age didn't quite match up with the default style, but they managed to look good anyways.
*Most Silver Age hacks had First worlds that were somewhat Easy to Medium Difficulty, with the Difficulty spiking on world 2 and raising gradually afterwards.
*Some Silver age hacks had serious plots of varying epicness
(Examples being Super Mario Infinity and The Second Reality Project 2)
*Most hacks didn't have the benefit of the Newbie Boss Sprite or Dispario Scuri's NPC sprites, nor did they have Romi's Variable Width Font Cutscene tool
*Most hacks from the Silver age had odd modifications to stock enemies (Examples being the Faster Bullet Bills from Super Mario Infinity and
the chargin' chucks that were weak to fireflowers in Super Mario's New Adventure: The Plumber's Fury)
*Finally, Most hacks from that era had very creative Big Boo Battles

Likewise I'm still thinking of a plot but I have a few loose pieces already. the wrecked ship on the world map near Mario is one of those fragments of the plot.

Here are the screenshots for those who are interested:

Interesting way to use the SMB3 paths into a vanilla OW, nice hack BTW.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

@Daizo:Thank you.

On another note I just uploaded a short video of level 1. (Youtube is malfunctioning on me so I had to use something else)
Click Here!
I like the SMB3 level tiles but they look weird combined with the SMW level tile for the castle.
the pipe looks kinda weird and it's really easy to fix
@Mawwo7: No. They are perfectly normal SMW beta pipes. Nothing weird about them at all.
@SuperWeirdo: I usually prefer to make SMB3/SMW hybrid overworlds because it combines the best aspects of both without combining the worst. Nothing weird about them at all.
what i'm seeing looks, all right. i'm not crazy on autumn style palettes. the're always just so bland, not utilizing a full color spectrum. also, what is this silver age? i get what you mean, by trying to emulate an older style but you have given yourself such a broad time span to work with. 2004-2008 seems like too much leniency. also, no one else has ever referred to that era as the, "silver age," of SMW ROM hacking. when i see the material granted here i don't get the feeling that this is an old hack. i assume it was made recently.

and not to be a dick, but it seems like you're just trying to, steal my thunder? because i'm making a hack with a 2003-2006 time span vibe. an era that can be concretely nailed down and recognized. only minor graphical edits, mostly vanilla work, no patches, custom music, sprites, or blocks. it seems like you just wanted to do that, and nothing all that impressive came out of it. my advice to you is to change the title and stop trying to play to this theme of the, "silver age." because nobody else is going to understand what you mean, or care for that matter. good luck with the rest of your hack.
I wasn't aware of your hack Zildjian. Infact I thought I was the only one with nostalgic feelings for era I mentioned. I honestly wasn't trying to steal your thunder though. Infact I made few hacks back in the aforementioned era myself and I honestly wanted to recapture that nostalgic feeling as well. Give me a break man, I haven't touched Lunar Magic in over two years and I'm just now coming out of retirement.
I like what I see here. I do wish you would get rid of the SMB3 tiles though, as to be brutally honest, they look kind of ugly.

@Zildijan - Was that really necessary? I've seen lots of hacks that have a similar basic premise, but does that mean there is any thunder being stolen?
Mario's Vanilla Journey

Progress: 22/72 levels complete
I'm liking your level design and palettes, good job!
I think you're unnecessarily using too many bushes on the ledges in the level screenshots. Remove a few and make them have a darker outline. Also, the pipe color looks a little strange.

The rest looks alright, I suppose. How is Mario's movement on the OW? It'd be nice if you mimicked SMB3's style since of doing it since you've used SMB3 graphics for the level tiles and stuff.