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(Misc) Star Coin - FireYoshi

ExGFX Name: (Misc) Star Coin - 3.7 KB - Downloaded 2 times.
Type: Original
Palette: 0x0
Author: FireYoshi - Submitted by: FireYoshi
Description: A NSMB-styled Star Coin. Uses the original SMW palette. For instructions on how to insert, see the readme. Great for vanilla hacks. Please give credit.

1. This looks no where near the like the NSMB style
2. The design on this is horrible; the coin is lop-sided and has random ugly block specs in it.
3. One of the screenshots you provided is way too big and stretches the tables.
4. Overall, its just too small of a change to even accept, even if I were to look past all the other things that are wrong with this.
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