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Mario's Adventure

I was so excited to post my first kaizo hacks of shell abuse 1 and 2, so I decided to post one of my older pit hacks.
Room 1:Random glitches, keyhole sprite appears for music block(IDK why)
Room 2:Tower of the forest, requires great height reaching
Room 3:Castle, yellow koopa required to complete the level, although it can be broken.
Room 4:puzzle stage(sort of)
Room 5:Keyjumping stage; not very long
Room 6:Flying stage
Room 7:Shelljumping stage
Room 8:Walljumping stage, not too many required in this hack
Room 9:Remix of the level Funky; hardest of all the other 8 stages

This is my first hack that I played around using custom music.
It's pretty much a fun kaizo!!!

Like how it sounds? Click on me!

If you want to know what it looks like, click Here
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Originally posted by ShadowDragon121
This is my first hack that I played around using custom music.

I'm quite worried about this sentence.

Also, please never use 4share because it requires you to sigh up in the stupid website.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Daizo, my hack had no difficulties in inserting custom music and I went through a lot of songs before picking what I like, and I'd be happy to share my hacks through media fire or other file sharing website instead.
Megaupload has been closed because of copyright issues

Here's the link to it if you want to download it through mediafire:
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...or you can just use your filebin here at the site
Ya but I can store up to 200 MB of space in my mediaFire
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Found a few little breaks:
The goomba jump is very possible without the first bullet bill coming in.
With the black fuzzy thing (what are they called?) I assume you're supposed to duplicate the block and have it roll over so you can spin jump off of it? The jump to the bit with the note blocks is also possible without doing that, just by getting running speed and using the shell to land on the 1 square platform, you can jump all the way over to the ledge with the note blocks, with 49 speed.

I'm doing a (poor) tas of this atm =)
Hooray for Jay-
Ya but there are HUGE breaks I found and decided to keep them in there
Room 1-When you get Yoshi you springboard glitch to keep him and the springboard and then jump above the screen, get maximum speed (47,48,49)
and jump over to the next hurt platform
Swallow the blue shell, and you've broken the whole thing
Room 2-In the previous room, carry the shell on yoshi to successfully bring it and yoshi through the pipe. You've now broken room 2a.
Room 3-keep a shell from the question block and swallow it and shell jump above the screen. If you did the previous break, then layer 2 will appear, you can disable it with a number button for snes9x(I forget) And then all of that work for the yellow koopa is gone, just use yoshi through it like item abuse.

I am unaware of any other BIG breaks. If you find something else, tell me. Feel free to TAS this and put it on Youtube.
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Another neat thing I found, after you get the mushroom in the first room, and become small and have to spin jump with the shell onto those 1 square ledges, you can actually throw the shell off, bounce off it, and regrab it in midair and land on the next square. I know you said it was an old pit hack, but if you wanted to make it harder or revive it, sticking munchers or something there might be something that would interest you.

(red arrows not needed, blue arrow I didn't touch the lower ground)
Actually, once you get the mushroom, you are supposed to go above what you are pointing at, because if you go to the bottom, you are supposed to do the smallest spin jumps (three spaces) and then waste the shell when you are supposed to have it when jumping off of the enemies.

If you feel like breaking the whole thing, I posted a vid on youtube showing how far I broke it to. Here's the link:
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Originally posted by ShadowDragon121
Ya but I can store up to 200 MB of space in my mediaFire

Yeah, but it takes like one second to download something from you file bin, while it's annoying downloading from mediafire. Plus, IPS patches doesn't take that much place.