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Can someone help me with my hack?

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Wasn't sure where this went.

Can someone help me with my hack? I need someone to playtest and give advice, so that I can make a good first hack.
I am taking hacks for testing. I do not currently do kaizo hacks or other very difficult hacks. If you send me a difficult hack I will try it, but I probably will not finish it. My youtube:
I could. (If you wanted me to.) I design fairly good levels, and I have open time for playtesting.
I don't have a large footer.
I think this doesn't go here... You shoul post in the SMW hack discussion forum instead.
My YouTube Channel:
Th3Flam3BoY's YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel (SMW Hacking):
New Hacker's SMW Hacking Channel
If you want to recruit testers for your hack we have a thread for that here, and if you want general feedback you can just create a thread in the Works in Progress forum and post your screenshots and videos there.

My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

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