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(RESULTS) 5th Annual SMWCentral Level Design Competition

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Apparently I have nothing better to do on my birthday so I'm gonna post the results while still blurry eyed from just having woken up! Sounds like a great idea!

This year's contest was probably one of the most successful ones we've held. The amount of creativity I saw coming from these entries in lieu of being able to such a wide range of materials in some previous years was fantastic to see. The limitations really helped a number of you discover how to make a truly good level.

I want to thank AxemJinx and MrDeePay for taking the time to judge all 98 entries. It was long, but it's finally paid off.

So without further ado, here are the results for the 2012 Level Design Competition!

First Place
yoshicookiezeus - Trauma Towers (28.83/30.00)
Prize: Steam game valued $15.00 USD or less

Second Place
Riolu180 - THE LEVEL THAT... (27.83/30.00)
Prize: Steam game valued $10.00 USD or less

Third Place
ZMann - Nightfall (27.67/30.00)
Prize: Steam game valued $7.50 USD or less

Honorable Mention (4th Place)
Blind Devil - Slaughterhouse (27.50/30.00)
Prize: Steam game valued $5.00 USD or less

Honorable Mention (5th Place)
Agent Q - Toffee Terrain (27.00/30.00)
Prize: Steam game valued $5.00 USD or less

This concludes the winners and honorary mentions. The rest of the places are as follows. (Note: For those that didn't place 5th or higher, I'm not including the level names for their entries so as to make this post not take any longer than it already is taking to write. Sue me later for being lazy. [Also sue me for being lazy for copying this paragraph from last year's results thread! {Which was actually the thread from two years ago!}])

6. Blue Leaf (26.83/30.00)
6. superwiidude (26.83/30.00)
6. Lui37 (26.83/30.00)

9. GeminiRage (26.50/30.00)

10. Underway (26.33/30.00)
10. BMF54123 (26.33/30.00)

12. GN + LunarYoshi (25.67/30.00)

13. aj6666 (25.50/30.00)

14. Doownayr89 (25.33/30.00)

15. Teyla (25.17/30.00)

16. Gamma V (24.83/30.00)

17. MarioFan22 (24.67/30.00)
17. dottedboy (24.67/30.00)

19. THY (24.50/30.00)

20. Pison (24.33/30.00)

21. DragonLX (24.17/30.00)

22. Spy (24.00/30.00)
22. Darky (24.00/30.00)
22. SomeGuy172x (24.00/30.00)

25. TomPhanto (23.83/30.00)

26. SyStemkraSh (23.67/30.00)

27. Uhrix (23.50/30.00)
27. Dinomar (23.50/30.00)

29. Ascaska (23.33/30.00)

30. Shog (23.00/30.00)

31. Turbo Man (22.67/30.00)

32. SuperMarioRPG6400 (22.50/30.00)
32. Ludus (22.50/30.00)

34. Syntax Errors (22.33/30.00)

35. TheOtherGuy25 (22.17/30.00)

36. ZetMyst (22.00/30.00)

37. notgoodwithusernames (21.33/30.00)
37. Snifit (21.33/30.00)
37. marioVSshadow (21.33/30.00)
37. Bloodstar (21.33/30.00)

41. Dakress (21.17/30.00)
41. Lunatic Wolf (21.17/30.00)
41. neosaver (21.17/30.00)
41. RedToonLink (21.17/30.00)
41. TRS (21.17/30.00)

46. Argumentable (20.67/30.00)

47. Feenicks (20.50/30.00)

48. feretty111 (20.17/30.00)
48. Dphoenix29 (20.17/30.00)

50. Thehoundsqaud (20.00/30.00)

51. Yonowaaru (19.83/30.00)

52. Patgangster (19.67/30.00)
52. miech10 (19.67/30.00)

54. agie777 (19.50/30.00)

55. Glitch.Mr (19.17/30.00)
55. yogui (19.17/30.00)

57. Roberto zampari (18.83/30.00)

58. DiddyKaizo100 (18.67/30.00)

59. benvvv (18.50/30.00)

60. TheGuyWhoIsSitting (18.17/30.00)

61. SilverSwallow (18.00/30.00)
61. Zildjian (18.00/30.00)

63. sunwarrior25 (17.50/30.00)

64. serplux (17.33/30.00)
64. KevKot (17.33/30.00)

66. miguel21450 (17.00/30.00)

67. Neo carld923 (16.83/30.00)
67. Youmu Konpaku (16.83/30.00)

69. Mariosyoshishade (16.67/30.00)
69. ShadowFire (16.67/30.00)

71. Ripperon-X (16.50/30.00)
71. DDM295 (16.50/30.00)

73. mario56 (15.83/30.00)

74. Caracc (15.67/30.00)

75. lomani57 (15.50/30.00)

76. Sokobansolver (15.33/30.00)
76. Jolpengammler (15.33/30.00)
76. mariocool1999 (15.33/30.00)
76. pablopeach (15.33/30.00)

80. Sockbat Replica (14.83/30.00)
80. Luigi370 (14.83/30.00)

82. Forty2 (14.67/30.00)

83. XolfireX (13.50/30.00)

84. xlk (12.83/30.00)

85. Aquamentus (12.17/30.00)

86. Lugi-mario2563 (11.50/30.00)

87. Morsel (8.00/30.00)
87. bbk61 (8.00/30.00)

89. Sarge (7.83/30.00)

90. Mannah (7.00/30.00)
90. AUS (7.00/30.00)

92. Octopus (6.83/30.00)

93. MarioStarLuigi (5.50/30.00)

94. Pribor (5.17/30.00)

95. FelipeUzumaki (4.33/30.00)

96. mathelete (1.50/30.00)


The following entrants were unfortunately disqualified because none of the judges were able to get their patches working:



Detailed results from each of the individual judges can be found here:
Axemjinx's Results (.doc)
FirePhoenix's Results (.txt)
MrDeePay's Results (.rtf)

(*Note: FirePhoenix's commentary ends after Entry 33 due to time constraints. If you really need my commentary in addition to the multitudes given by AxemJinx and MrDeePay, I can give it on a case-by-case basis. Just contact me via PM or in here.)

This is the spreadsheet I used to compile the final results:
Excel 97-2003 Workbook (.xls)

Here's an archive with all of the entries numbered by submission:
Archive (.zip)


Once again, this contest comes to a close. Those of you that won, please contact me to discuss your prize. If you do not want a steam game, we can attempt to work out another prize on a case-by-case basis.

I had fun this year and I hope you did too. Thanks to the judges once again, thanks to everyone who participated, and we'll see you again next year!
Also, I will be unavailable for comments until later tonight. Gonna be busy.
Well I wasn't expecting a win but it's nice I managed to rank in the top half. Well done everyone!
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Oooh, 17th. Big improvement on last year! :D
41st? Aww... D:
64th...Why? What have I done wrong? =(

Guess I will take a look in the judging files.

EDIT: I had a look in all files:

FP: Alright, I agree with the score.

Axem: Well, ok. You really brought up good arguments which made the score reasonable.

MDP: Yeah, no. Not really. Your review is way too vague, and a example is Appeareance. OK, half of my level has a not so good palette. And you decrease Appereance by 3 points. FOR THIS. IS this reasonable? Not at all.

To sum it up: This contest took place quite good, on the side of the contestants, but with the judges...One gave me a good review, an other one gave an also good review, and the final one gives such a vague, unreasonable review it brings your level down a whole lot.

Am I going to call the material of this contest good? Of course. Will I call this contest a success in general? Not at all.
76th? Not even close on what I was expecting...
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Not as good as I expected to do, but certainly did better than last year.

Oh man, 52nd.
I guess I'll tone down a lot of stuff (read: the lack of moving space and the funkyness) next time. xD

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Yay :3 TOP TEN! ^^
76th place. Well, I wasn't really expecting to do real stellar, but the last two places were pretty much what I expected (I thought FellipeUzumaki would get last place, but I was wrong). I feel I should not have picked a gimmick that I would have "too much fun" with. Oh, and playing it on ZSNES, I found that pretty much the whole first room lags very badly. So if you want to maximize your experience, DO NOT play it on ZSNES.
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Ahaha, well done everyone! I really expected YCZ to win, he totally deserved it. Lui37's level was also awesomesauce and Underway's level was just amazing.
Yes guys, congratulations! I'm looking forward to the next contest, since I basicly missed this one. Ah well.
71st place? Dang. Well, I didn't want to make an easy level, since it would have been too easy to beat and too boring.
Originally posted by Ripperon-X
Well, I didn't want to make an easy level, since it would have been too easy to beat and too boring.

That's pretty much verbatim what I was thinking with my entry.
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...err, I mean, thanks! :D I'm so glad I finally got third or better! ^_^ Funny thing is, last night, I dreamt I won first...then I woke up and was very sad. :<

By the way, why is it that AxemJinx was the only judge that had no problem with my kicking koopa setups? Were you trying to rush the level, MrDeePay? ;P (No really; I've been told that if you rush it, it's very difficult, but if you take your time, it's not too hard...)

Also, as for the underground area, jdsfhgkjdfh I could've sworn I fixed that. Seriously, it was reported to me, and I KNOW I fixed it! I thought I submitted that fix, though... :<

and as for the super koopa ambushing you, I honestly thought that was plenty of time to get away. I guess I was wrong! Thanks for the suggestion for how long to wait it for, MrDeePay, I'll keep that in mind for next time.


EDIT: oh, and good job to everyone else! I had fun; did the rest of you? That's the most important thing in all this, after all! :D
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Originally posted by Riolu180
last night, I dreamt I won first...then I woke up and was very sad. :<

Also happened with quite saddens me how some people have lost the ability to rate something correctly.

Also nice job Riolu, you deserved it.

About how much fun I had: I had fun until somebody gave a hint about my level being bad. Then, the fun level for me in this contest sunk to 0, if not -1.
So, will anyone be LP'ing the levels?
If anyone is going to, I won't let mine LP'ed because I don't want it to be distributed anymore, since it seems it's a bad level, why should it be still content of something?
With that, I demand my entry being nuked from the list of the downloadable entries, if that is possible. If it isn't, it is OK.

Text is null.
Something I really was hoping to get feedback about was how the autoscroll affected the level design. But other than MrDeePay saying it could freeze the game since it happens mid-level, nothing. :V

But on the other hand, there weren't any negative comments either, so... no news is good news, I guess?
man, kevkot, chill out, everyone makes bad levels sometimes, there's no need to hide that from the world, and especially if you learned a thing or two about level design.

also wtf my entry got 22nd, and i expected to be behind Dinomar or yogui. 8>
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