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Lui's Music Research Lab Showoff (14/01/2013)
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Last Updated: January 14th 2013

Final Fantasy VI
The Prelude aw yeah, my first port! (that got updated many times)
Edgar & Sabin
The Fierce Battle I'll probabily make a SMAS version of this one...
Battle Theme

Final Fantasy V
Beyond the Deep Blue Sea (there's also an M version)

Final Fantasy III (J)
The Boundless Ocean

Kirby's Adventure
Green Greens

Kirby Super Star
Taking Over The Halberd

Kirby's Dreamland 3
Game Over

Castlevania Bloodlines
Stage 1: Reincarnated Soul

Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge (GB)
Journey to Chaos
Castle 2
Welcome to Hell

Castlevania III
NEW Riddle

Super Castlevania IV
Demon Castle Dracula
WIP Map Theme A too lazy to finish this one
WIP Bloody Tears err lazyness...

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Hyrule Field
Dark Golden Land

Stage 1: Challenger 1985
Stage 2: Beat Back
Stage 3: Blank Mask
Stage 4: Free Flyer
Stage 5: Mazed Music
Stage 6: Mechanical Globule
Stage 7: Final Attack
Boss Theme

Donkey Kong Country 2
Flight of the zinger

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal
Dark Cave

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins (or whatever it's called)
Star Zone

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Level 1 - Tail Cave

MegaMan 16-Bit Remix Project
Mega Man III:
Wily Stage 1
Spark Man
Other Stuff
TLoZ: aLttP - Dark Golden Land (Rearranged Ear Rape Version)
CUSTOM Generic First Level
CUSTOM Spooky Forest Castle/Ghost-house/Whatever
WIP CUSTOM Unnamed Boss Theme old SPC
SMAS - Slightly Remixed Underground Theme
Super Mario Advance 4 - World e map
New Super Mario Bros - Castle Theme


Well, I tried to include almost all of my custom music, so some of them may sound like shit because they were made when I was new to porting =P. I'll try to update some of them, if I can.
Anyway enjoy this thread and feel free to leave comments/questions/complaints/criticism/suggestions/whatever.


I need this legend for whatever
This port sounds incredible so far. You just need to finish it. :)

The very beginning of this song seems to be on the quiet side, but other than that, this is an amazing port of what may be one of the most recognizable tunes in the Kirby series.

I can just imagine Mario running through some high-tech city or factory while this music plays. Nice job on this.

I love how you used the pitch envelope on this. I could imagine this playing in an SNES remake of Mega Man 3.

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
I've made a new port and added some other stuff to the list too.

Super Mario Advance 4 - World e map (+ alternate version)

the alternate version uses a SMAS sample that is supposed to be the counterpart of the SMA4 one that was used in the original song (compare carefully some SMA4 Level music with the SMAS ones to have a valid proof).
Anyway @13 fits kinda better (and doesn't need a custom sample bank) so I'll probabily release the former version soon.

EDIT: why doesn't this porst have typos wtf

Oh hey! I was hoping someone would port this eventually! Great job, man, I love it! (:

EDIT: .... though, this is a tad faster than the original was. It also sounds like it's missing the kick/slap channels. Do you think you could also increase the release/rests on channels #0 and #1? They're a bit too long.

But yeah, I can't wait for you to release this MML code! ^^
ok, thanks Crispy for your suggestions. I've just been to lazy too post the updated spc, but here it is SPC. I'll also submit it soon.
Also, I have a new port too. Dark Cave (Pokémon GSC)
I kinda made a 16-bit arrangement for that one, not a remix at all anyway.

I'll edit the first post later
Originally posted by Lui37
ok, thanks Crispy for your suggestions. I've just been to lazy too post the updated spc, but here it is SPC. I'll also submit it soon.

Ahh, this sounds much better. Great job, and I look forward to the submission! ^^

Originally posted by Lui37
Also, I have a new port too. Dark Cave (Pokémon GSC)
I kinda made a 16-bit arrangement for that one, not a remix at all anyway.

I'll edit the first post later

Nice arrangement, Lui! One of the few songs I can actually appreciate @17 in.. ahaha! I like the vibrato on the @1 later in the song, and the @0 echo adds to the eerie nature of the arrangement.

EDIT: Ah, right. I'm also pretty impressed how even though Idol is going on, you're still porting side projects! Crazy crazy! xD
Originally posted by Lui37

Hmm.. I've never actually gotten that far in SMA4 so I don't recognize the song. But the port sounds pretty solid. I like the @13s.

Originally posted by Lui37

Is this any relation to lolmexican.spc? :P
I actually never really cared for this song in the game, but your port is nice, and captures the atmosphere really well. and how is this italian wat

Keep up the good work!
I listened all your spcs, and I like them all! In particular, the Megaman 16-bit tunes and the custom boss theme. Really good!#w{=P}

Oh, also I want to suggest a technical tip: update the first post with links, not the replies...for exanmple, I can't find "Super Mario Advance 4 - World e map (+ alternate version)" in the main post.
Keep this in mind...
However, nice ports! Keep going Italian man! D41 C4770!
I think I'll leave this here quickly.

too lazy to edit the first post, this already took ages to load sdfkjfdnkg
Originally posted by Lui37
I think I'll leave this here quickly.

HOLY SH**!!!
How awesome...I like this very much! Awesome samples, effects...all! My favourite NSMB Castle ever!O.O
thanks ^^, I'll submit it soon I guess..

anyway here's a short track from sml2 I ported out of boredom. Featuring a galactic trip through stars and planets! #lm{owexstar}

...also edited the first post because I was too lazy to do so earlier #lm{ow8xsel}
Game over guys D:
Here's a small kdl3 styled remix I did of the Kirby's dreamland boss theme. SPC
Sounds super-aweseome Lui.
I can see this fitting for a lot of bosses. I like how it turned out, good sample-choice and the percussion is also very well done.
All those other ports are very good too. Great job.

That's awesome, Lui! Makes me want to try doing something like that one day.

Check out my music!
That sounds really good Lui, it kinda remind me of Dominator's port :P

Also, it's me or it sounds like Bomberman? I recall a boss theme that sounds almost like that.
That Kirby's Dream Land port revamps is fantastic, flows very nicely with the sample choice from KDL3. Sounds like a chill boss theme.

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Originally posted by Lui37

Wow.. This sounds really cool
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