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What are your worst injuries that you have gotten? I've dislocated my jaw, jammed my finger really hard, hit my shin on someone's knee, and I've been killed by floating munchers.
I've dislocated my shoulder, gotten my finger hit by a metal ceiling fan that was on the highest speed, and did something with my foot (don't remember what) that made it real hard to walk properly and it hurt for several days. I think I remember it being right around when 'The Final Destination' came out in theaters.

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I went on a giant slide at the park when I went to visit my aunt. There's a gym floor-like material on the sides of it. I wanted to slide down it. So I did that, I was going to fast that I gripped on the the side, then the force sent me forward, and I was sliding on my knees. When I got down to the bottom, the skin on my knee was burned off. You could see the flesh, It was not pretty. In about three days, a giant ass scab appeared on my knee.
Can't recall of a time when I've been injured. Worst would probably be when I fell off my bike one day a had a huge stratch all across my leg. Hurt really bad

But was pretty funny

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A Dog bite my Face when I was age of 3; I had to get Stitches and I had to be awake while they stitch skin onto my open flesh....
And I have 2 X's on my cheek that shows proof.
I've really only had two bad things that really qualify as an injury. For one, I cracked my head open when I was around 8 years old by falling onto cement. Thankfully, I didn't have to get any stitches, which terrified me when I was that age. And, later on when I was 15/16, I somehow managed to cause permanent swelling to my right middle finger's knuckle and joint. A combination of getting slashed (hockey), and having multiple softball (the type of ball used in windmill pitch baseball) pitches jam against it, caused that.

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I'd say my worst injury was when I broke my arm. Broke it twice, and the same arm too. The first time when I was 3 or so and fell off the porch at home. The second time was when I was 5 or 6 and fell down the stairs when I was at my babysitter's house.

While I can not claim an absolute worst, here are a few painful experiences in no particular order:

1) Age 4, jumping on the bed, I fell off broke my arm. I still have a slight bow in my arm from this.

2) Age 12, broke that same arm again. This time was jumping over an open manhole cover with my scooter. My back tire clipped the opening, I flipped over the front and broke my arm again. Thankfully I did not fall backwards :P. This story did get more painful though when I went to go get the bone reset. I went in, they gave me a shot of Novocaine(I think, can't quite remember), but rather than wait a few minutes for it too take effect they rebroke it into place just seconds later. Not the best feeling in the world.

3) Age 9, hit in the head with the back end of a hammer. Me and somebody else happen to be picking up tools in the same area and when he grabbed it and stood up quickly the back end of the hammer hit me just above my right eye. I still have a scar from this below my eyebrow. This could have done much worse so I am thankful.

4) Age 16, I was swimming in a pool and had goggles on. My sister was not paying attention and jumped into the pool and her foot landed right on the goggles (same eye as the hammer accident). The force sliced a circle all around my eye, but thankfully my eye itself was unharmed. One hell of a headache came from that too.

5) Age 15, I was at a friends birthday party and they attempted pushing me into a pool. However, I was turning around just as they were doing so. This caused me to slide down the flagstone side of the pool leaving huge scrapes spanning my entire front side. Very very painful.

6) Age 19, I was swimming in a race and had not come up above the surface to save time. And because it was night I misjudged my distance, took another strong, then slammed into the wall. It was such an neck hurt for the next 7 months.

7) Age 19, this year I started hiking with friends. It has been a tradition for me to cut my right leg in some way ever trip. So in our 10 or so mountain hikes I have cut myself every time. While these are usually minor the number and coincidence of them is amusing. But, I must admit, I'd much prefer keep it with these minor injuries. Mountain climbing isn't terribly forgiving.

Anyways, that is just a few keynote injuries I can remember offhand. Just remember, learn from the mistakes of others so you don't have to learn from your own :P.
When I was four, at night, there was a birthday party (I don't remember well, but there was a lot of people), I went out with other children who came at night to play, and I stumbled and fell on my knee. Sharp rocks got inside it and I got a lot of pain, and the wound was really deep. They got those rocks out of my knee and I couldn't move it for days.

Years later, I still have the scar.
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I've had my arm dislocated...and that's actually about it.
Fortunately I've never had any real injuries. As far as I remember the worst thing that happened to me so far is that I scraped my knee or other body parts on various occasions when I was younger.
Originally posted by Octopus
Fortunately I've never had any real injuries. As far as I remember the worst thing that happened to me so far is that I scraped my knee or other body parts on various occasions when I was younger.

i just lurk sometimes

No big injuries for me either. The worst I've had was a hole in my bottom lip from a punch right to the face.

Fell left-arm-first onto a sprinkler head. It severely cracked, but didn't break, my arm. They had to insert a long metal rod into my arm and leave it there for a couple of months so that the bone can grow back. This was about 5-6 years ago; I'm fine now.
When I was about 6 I think, I was jumping on my parents bed and fell and landed on the corner of the headboard. I had to get stitches since the cut was deep enough that it almost showed my skull.

My parents' bed was pretty bloody.
Age 3: I grabbed a hot iron thinking it was cooled off. My hand had second degree burns on it for a couple weeks.

Age 3: Rolled off the top bunk while sleeping, bounced onto the bed below and onto the hard wood floor.

Age 4: Brothers were playing ball in the driveway and I skidded my knee on the concrete while wearing shorts, blood trail right behind me, very bad.

Age 6: Brother sat me down in a milk crate and slid me across a hard tiled floor. Turning a sharp corner, I fell sideways and cracked my head open.

Age 8: Running down stone stairs outside while they were wet, I fell backward and hit my head.

Age 9: While swimming I had my eyes closed and I rammed my head right into one of the walls underwater

Age 9: Riding my bike down a steep hill, speed wobbling lead to me losing control and I flew over the handlebars landing onto a huge rock as the bike came tumbling down onto my legs.

Age 10: Fell off my roof while putting up Christmas lights, landed head first onto the driveway and lost consciousness.

Age 12: While moving some wood in my backyard, I couldn't see where I Was stepping, I tripped over a hose and fell onto a pile of bricks, breaking my right arm.

Age 13: I was laying down on a skateboard pretending it was luge, as I was going down a steep inclined street, I lost control and skidded my face along the asphalt as a result of sliding off.

Age 15: My brother was putting a 32" tv down on my bed while I was laying down, dropped it right on my ankle.

Age 16: While up in the attic, the roof shingles are stuck to the roof with nails, I stood up in a slouched position and rammed my back right into one of those nails sticking out from the ceiling of the attic.

Age 19: Finger ran right through a gear of the damn ride I was fixing, luckily it was before actual operating hours and wasn't fully ready otherwise, bye-bye finger.

Age 20: Dropped a 200 pound engine block right onto my foot from Mechanic work.

Since then I haven't had too many painful experiences, knowing my luck I might have just jinxed it :P

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Well none of my injuries were anything too horrible but they were still kind of bad...let's see.

Some Grade Earlier: I accidently slammed my foot on a VCR and cut it opened. (I had to pretty much cover my foot because it was bleeding so bad.) Took about 2-3 weeks to heal.

5th Grade: Me and my friends use to push each other around in basket carts we found just sitting on side walks. Till one day, I was being pushed in one and apparently the cart tipped over and fell on the ground with me in it. It may not have seemed like it was a serious deal but I'm sure I was pretty damn close to breaking my arm that day. (It did hurt like hell though.)

9th Grade: Was playing capture the flag in the dark and accidently ran into a row of chairs and fell. Had to miss a day of summer school due to that but even then I couldn't walk normally for about a week or 2.

11th Grade: While trying to catch a football, it dived into my pinky finger and fractured it. (Never made that mistake again.)

12th Grade: Well I fell off my scooter a couple of times before but there was one time I fell off of it and ended up fracturing my wrist. I think that was about the closes I came to ever breaking anything.

There's are the ones I can remember the most. I'm somewhat of an accident prone person. -_-

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My 6th birthday: I was playing on a playground, where in you'll climb vertically, then horizontally(I don't know the name),

... then I fall from it, causing some pain that we need to go for some treatment.

And I can't forget this: When I was on a beach, some jellyfish stuck on my leg. It was so painful that we are forced to go home at that moment.

I think there's more that I forgot.
Well I broke my left leg recently. I need to use sticks for like month at least.
Funny how i can't remeber some of my best friend's birthday's but i rmeber this as clear as day.

I was around 2 at the time, and i was shopping with my mom. I was sitting in one of those kid seats in the shopping cart while my mom was chatting with the guy at the bakers counter. While i was looking around, i saw a beautiful little muffin sitting in the little bakers window. Now, i was pretty hungry, so i tugged at my mom shirt and pointed at the muffin(i didnt know how to speak yet) She ignored me and contuined talking. After another few futile efforts, I tried reaching out to grab the muffin, as i didnt think it was THAT far. I also didnt realize there was glass there. So i reached out, and just when i though i had the muffin, i fell out of the cart and cracked my head open.


Other injuries over the years include bruises, stubbed toes, mild burns, head aches, getting sacked, cuts, scrapes, and the like.

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