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Kieran is with us.
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Now there's no reason why you shouldn't put your faith on system, if you tought he was evil and wanted to go to the other side then it's time to reconsider it.

Kieran, the creator of the site himself has sided with System, and so have smallhacker and S.N.N.. These people love SMW Central and they'd do anything in order to help the site; if the three of them re gathered in system's team, it's because they know System will make this a better place. Chester has been doing a wrong job all this time, if we want to put SMW Central in the right tracks, we have to fight for System so he can get his position back!
Fuck yes! We have the SMWC admins! Go System! Now we will win for sure!
Good point, aj! Four of the five active admins are on our side (and Supertails isn't that active either) so we can't even physically (right?) lose this war.
This is good news! There's no doubt that Chestpain will crumble into dust now!

I agree, we pretty much got this.

And if not somehow...lightning hands to the rescue.
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That's cool.

Also, Great war incoming...

Let's go!
Well, well... Aha ha ha. That makes our army invincible, does it not? I quite like that idea...
Yes Chester is an usurper! System has been around much before Chester!

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Which Staff Membes do we have?

Do we also have Ersanio, and the other two admins I keep forgetting about?


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Excellent! There's no way we can lose now!
I just checked Supertails'; he's on Chester side.

And we don't know about Techokami yet...
Techokami rarely posts outside the Moderation forums, so it really doesn't matter. Our biggest concern would be Lightvayne, Raibys, and Chester. If we take out those three, then this war is ours.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
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