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"Chocolate Hemorrhoids"? -- What makes a Good Palette?

Long story short: girlfriend edited a palette. The goal was to look like Mars. This is the result. I think it looks good, she disagrees.

For discussion's sake: what makes a palette "good" to you? Does it need to stand out? Or be a very subtle theme?
A few standards I personally have for palette:

1. Does it suit the theme?

2. Does it clash with itself?

3. Does it hurt the eyes?

For this palette:
1. Yes
2. No
3. No

I think this is a good palette.
So remember kids! If you ever get caught having tosave a princess from a foreign land after getting dragged down a drain pipe, jumping while spinning in a circle can help you greatly by allowing you to jump on spinning saw blades, ghosts, and allow you to control your jump better!

Something has to be adjusted about the lighter colored hills i the BG, the transition seems a bit to be bland, otherwise the palette is okay

(and I'm pretty sure there's a thread for palette questions, I can't remember...)
I'd say the ground should be more of a reddish-brown color instead of plain brown.

Why are you looking down here?
BG color could be a bit less saturated but otherwise looks fine to me.

And what makes a palette "good" is the mood it conveys. Palettes are pretty much all about color theory.