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A Link to the Code

As some of you may or may not know I have been doing a lot of hacking in ALTTP lately and I have been working on a lot things to show for C3. The first one i'll show is the one I want to be the main focus of the thread: Link.

Yep thats right, a complete dissasembly of ALTTP. It took me over three months to complete and I have been done with it for about two month. It hasn't been commented on a whole lot yet but I plan to do more and hopefully I can get some people to help as well.

Next I have this. This is a status bar editor made by Vitor Vilela so I really would like to give most credit to him (all I did was give him addresses that needed to be changed). Here are some screen shots:

(I hope that first one isn't too big...)

For my third item I have this. It is a custom sprite inserter I made by myself, and I must say I am quite proud of it (considering its the first helpful tool I made). There is a tutorial I made here on how to use the sprites, as well as making them, if you are interested in using it.


Last I have this. It's basically levelASM for ALTTP.

And thats about it. I also have a forum here if you are interested (you can also find a few other things I made there). Hopefully more people will start hacking the game, I know some people say the editor is a little hard, but I have been working with MathOnNapkins a bit lately with his new edit called BlackMagic, hopefully a replacement for HyruleMagic.

If you are interested in helping with the dissasembly, even if it is just a small routine, or just want to talk to me about something feel free to join #zeldconst on EsperNet, a chat room zeldconst made. Thats it, enjoy!
Haha, I was kinda expecting this from you =P. Loving these stuff already, now I think I can finally mess around a with that game.
I'm not really an ASM mastermind, but perhaps I could help a bit with that disassembly.
Again, great job!
Pretty nice stuff you have there! I hope someone will use it to make a great Zelda hack. The last good Zelda hack I played was Parallel Worlds.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Hey wiiqwertyuiop, glad to see all the amazing progress you've made! I've seen your posts on the subject in the rom hacking thread, although I haven't really kept up too well, it's great to see this. *applauds*
This may actually encourage me to get back to hacking Zelda.
A few months ago, I remember looking into ALttP hacking a bit and saw a lot of stuff that you had done/were planning on doing. I tried to get into hacking for the game, but I sort of didn't bother pursuing it for a few reasons.

However, the stuff you've got here looks fantastic. I'd really love to work on something Zelda related some day, and after seeing this stuff I'd totally be willing to give ALttP hacking another shot. This is pretty awesome stuff!
This is probably a bit nooby, but how do you actually hack ALttP? Lunar magic? I want to try it.
I am taking hacks for testing. I do not currently do kaizo hacks or other very difficult hacks. If you send me a difficult hack I will try it, but I probably will not finish it. My youtube:
Hey, it's incredible!

I've a ALttP hack that I never finished properly, this will be very useful for me!

Great Job!

Also, feel free to comment about my work here.
What editor is that? Also, isn't Black Magic another ALTTP editor?
Though I'm not really a big fan of the Zelda games, this looks awesome. Did you do this whole disassembly yourself?

EDIT: *realizes this is by a blue guy* *shuns OP-er* *takes back compliment* *etc.* *JK*
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