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My Mario World
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Welcome everybody to my main C3 project.

Well, this is a project that I have had done for quite a while. But I decided to share it at this year's C3. I started this back in 2009 when I first began hacking.

I consider this my first serious hack. This is a vanilla hack with custom music. I feel custom music is a standard for hacking nowadays. And to be fair, this was meant to have the feel of older SMW hacks. It has some issues that some older hacks may have, but I was not aiming to make this the best hack I could make, but rather to make something that's fun, just to say I made a full hack.

So without hesitation, I have screenshots as a preview.


Download Link

By the way, I recommend using snes9x. Since there's more slowdown in zsnes.

So, I'm glad to contribute to this year's C3, to SMWCentral, to say I've made my own hack, and to say that I'm currently working on a more serious hack at the moment (It isn't at a state to where I can present it though). And I hope you enjoy, My Mario World.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.

Besides that, looking at the level design, this seems very low-par compared to what is seen on the rest of C3. :/. A begin would be to fix the palettes, wouldn't it be?
I agree with Turbo Man, the palettes are not eye-pleasing! In many cases they are very bright, and some of the level palettes do not fit with each other. The levels also seem to be a bit empty so far, I can't see many items, enemies or decorations.Free counters!
I just downloaded the hack and played through the first world. I noticed a few errors around, like slowdown and glitched GFX in the castle level (I think it's because of sprite memory issues). Also, I had to play it in Zsnes because the music was glitched in Snes9x, I advise you to use either addmusicM or addmusic 4.

Leaving these minor things aside, let's get to what really matters. The level design is not exactly the best I've seen, but it's not bad either, and I liked how you implemented a few original way to use the enemies. I advise you to remake the first level though, because it mostly consists on jumping in the water and has very few enemies.

For now the hack looks promising even if it does have a few mistakes (as I pointed out earlier), I'll play the rest later and maybe I'll give you more a detailed feedback once I finish the hack.
To be fair, this is relatively good for a "serious first hack." I also don't think the level design as shown in the screenshots is as bad as everyone else has said so far, but I'd have to play to see for myself, which I'll do. Even though, as stated, the palettes are too bright in some places, I still think I'll at least check this out.

You hear dice being thrown...
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Oh god. The palettes are a mess. Some points, they are too bright. The levels don't seem to be super fun, but they aren't bad either. From one level: Invisible coin blocks everywhere = no.

But this isn't TOO bad for a first hack. But it's still kinda bad.

YOUR layout has been removed.

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Okay. As others have mentioned, some of the palettes don't look to good. Here's a few comments:

First of all, I'd change the palette of that lava cave background. i get what you're going for, but that red is just too bright. It would look much better if you toned the brightness down.

As for the ice cave, the foreground palette is nice, but I recommend you change the purple in the background a little, since it seems to contrast too much with the rest of the colors. Maybe replace it with a light blue?

Now, the lava castle: if you look carefully, you'll notice that the "spots" in the stone blocks have kind of an ugly brown color. I suggest changing that to a brighter color, like orange, so that they are more noticeable and go nicer with the red color of the blocks themselves.

The green cave should have its foreground palette altered. I would suggest that you tone down the brightness of both the lava and the cave foreground, as they are a bit of a pain in the eyes. The same thing can be said about Chrono Jungle; the logs and platforms feature a very bright green, which I recommend toning down.

Chrono Classic looks really... featureless right now. I guess that was achieved by making the "stem" of the mushroom platforms one solid color, but I don't think you should do that. Instead, try to mix some white and other shades of gray there, so that the platforms' details pop out.

The black castle has some very bright edges. Tone down that white! Which should also be said about that black and white underwater level: I get what you're going for, but the white is way too bright, and it stands out even more because of all the black. If you want to preserve the gimmick of the level, tone down that white!

The only other palette-related problem is in the last screenshot, which shows orange spots in the blue ground, resulting in something kinda bad.

All in all, I suggest you experiment a bit more with your palettes, and try to improve them. I have not download your hack, thus I have not played it, and cannot say anything about your level design. I will do so when I have the time.

And, well... sorry if this post is way too long. I wanted to give suggestions of what to do for each "troublesome" palette, but I think I went way overboard. Sorry!
The lava palette needs to go, honestly. The bright green one.

Also, some of the cave backgrounds are a bit iffy.

Other than that, I like the palettes. The monochromatic ones are pretty clever.
Originally posted by Camerin
The lava palette needs to go, honestly. The bright green one.

Also, some of the cave backgrounds are a bit iffy.

Other than that, I like the palettes. The monochromatic ones are pretty clever.

That's a first.

Anyways, just wanted to say that even though I'm aware of the issues, I do apprieciate the feedback. Though when I do make changes, I plan to drastically revamp the project.

Right now, this is just something I felt like sharing.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Originally posted by aj6666
I'll play the rest later and maybe I'll give you more a detailed feedback once I finish the hack.

Finished it. Since you said you were planning on revamping the hack, I suppose I should leave some feedback here.

Overall the level design was good, especially in the later worlds; I liked how you incorporated a few concepts and gimmicks in levels like Shied Ruins or Phantom Cavern. However, there are a few levels that need some serious changes if not a complete remake. I didn't take any screenshots, so here's a list of what I remember:

-Shine Beach: As I mentioned in my other post, it's pretty repetitive and only consists on jumping in the water.
-Gull Bridge: I was able to break through the first segment of this level by going through the layer 3 tides and using the bullets to get back to the bridge.
-Star Climb: Ascending though the level with few enemies to dodge gets boring after a while.
-Gull Ocean: Pretty much the same as Shine Beach
-Gemini Fork: The first segment (down path) is pretty boring and easy, diving straight into the water with few enemies around is not really fun.
-Luigi's Mansion: This level had few enemies or danger in general, it was also quite short for a world 6 level.
-Shield maze: The segment were you have to drop yourself is quite easy for a world 7 level, and it lacks enemies in general.
-Seasonal fortress: I was able to break through the summer segment by spinjumping on the torpedo teds.

There are probably more, but this is all I can remember right now.

Other than that, the hack had a lot of blind jumps leading to pits. Also, the secret exits were really easy to find, some of them were easier to get than the normal exit of the level: I was able to find most of the secret exits without even looking for them, and I even though some of them were normal exits when I found them; the only secret exits that was hard to find was the one in Chrono Trench.

By the way, I really liked the Ennemy Exhibit, it wasn't an actual level, but I thought it was a good touch for the hack.
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