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A Severed Freedom - The Final Trailer

Trailer link.

A Severed Freedom is a SMW hack I began in 2009 and have been actively working on for over three years. I am proud to say that nearly 80% of the hack's levels are completed, and I anticipate a full release this holiday season. Until then, I do not plan on releasing any demos or level samplers - the experience I want to convey in A Severed Freedom just doesn't work for them.

If you're new to A Severed Freedom, you can check out previous C3 threads:


You can also check out several screenshots from previous C3 releases:

In A Severed Freedom, a young woman named Ama desires for adventure and escape from her home. What she discovers is a land split by order and freedom, a world she must mend.

A Severed Freedom is a story-based hack with over 50 levels with completely hand-drawn graphics, music including both sampled ports and original compositions, (including over a dozen by S.N.N.) and several bosses and sidequests.

Each world in A Severed Freedom contains four levels, a boss, and a secret level. Many worlds also contain towns with various shops, minigames, and other activities. In every C3, I've refrained from showing the secret levels for each world, and to avoid spoilers, I'm keeping the worlds after 7 under wraps. Most of the levels I've been working on since last C3 have been in world 8 and beyond, which is why some of this content might seem familiar.

However, I will let you in on a little something for the later worlds... link.

Speaking of music, S.N.N. has composed several themes for ASF. Below are the MP3 versions of a few:

Jungle Outskirts
Aurora Snowland
Mortus Graveyard
Cyber Terminal

So there you have it. I'd like to give a big thank-you to everyone who has helped out on the project, including S.N.N., Foursword4, and many who have offered support and feedback for the hack in C3s over the years. To those that have followed the hack for a long time, you only have to wait a little longer! And to people new to the hack, I hope you like what you see and are looking forward to the hack's release. Have a great C3!
you know i remember first seeing this at the fall C3 of 2009 and being really excited for a release. i didn't understand how heavily you wanted to invest in this project. but now i think it has grown so much that i don't mind waiting until christmas time. everything just has a stunning, beautiful, and staggering presence that you just don't see in SMW ROM hacks that often. it should be cherished.
Ah, I remember when you first talked about starting this hack. It's great to see it nearing completion! All the screenshots show some beautiful palettes and excellent GFX, and the levels seem to be very atmospheric. And, speaking of atmosphere:

I love the title screen. I don't know if it is the effect you wanted to achieve, but the way it's set up makes Ama look very... "alone in the world". I like it when something so simple can convey an idea or a feeling like that.

As for the trailer, it looks very appealing, making me want to play this even more...

... but it's weird... I feel like, in the past, I've played the level shown in 0:46, or at least one very similar to it...
Ah, but I was far too delighted to see the smashy parrot in the trailer.

But it is good to see that this is still steadily marching in the general direction something at least somewhat approaching the initial outskirts of completion. I suppose I've sort of subconsciously given up hope that most of the ambitious, multi-year-spanning projects this community has seen throughout its lifespan would ever truly be completed (for indeed most have not). And this one, especially, tends to be a little more discreet about its existence during the non-C3 periods, making it an easy thing to fall out of sight, and consequently out of mind. But it certainly does make quite an impression on those infrequent instances where it does decide to make its presence known, no? Here's looking forward to the completed product in the perhaps not-all-too-terribly-far future.
Honestly, I thought you, like, died over the course of school and didn't have time to work on this anymore.

It's awesome to see this again, and I can't wait for the finished version, and the trailer looks really great. Doubt you'll need it, but if you ever want me to compose/betatest/whatever for the hack, I'm totally available.

Great stuff.
As always, I must say you're doing a really nice job with this hack, just by seing the trailer I can tell there will be a lot of neat gimmicks in your hack. I've seen your previous videos about this hack and I must say you have really good level desining skills and you definitly know how to implement a gimmick into a level.

I'm glad to hear this hack is finally comming soon, I'm looking forward to its release.
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Oh wow, I am happy to see this still being worked. Glad to see you post this thread. It has been one of the top 5 hacks I am looking forward to playing when I have time for like ever.

You really keep impressing me with each update and I look forward to the holidays now. Don't forget to leave it under the tree for all to see. :>

I have always loved the graphic styling in this particular hack. The music is really well made too. SNN did an excellent job composing for the hack. Listening to it while playing will be even more of a blast. Hey, if you need a beta tester, I'm open, hehe.

I wish you a happy time finishing it and may it be one of the best hacks of this year!

To those who thoughts it was dead: believe me, being someone who talks to him as much as I do, I can promise you that he's invested an absolute shitload of time into this thing. I still stand by what I've said for the previous four C3s - it will be one of the best, if not the best hack when it is released.

Kudos as always.
It makes me so happy to see you're still around - and still working on this hack, too. I can't say I've followed its production too much, but every C3 I would wait for a new ASF thread to appear, restoring my faith in the hacking scene (if I had ever lost it completely) and proving there are still people with the ability to stick to their projects and finish a full-blown hack, no matter how long it may take.

Great to hear it might be released this year, too. Oh man, the things I'll do to this hack when it's out.

I think this is the first time I've been legitimately "hyped" for any sort of fan-made project, comparative to the level of hype I get from big-name releases like a new Zelda game. The levels look varied, unique, and fun. It's nice to see a hack with so many stand-out level concepts. Definitely looking forward to the release of this; nice work!
Originally posted by S.N.N.
it will be one of the best, if not the best hack when it is released.

There's no reason to doubt this statement - this is truly one of the greatest ROM hacks I have ever seen(and I have seen many ROM hacks!).

I wish you luck on any of your further hacking endeavors, and I'm looking forward to a full release.
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This looks truly stunning. Although I'm not a -huge- fan of the art style, as I prefer the stuff from TTOE, I still find it suits the hack very well.

The levels look very good with plenty of unique gimmicks and ideas to rest upon, which I like.

I'll certainly be looking forward to this. Great work.
Nice to see that this is still a thing that's going on; I've been anticipating this hack ever since your first C3 thread about it. The fact that you have replaced all of the graphics from the original game with your own is impressive to say the least, and the level design doesn't seem half bad either. And the promise of hidden secrets and sidequests is making my completionist side very happy.

Definitely looking forward to finally seeing this finished.
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This still seems to be the hack with highest quality. Actually, everything with it seems so perfect, the gfx style, the level design and gimmicks, the story, the music.. Man, when this hack is done, everyone will play it. Keep on doing what you are doing, don't rush it!


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

If I were to make a list of active hacks that I am openly looking forward to, this would be one of them. Despite the only thing of yours I've ever played was a level in SMWCP, this still looks like to be something that would be quite enjoyable to play through. I'm not going to make claims that it's going to be one of/the hacks on the site (those are some huge shoes to fill), but it definitely looks very impressive, especially with the amount of effort to put into it.

Oh man, I have that Chrono Trigger OCRemix on my phone, it's an amazing track #w{<3} congrats for using it in your (by the way, pretty great) trailer.

As always, excellent work on ASF, Supertails (what would C3 be without this hack? It's almost like a tradition.) From the level glimpses I got from the trailer I can see very creative level concepts, I can't even choose which amazed me the most. I just hope there will be a great story in your hack, because a new character and a new world like this needs a well-developed story (too bad you don't use RPG Hacker's VWF Dialogues, but I guess Romi's good enough too). Looking forward for the release!
Well, I don't feel compelled to predict its supreme superiority just from watching the trailer, but this looks really atmospheric with a heaping dose of variety as far as locales and mechanics are concerned, so that's great.

Looking at other videos you've posted, some of your design does seem light on spritework in spots, and thinking back to the first version of your SMWCP2 level, you'll have to forgive me for also having slight reservations about getting too hyped up :b Regardless, I'd be outright lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to trying this out, so good luck wrapping it up ^_^
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