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A Very Super Mario World (again)
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Yeah, I'm making another thread if you spied my other one in the WIP boards. I'm just a lurker (a bad one at that) so I'm not really sure if I'm doing it right, but nonetheless here it goes. So that I don't needlessly repeat myself, I may as well quote the opening paragraphs from my original post to explain.

Originally posted by SchwerMuta
Super Mario World has been around since my child hood. Super Mario Bros. 1 was my very first video game and I grew up on Super Mario Bros 3 and thought it was the best thing ever. I really don't remember when I first played Super Mario World but it wasn't until a long, long while after I played Super Mario Bros 3 (at that point I already had Super Mario All Stars) However, probably over a decade later after having played it, I'm still playing it, and still loving it. I don't think I'll ever outgrow classic Mario platforming. That's probably why I liked SMW hacks so much. I'd play a ton of them, even long after normal people likely would have gotten bored since a lot of hacks are still basically Super Mario World.

I've made no attempt to really set myself apart to that end, because when it comes down to it, that's what I'm here for; classic Mario platforming. Back during a time when we were actually excited to rescue the Princess again. Back during a time when we could separate levels by world and the levels told you what world they belonged to. Back during a time where there weren't any funky control gimmicks, weird goals or anything that distracted you from the overall feel that it was a Mario game, nothing more, nothing less. Just straight up run, jump, shoot fireballs, swing your cape, stomp on enemies and stuff like that. I've made this hack with that in mind, it's nothing but classic Mario platforming. Don't expect anything flashy, both on part of that and on part of my general inexperience and laziness in hacking.

I've been working rather hard on this hack, fine tuning it time and time again, designing levels that always introduce something new or do something difference with each pass, trying to make it visually pleasing without including too many ExGFX files (most you'll see is about a page worth of foreground blocks, a selection of interesting backgrounds and a slew of different sprites based on the new ones I've inserted.) It's went through gratuitous testing both on my part and my beloved friends who've been beta testing it (with the promise of cookies) and it's starting to approach a presentable state now. That said, I haven't really gotten the time to get any new screenshots or videos (I had to rush the title screen to get it out before I have to leave) but here are the ones I got from the other thread:

Video of a later level I designed.

Click here to download the IPS patch.

It currently goes up to 'World 9.' World 9 is a secret world that you must find via star road or the red switch palace. Disregarding World 9, you can go through the entire main game to World 8 up until Bowser's Castle, which I haven't finished yet. Currently, apart from Bowser's Castle, all I have left to do is the Star Road levels (currently they're placeholders), the 'Special World' that you unlock by finding a secret exit later on in World 9 and, if I really decide to do it, replacing the currently boring SMW bosses with custom ones if I can manage it.

Originally posted by SchwerMuta
Known issues:
* The collision detection on some custom blocks (special breakable blocks, ON/OFF blocks) is a little wonky. Super Mario will have faulty collision when his head collides with the side of one of these blocks and he'll go through it even if it's supposed to be solid. I don't know what's caused this since it cropped up on upgrading Lunar Magic.
* Graphics rendering in vertical levels freaks out sometimes. This is most notable in the second part of the "Lighthouse" level. I have no clue what causes this at all, as it feels very random.
* If you stay on the main overworld too long, the game crashes. I'm certain I know what causes this, but I haven't felt the need to remove the patch that's caused it because you have to stay on the overworld a rather long time for it to occur as far as I know, so I'm considering looking for a fix rather then remove the patch straight up. (I believe it is caused by this patch.)
* The bonus game is kind of nonexistant. I still haven't figured out what I'm actually gonna do with it yet in all honesty.
* The Star still procs score increase + 1-ups against certain enemies (mainly custom ones) even though I introduced a patch to remove that funcationality. I haven't gotten around to fixing this one even though I know how to.

The bugs still more or less apply. If I can't figure out how to fix some of them I might end up having to carry over some stuff to a new ROM, something I really don't want to do since, like an idiot, there's a bunch of changes I never logged (mainly stuff that I did through hex editing) but for all I know, some of these bugs (the vertical level rendering problem in particular) might just be ZSNES acting up as I haven't yet tested this hack in SNES9X or bsnes.

That's about all I have to say about it. Thanks for trying out the hack if you decide to. I'll probably update my WIP thread next time or if I get that far without deciding to post an update, just straight up release it to the hacks section.
Well, I saw your video and screenshots too and there's something that you may consider fixing:

From your screenshots, there's some blocks with not so good palette, like the pipes and YI block, but your level design is very good.

From your video, that map is a bit square, consider using slope tiles and angled tiles and some decoration, but overall it's good.

The difficult of that level is somewhat harder, the design is a bit repetitive but looks very fun and challenging.

Good Job!
Seriously, you have to get rid of those ridiculously boring & easy SMW original bosses by replacing them with tough & exciting custom bosses. It's highly recommended that you do this if you want to improve you hack significantly.

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Looks nice so far! I like the usage of Yoshi's Island backgrounds, and the level design doesn't look too empty. One thing I will say, though, is the FG palette in that ice level looks a bit too bright, I'd tone it down a little.Free counters!
I can see a high quality hack right here!!
But beware the bosses (custom bosses are much better than the smw original ones) and palettes. If you're using original SMW Graphics, try to make a custom palette for it.

But it's great anyway!!
I haven't downloaded the hack, but judging from your screenshots and the video, I can tell you seem to have some really good designing skill for a lurker. I really liked the concept of the level in the video, but it seems to be a little repetitive after some time, try adding a few enemies around like parakoopas (if they don't slow down the game or cause memory issues, that is).

Good luck with the project.
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