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What's your name? How old are you?
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Of course, i think, here, we hid ourselves with "mask" that makes us what our username look like: For example, even if i attempted, once, to get people calling me with my real name, people kept calling me "Dinomar", a green dinosaur... i had to get over it.

So i want to set up a thread where many people, if they want, can post their names and their age. What's your real name? And How old are you?
You even can give a short fact about you.

My name's Alessio Saturno, and i'm 19. The animator may be my future work, and Dinomar is just one of my countless fictional characters. About me, who didn't know Grisba and Sara? Do you want an adult Sara to be in a hentai? Let me be successful... *shot*

My deviantART
My Youtube channel
My avatar
Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level
I am who I am, and mundane numbers can no longer represent my timelessness.

In serious, my real name and appearance are closer to a "mask" than what I portray of myself on the internet. I identify closer with "kaijyuu" than my real name, age is meaningless to me for most purposes, and my prospective job would be game designer. I'm an analytical person and am at my best when I'm trying to improve upon something.
My name is 16 and I'm Lukas years old. I'm pretty introverted and shy IRL and unless I'm with my friends or family I rarely say anything if it's not absolutely necessary.
My name IRL is something pretty common (Dave) and I don't care to reveal my full name, or even my last name. I'm close to SNN's age, I think (somewhere over 22 but not quite 23).
-I am more of a cat person, hence my avatar.
-I am highly introverted but sometimes can be energetic and a playful kid at heart.
-I've never been kissed. I never said anything about never having a girlfriend, just that I've never been kissed. Those are not necessarily synonymous, I realized the hard way.
-I don't get motion sickness.
-I am possibly considering a physical fitness major in college. Says the dude who communicates more with his online friends than IRL friends.
-Contrary to what many people who watch my Kaizo videos probably think, I am NOT Asian. Or a robot.

Legacy custom music
A site where you can watch my YT videos AND be able to hit that dislike where your dislike will be visible to other people and not have to rely on a browser extension

My name is Cody, and I am 15, but will be 16 in a month.
Uh, let's see...

My real name is Manuel Salvador (don't ask me for last name, won't tell you). I'm currently 17 years old, male, straight, i live in a town in Venezuela, i'm currently studying systems engineering althought i might change to civil engineering, i'm a cat person, i like cartoons, music, and i'm generally shy.

Despite that, just like Kai said, my IRL self is more of a "mask" than my online self.

i just lurk sometimes
I'm Anthony, I'm 27, I play bass guitar and listen to tons of Frank Zappa.

My Youtube Channel
My Soundcloud
The Names "Raymond" (Last name will not be given upon request).
I am currently 17 (Birthday will not be Given)
I am still a Student in High School with Above Average Grades, has many Acquaintances & enjoys Anime/Manga..
Ready to Graduate & eager to start College. My Major is Computer Technology studying to be a Computer Technician.
I'm 12. And my real name will never be given, I prefer to be refeered as Austin arround here. I'm just a common student of the 7th grade (or 8th, whatever, grades system here is pretty much different) that likes to listen to music, talk with the guys on the school, hack SMW, etc.

My name is Miguel (my last name will not be given) and I am 13 years old. I'm studying at 8th grade right now. I am single, planning to get a girlfriend soon. Also, I like Pokemon hence my avatar.

A beautiful wish. But there will be no future. Not for you.
Hello, my name is Amy Walker Adam, and I'm 25 years old 19 years old.

Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D
the name's thomas. i'm 17 currently. birthday is november 1st 1994. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What is your motive? What is wrong with you?! Where are you hiding the bomb?!

Yeesh. Always with the questions. Anyway, my name is Eric Jason Poslinski (I am of Polish descent), and I am 20 years of age. =D=, also known as Deeke, is the name I go by for the hacking community, and Dappertron is for online games (I used to go by Lord-Myre, named after a purely hypothetical video game that I had imagined throughout my entire childhood).

I'm attending Valencia College to study architectural design, either to be an architect or game designer. Also, I'm quite an introvert for the most part, and I tend to enjoy being alone to think.


Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine!

I'm what time would call 16 years, but my (im)maturity seems to imply otherwise. My first name is Charles, but I bear extreme dislike for it and as such prefer to go by my middle name Bryson.
I'm an introverted person for the most part. If you haven't hung around me for a few months, long enough for me to begin talking to you, you'd think I was mute. I know nothing of the unspoken rules of conversation, so I'd rather be Silent Bob than an impulsive blockhead who says whatever the hell he wants.
As far as academics go I'm an intelligent person I suppose but an extreme procrastinator.
My plans for the future are yet to be decided but I'm thinking along the lines of a programming job.

Felipe in real life; Thundahack in SMWC; TheSidGunner in YouTube; Rush in Steam.
15 years old.
Slightly introverted.
Potential future programmer, potential future game designer.
In love with cats, cold, wind and my friends.
Real personality almost identical to online personality.
Enjoys video games way too much.

... I have no idea why I just wrote that like a list, but whatever! So yeah, the name's Felipe, I'm almost 16 years old (my birthday's in August, by the way).
Originally posted by Chuckles

That feel when I already knew all of this.

I'm Jared Anderson, and I'm 14 years old. When compared to most other guys my age, you might say I'm much more mature than them (at school, anyways; certainly not when I haven't taken my medication). My favorite planet in the solar system is Mars, and my least favorite African mammals are water buffalo. I guess I'm kind of a social person, but it's a gradual process to get me comfortable talking with someone. Normal small talk is typically enough, but sometimes it takes a while. Once I've opened up, however, most people usually love to have me as a friend. Usually I have a hard time getting over a first impression, so if I find someone annoying the first time I talk to them, I typically ignore them but don't tell them I dislike them (it takes a lot to piss me off in the real world, unlike the internet).

I also hope to be a game designer in the future, possibly for Nintendo, although being an indie developer might be cool, too. I wouldn't make as much money, but I'd be happy doing my job, so I wouldn't have a problem with it.
I'm legal, moreso to drink soon ;)

And my name is Ryan Medeiros.
I pride myself in my small amount of Native American and Irish heritages, because here in Fall River, being Portuguese is too mainstream. I also have an outlandish and adventurous nature.

My real name is William Kwok, and I'm currently 13 years old. In two days however, that number will increase by 1. I am 100% Chinese and there is a theory from my dad that I might be 1% Hawaiian. I also live in Hawaii.
Wait I never hide my mask!
My name is Liam <- that was found in my bio
I am now 15 (I think that was in my bio also)
My second name sucks really it does.
I am Kendall, a 15-year-old guy who is obsessed with ponies and has no social life.
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