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Two demos.

I'll probably never finish these guys, so here.

EDIT: Lied about the ASM stuff, sorry! Didn't realize how complex it is. If you really really want it though, shoot me a PM and I'll send it to you.
I really like Fawful's revenge save system!
I wanted something like that for my Metroid-like hack, but i'm not that good :L
I don't know whether to be happy or sad now that you've released this. On one hand, Not Vanilla has to be the best looking hack ever made and is great in terms of playability and overall polish(I had to play for a staggering 5 seconds to come to this conclusion!) - on the other, I might not ever get to see something I will consider this great in a long long while, and certainly nothing that will top it.

And the words and thoughts of "what could have been" makes me depressed.

Edit: would you mind giving me a list of what music you've used? Everything fits so perfectly and sounds so awesome, and I would very much like to use them in my own hack.
aran - Graces of Heaven
The Fawful one is only a few screens of ASM-related stuff, right? I couldn't find any other content, so I'm assuming that's it (unless you covered something in the Read Me which I totally didn't read). It was shaping up to be pretty neat given what you had there.

I played the Vanilla one too, and barring a few instances where the aesthetics overtook the foreground and threw things out of whack (Bowser statues in the castle, for instance), it looked like it was also shaping up to be something great. Hopefully you decide to pick them up again one day.
Hey, thanks for the nice words guys. I was thinking about it, and I figured I'll release the ASM of the save system and health bar later; once I get home. Not like I really need it anyways.

Oh, and I'll get that music list for you too GN.

EDIT: won't be releasing the ASM here, PM me if you need it.
Well, everything is excellent. I haven't played the Not Vanilla demo yet, but the FR save system and health bar are fantastic. Is the hack really dead? Such a dreadful shame...
EDIT: Just played the demo of Not Vanilla. I'm really impressed with what I saw. Do you really hate the way pastel spires looks? I thought it looked so subtle and calm. As for the castle, nothing could've prepared me for what I saw. The music and dramatic rainfall was jaw-dropping. Nintendo would be proud.
The link to the hack doesn't work.