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[joke hack] [chester's side] Tower Magic (requires LM 2.0)

Thereby, I'm going to introduce the epic one-level hack inspired by "Can you make it?" by Blind Devil. Why I've done this? I cannot let Blind Devil to win even second place in joke hacks category (ok, I can do, I won it on last C3).

So, what is special in this hack? Well, it doesn't work in ZSNES. Heck, it doesn't even work on Snes9x. And surprisingly it doesn't even work on real SNES. Or rather, it works but you cannot win it unless you will use cheats. I know what you're thinking - how am I supposed to win C3 with hack which you cannot beat. Because you can win it. No, don't download bsnes, it won't work too. What you will need is Snes9x. More details below huge line break.

In this hack, your goal is to enter the doors and beat the level. Simple, right? Why am I explaining this too much? Why I'm asking question myself?

Without further ado, I'm going to place huge download link.


Now, I'm going to insert huge line break, to protect against spoilers.

Well, thanks to newest emulator made by Alcaro you can win it. First, download Lunar Magic 2.0 (yes, it's required - I have mentioned this in the title of the thread). Next, download this epic plug-in. Yes, Lunar Magic 2.0 supports plug-ins. Awesome, right? No, seriously, but you probably already knew it.

Screenshot (spoiler):

So, well. First open Lunar Magic. It should open at level 105. Hide Mario's entrance and Midway Point (F5 and F7). Hide all screen borders (usually F1, try until you will not see screen borders). Open "Insert objects" window and press CTRL+F4 (or F4 if you swapped emulators). Insert the objects and follow following rules:
  • Don't insert any kinds of warps or turn block with P-Switch
  • Don't move or delete the objects in the level. You can clone them if you want, after doing this you can delete or move clones.
  • Only modify objects. Don't modify sprites or level headers.
  • When Lunar Magic will ask you to save level answer "No". Too bad I couldn't remove this message somehow.
  • If you will lose somehow, enter level 105 (undo any changes on it if you have died on level 105) and try again.
  • If you won, you can say how much time you had left in this thread (higher is better).
  • Don't pause.
So, have fun :).
Man, this was hard.I had to replace themunchers with cement blocks to beat reznor, but other than that, I managed to beat this.
Your layout has been removed.
Reuploaded the IPS. It fixed issue which made last room impossible. The old IPS is in my filebin with this same name.
This looks like an interesting concept. LM2.0 is still pretty new and already well utilized. Guess I might give this a try later.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!