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Shy Guy's Adventure C3 Demo

Welcome, everyone. Today I am releasing the first demo of my hack, Shy Guy's Adventure. I've been working on-and-off (mostly off) on this hack since December of 2010 and I'm finally ready to show off the first world! The demo has all of these amazing features:
  • Four amazing levels!
  • Play as either a red, green, or blue Shy Guy!
  • Cool music!
  • Cool graphics!
  • A custom boss (albeit my first one, and he's going to get improved later)!
  • Custom player GFX made by Construct101!
  • Lots of fun (hopefully)!

Screenshot time:

(more screenshots available on the hack page)

And finally...


Supporter bar, courtesy of yours truly.
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Glad to finally see a demo of this! When I get a chance to play it I will post some feedback. From what I see it looks liked it'll be fun to play!
What is this about a hack where a brother of mine goes on an adventure?
Yes, people love me! I was worried this thread was destined to fail. Anyway, make sure to tell me what you like and dislike, guys! I'm very open to criticism!
I've been following this hack for a hot minute and I'm really stoked that there's a demo out now. I played it all the way through and it didn't disappoint. The castle stage is brilliant, I must say. Even if it tore me a new asshole a couple of times.

The graphics are very well placed and aesthetically pleasing. I was bummed to reach the end of the demo.
There's only one minut thing that bothered me. In the level, "...Hello, Adventure", in the cave after the mid-way goal, there's a spot where a koopa hucks a shell out of nowhere, giving the player little to no time to react. I feel as though it's nearly impossible to dogde unless the player knows of it ahead of time.

But, seriously, I can't wait to see more!
My layout has removed you.
Ah, right. I will take care of that issue with the Koopa. It's hard for me to judge these kinds of things since I know the levels so well. Thanks for your input!
Just played through it and I want more.
I loved the power ups and choice of colour for your shyguy. (go green!)

The castle stage was awesome. A big cheesey smile came on my face when I hit a certain switch in that castle. ;D

Great work man, One of best demos I've played. Can't wait to see if this project gets picked up again.
Thanks, man. I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I'll definitely keep working on it; last time I kind of lost inspiration and stuff, but now I'm back and ready to finish it! I'll make another thread for the hack after C3.
Ohey this hack! Glad to see it's still alive and you haven't stopped on this. And it's looking pretty good still. I'll probably give it a shot eventually. : P
This hack seems interesting, putting it on my todo list. I'll give some more feedback when I'm done playing it =)
reghrhre, you'd better do it right now! >:U

Uhrix, I'm glad you are interested. I personally admire you as a hacker. :)
Haha, this looks so cute :> I'm definitely gonna try it out!
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I'm done playing trough it now, and I got to say its pretty fun to play, not some of the most brilliant I've ever seen, but good.

What i liked about the hack was that you got to chose color on your shy guy. I also liked the fire flower power up, being one of those masky shooter guys. The level design was pretty good, there were some flaws here and there, but none major ones. For example, the were slowdown in the part were there was loads of fishes. You also had a place in the castle where you needed to turn on and off to active a row of too many thwomps. Just ask me if you want me to point out more level design flaws.

But, this hack got a lot of potential, I'll just give you some suggestions I think may piff up the hack a bit more. First, make a shy guy gimmick, meanig they are shy/ quiet, therefor the dialog between them should be somewhat stuttery and unsure. Make more references to shy guys, maybe adding some original decorations of shy guys in different forms, add very simple music, not from a very know game.

The thing is, try to make it more than just a mario gfx swap.

Feel free to ask me if you didn't get what i said, i, very bad explaining things.
Thanks, Uhrix. I'm actually glad your post wasn't just generic "This was awesome!" stuff and there's actually some criticism there.

So yes, I would like to know parts of the levels you think could be improved or redone.

As for the Shy Guy gimmicks, those are all actually interesting ideas. I'm planning on using RPG Hacker's VWF patch at some point to make a nice intro cutscene, so I should be able to make some more in-character dialogue when I get to that point. There are some more SMB2 references that weren't seen in the demo (e.g., the new cape powerup and Yoshi), and there are plans for a later world to be very referential to SMB2.

As far as music goes, I'm not sure. If you had anything in mind I'd be willing to take a look, but so far I've just been going for lesser-known tracks that I feel really fit the levels, and I'm not sure if I want to go for a different style. Maybe if you elaborate I could see exactly what you mean and take it into consideration.

the part were there was loads of fishes

Actually, everything between the Buster Bettle section and the exit pipe was a bit rushed, and I may scrap that part and redo it. I experience slowdown there, but my testers apparently did not, so I had assumed it was a problem on my end.

masky shooter guys

Snifits* :P

So yes, I await your further comments. :)