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Supermario hack

This is my super mario hack submission for this c3 (aka points for chester)
It's one level and made out of cement because fuck graphics.
GvS ~ u:11380
Oh fuck this is amazing. Really, I can't stop laughing. It's so hard man!

Pretty creative idea, this is win man! :>
Thanks for the nice comment bro .^.
I really appreciate all comments.
I don't know how you did it but you managed to make cement block spam look good. This was a great joke level. #w{xD}

LOL at the fake Munchers at the end!
um, what can I say...
well, I know it's a joke hack, so I guess it's okay, but I was kinda disapointed after seeing the comments. I was actually expecting to laugh. It was funny the first three minutes, but yeah..
The only new thing was the muchers, but that wasn't that funny either.

EDIT: Yes, I know the joke is that it shall look like a n00b hack, but it's not that funny according to me to be honest.

Tealgamemaster decided to do a LP of this. Too lazy to play? Just watch this video. Link.
Also, please, if you are going to play, play it first. The video will spoiler it.