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Capture That Cake!

oh yes! the fruits of five months of labors is finally here! i've created this hack to prove that the style of an earlier era is not dead. this hack is a back to basics venture that will throw you back to the hacking days of old. why not take a trip down memory lane with this retro throwback, Capture That Cake! a delicious piece of cake has been stolen from mario by morton koopa jr. it's time you go to his castle and give him his just desserts! pun intended.

i want to give a super special thanks to my beta testers this time around. you guys were hand picked for a reason. i honestly couldn't have made this thing without your help. every critique was another step forward in the completion and i couldn't be more proud of the outcome.

rather large download link

- Zild
yes yes yes yes yes
Those screenshots on display look quite appeasing. I am sure to feast on this delicious treat today!
Such a nice. refreshing style to hacks. Simply gotta play this small bitesize hack of awesomeness. ^.^
Sorry, I got no puns. All I have are good things to say about this hack. I've been a fan of your works for some time since I saw the first Insert Coin, and this hack is more of the good stuff I've come to expect from you.

You hear dice being thrown...
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Hack needs love.

*loves hack*

Mission accomplished.
I enjoyed beta testing this hack. It's really appealing and the level design was fun. The first hacks I've ever played had similar style so the nostalgia factor absolutely kicked in.

Well done, Zild. :)
This hack looks quite unique, I'm looking forward to play it after my exams!
Maybe I don't receive feedback from people because I don't give any, too... well I have my personal reasons... no internet at home... no time...

Awesome screenies! They've bringed me up once again to play SMW hacks, as it's been a while I am not playing any hacks...

Yes, I'm going to download it and play right now. I promise a review in the future, too.

Looking forward for enjoyment!
Dude, that Mario at the title screen scared the shit out me.....


But seriously, nick mini-hack. Maybe a tad bit more variety in enemies between levels and it'll be perfect.