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Super Market Roll Drums: World 1 Demo C3 Release

At last, I have finished my long-awaited 1-world demo of Super Market Roll Drums.

Yeah, the title screen's nothing special, I know.

Super Market Roll Drums is an SMW hack that I've been working on since early 2010, and that includes the many months-long breaks I've taken from hacking and, in some cases, this site. The hack features custom ExGFX (only SMAS so far, but I will use other games in later demos), blocks, sprites, and music, including a few original compositions by me. The final version of this hack will be 12 worlds long, using every single level possible in Lunar Magic.

Mario decided to start a band, but he needs musical instruments. There is a region known as the Musimode Islands, where the highest-quality instruments are made, according to popular opinion. The @10 Music Store, located in Ionian City, is considered the best music store in the Mushroom World. Mario's mission is to proceed to buy instruments from this store to create the greatest band ever.

Not all goes as planned...


The reason the Note Block looks weird is because I just jumped on it.

Enclosed in the ZIP file is the readme with more information on the hack, the Soundtrack folder which contains some of my songs in SPC format that will be used, and two IPS files. SMRD.ips contains the hack: pipe.ips contains a level that was cut from the demo (as well as a beta version of the title screen's Attract Mode).

Also, for some more information, or to see how the hack has changed, check out these outdated threads and videos.

Thread 1
Thread 2
World 1-1
World 1-3 (was originally World 1-4)

Any feedback on anything will be appreciated.

Download the hack!

Edit: This link will cease to function when/if the hack officially gets submitted and accepted to the site.

You hear dice being thrown...
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