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Screenshots for my HAMMERBRO hack

This is my first appearance sharing anything with SMWCentral and I'm a little nervous.

Anyway, I've been making slow progress with this hack, as I am still not very good at SMW hacking.
Regardless, I am ready to show off a few screenshots.
All graphics are hand-drawn except for the obvious SMW graphics.

The protagonist of the game is a traitorous soldier once allied with The Brotherhood of the Hammer (Hammerbro's). He is un-named as of yet.
His sprite graphics are also hand-drawn and are near completion in both big and little form.

Aside from an embryonic storyline and a few ideas in mind, I feel like the artwork is the best thing going for this project for the moment.
Any willingness to help out will be much appreciated. I hope you like the screenshots. More to come.
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Greetings Face. No need to be nervous, this is an occasion for rejoicing and drinks.

As I used to say, slow progress is better than no progress. Your custom character looks really neat.
Looks like it has a lot of potential. I want to see what the story is like when you can flesh it out more.
Wow, you've got some very good custom graphics there, and I find the plot to be super neat. Keep it up!
Well, I definitely have a head-start on the "drink" part. Heh heh.

Thank you, guys. =)
K3fka, I will keep you posted for sure.
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