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Daizo Dee Von's Special C3 | MMX and Chucks Rock Graphics + Some hacks

You heard right, SPECIAL, because I've got some projects I was working on for C3.

So, we will start off with Hacks:

Mario's First Adventure C3 Demo: (images are links)

This is a hack I've been working on for a while, it started pretty bad, at least not until I learned how to rip OW graphics and improve on things such as decoration.

Super DaizoKaizo Worldlucs II Super Art Edition C3 Demo: [KAIZO]

YES! Got it back by grabing one of the beta demo and patched it and, here it is, so I've edited it a little so that you can access some of the levels that where finished and bug free.

No images avalible because my save states glitch up, how ever a little outdated Trailer may spice things up a bit?

Arschloch Mario Brüder: [ANOTHER KAIZO]

Yep, I was bored so I wanted to make another kaizo, this is only 2 levels and its Kind of German and is tranclated by KevKot (How ever the first level name is tranclated by Google, forgot to change it, whoops :s) So yeah, a 2 level kaizo, enjoy, there not that long, AND YES, I had permission to use graphics from The Haunt!

Tranclation: Don't collect the coin

And last but Deferentially not least!
The DKC 1~3 Map Ripping Project:

It includes:
Swomp part 1
Swomp part 2
KremLand outside
Haunted Woods
Krool Kastle part 1
Krool Kastle part 2
The Flying Krock


Now originally DaBaDee did have a rip of the Jungle in DKC but he will ether post here and release it or it will be here next C3 when the project is complete!

So yeah, thats basicly it! Enjoy everything here!

EDIT: Link added by the request of Daizo. Overworld graphics made by DaBaDee:
Mario's First Adventure is looking rather interesting, I'll try it out and let you know what I think. (It's a totally different story when I'm not beta testing.)
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I've played through your demo of Mario's First Adventure, and I thought the levels were pretty good :). I found Face of Fear was a little bit frustrating at points, but other than that the other levels were fine.

I'm interested to see you have some dkc map rips, that's pretty cool. I'll be sure to download them and take a look at them
For those that are not interested on what I got so far, DON'T LEAVE NOW! Because I got a rip for you guys!

MMX3 Intro Stage OutSide EXPANDED

Snapshot of map 16:

Ingame Snapshots:

As far as C3 goes, This maybe the last update to the thread, Please comment on what I got ='D
Your rip seems very nice! Except by the part of find something to fit with it, but anyway it's looking very great :)
Tudo passa
Tudo passará
I lied, that wasn't the last update #w{xD}

More rips, now I have 2 rips actually, one very new one and a old one requested a long time ago by EvilGuy019 (before he learned how to rip graphics), so here we are:

Chucks Rock Stage 1:

So basicly Thanks to Mr Esc for finding a "sort of a grassland/beach" tileset, he just gave me a image and I ripped out of it, so how about to see what it looks like:

Now lets see ingame:

Disprite the fact it has no BG, its a very good (and funny) tileset #w{=P}

MM2 Woodman Stage + DKC Stuff:

Well, it was rejected here one time but I'm sure you'll get some use out of it, Oh who am I kidding, lets have some snap shots:

...whoops, wrong image #w{xD}
Enough joking around, LETS HAVE REAL IMAGES!

In game snapshots:

THERE! Please comment! I worked hard on all these so hope you enjoy them -.-
I could tell when I found the Chuck rock stuff that it'd be quite hard to rip, but those gfx have turned out looking awesome :).

The other 2 you ripped look good too, though I think that the woodman set would be more useful for level design than the dkc stuff.

Nice work though. :)
OK! This should be the last of the update, so, After I ripped the Stage 1 of Chucks Rock, I wondered about the second stage, so I asked Mr Esc if he can give me a few snap shots for it, so he did and OH BOY THERE WAS ALLOT! This took forever to rip so give credit to me for ripping it...:

Chucks Rock Stage 2

Snapshot of Map 16:

Ingame Snapshots:

This was HELL to rip, so I hope you guys enjoyed my stuff, So, just so you guys aren't borred for the last hour of C3, Why not request some easy rips here, Instructions:
-Take snapshots in ZSNES with only the ground showing (no sprites, BG, Layer 3, Layer 4, etc)
-MAKE SURE ITS EASY! Nothing from DKC, LionKing, RPG's, Etc.
-Be patient, I will get them done.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy the last hour of C3, I will have something bigger next time but as of now, THANK YOU!

Please comment!

Edit, fixed the download link xP
From seeing the images of the rips, I see you did a grrrrrreat job over there. I especially like the "chucks rock stage 2" one, so I dl'ed it and am going to use this in my next hack.
Also: I was going to take a look at Mario's First Adventure and Arschloch Mario Brüder, but unfortunately school starts in about half a hour. But you are definetly creating high quality hacks and ExGFX here Daizo! ;D Keep up the good work.
Wow, these rips look pretty neat. I have no idea where they are from but I can see them coming in handy in the future.

Great rips man.
My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
Thanks guys!

Anyways, thank you for checking out this C3 thread, and I'll name out the names of the rips:
-MMX3 Intro Stage
-Chuck Rock Stage 1
-MM2 WoodMan Stage + DKC stuff
-Chuck Rock Stage 2

Thats all fokes, Please comment while you still have the chance!

In the future, I'll rip some more tilesets for next C3 #w{=D}
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

daizo nice graphics and nice hack! good job :)