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Question about Haimari's Hyper IV

I downloaded this hack from the site with all the complete Hyper hacks. It's patched to the proper ROM, yet opening it results in the Bad Rom message and failed checksum (like several hacks do). It seems to work properly, but the secret exit in the World 4 ghost house doesn't seem to be working. Opening it in Lunar Magic shows that both goals reveal the normal exit, although Haimari responded in the Hyper 6 thread here that it works (62 is the same issue I have; 63 is Haimari's response).

My question: how can I fix this? I'm assuming something's broken in the IPS file, so does anyone know how I can obtain an IPS file where this level functions properly? If it's actually right and if there's some sort of trick in the level such that the secret exit actually is accessible, how do I find it?
just go to the overworld editor and tell the level that you can always go in the direction of the secret exit.