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Your least favorite part of SMWRom Hacking

What's your least favorite, or most boring part of SMWRom hacking for you? For me, it's making grassland levels. I don't know why, but it's so boring making them.
The most boring part is trying to find the PERFECT resource for what you need, and is even MORE tedious when you can't find it/find out it isn't even there.
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Mine would be how big the interface of Lunar Magic is. It's way big compared to the actual gameplay screen.
Having to squeeze all the tileset pieces you want to use in a level into a 64x128 rectangle. Also I agree with reghrhre, you should be able to zoom in by 200%.
Hmm.. I'm not sure of a least favorite part, but there's many things which I don't like to do while hacking:

- Opening YY-CHR, a few instances of Notepad, LM, Sprite Tool, Block Tool, xkas and a bunch of other files when I start hacking.
- Debugging ASM. It can take hours to fix a bug.
- Tileset ripping. It's too tedious.
- Modifying ExGFX/Map16 files due to clashes. Again, tedious.
Anything to do with music.
I'm a least favorite part of SMWRom Hacking? Man, if only I knew it earlier..

- tuning custom samples
- porting to a new ROM (and starting it all over for 10th time)
- searching for unused and usable resources
- having no motivation/ideas for a new level/gimmick/whatever
Finding resources is a big one.
Fixing ASM code with my weak ASM skills is even bigger... after I finished Stone Sea Sanctuary for SMWCP2 I swore that I'd never touch ASM again(which didn't really hold up, but eh).

Also, something I believe most people can relate to is run out of motivation/inspiration if there's something you want to get done.
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For me:
-the fact that it requires downloading an illegal ROM file
-hacker's block
-the tedium of inserting a bunch of ASM. Opening a bunch of programs and copying the ROM into the xkas folder, using Slogger, and making a batch file, gets tedious after a while, and then making a bunch of hex edits, searching for it in the ROM map, and if I port, then I have to do that all over again because I don't know how to make a hex edit patch. That's the reason I was lazy with my most recent Kaizo hack and decided to use this other Kaizo hack I had made as the base ROM.
-Making non-Kaizo underwater levels. Which is why Combo Breaker will not have very many underwater levels compared to other level types.
Originally posted by Hadron
- porting to a new ROM (and starting it all over for 10th time)

This also.
Legacy custom music
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Well, I have a few.

Overworld Editing is my least favorite, though.
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Porting a rom... man that just pisses me off when I have to do that. Also finding proper graphics, especially if it isn't a FG/BG combo, or if the FG/BG combo doesn't really fit.

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Just as some people have said, finding the right resources can be extremely annoying. For example, I have this giant world in my hack, but really, there aren't that many good-looking giant sets out there. You just need more than there is on the site.

Then yes, porting is also tedious and takes very long, but that teaches us to make backups regulary.

And there's probably some more, but these are the ones which come to mind.
Originally posted by GeorgeVsSonic
Just as some people have said, finding the right resources can be extremely annoying. For example, I have this giant world in my hack, but really, there aren't that many good-looking giant sets out there. You just need more than there is on the site.

This. However, when working with vanilla graphics, but do want ExGFX for more mixing (like me and people like GN), the problem exists you run out of palettes really fast. I myself am making a 'vanilla' hack, and I'm running into this a lot.

Other than that, no real problems come to mind, except for stuff like LM's new 'feature' of buggy placement for some sprites (see: saws, fuzzies, and probably more).
Making water levels, so much. I have such a hard time designing water levels since there's not much to work with. The only reason I made one for my hack is because I needed to finish a level before C3 ended and I already had what I thought was a good idea. :P

Also porting to a new ROM, since I'm clumsy with other tools (mostly since I don't use them very often) and I often forget to write down exactly what resources I'm using.
It appears that lately level designing is my least favorite part of SMW hacking, which kind of sucks. Like, I can come up with a basic idea and gimmick for a level just fine, but when I try actually making the level I usually get bored after about one screen and close LM.
The hardest part is the testing phase. So many ideas have to be scrapped when they don't work out in execution.
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Originally posted by CerberusYoshi
making grassland levels.

bro, that's like my favorite part of rom hacking. if we're talking types of levels i hate making, just chalk the number one spot up to castle levels. castle levels can be cool and these big grand things but i can never seem to make one that isn't too short or too boring. i also don't like inserting custom music. half of the reason i don't do it is because by now there needs to be an easier way to accomplish it. one that doesn't involve putting shit in folders and opening up command prompt or whatever.
Originally posted by mathelete
The hardest part is the testing phase. So many ideas have to be scrapped when they don't work out in execution.

AH! I was waiting for somebody to say it but this very much.

Seriously I've probably tested each level in my hack about 7 times (Some probably more.) And I still have to do one more test run through all my levels. There's been cases to where I've had to scrap an idea or cases where I find out a certain sprite's graphics were overwritten by another sprite I'm trying to use in the same level. *Sigh* It's just so annoying.

There's a few other things that I don't like doing as well. One of those is Overworld Events, It's just too boring for me. Porting to a new rom? Well I had to do that recently and it wasn't fun, I think it's safe to put that on the list of least favorites. Other then that, there isn't too much I dislike doing, at least out of what I know how to do.

(Working around Midpoints sucks sometimes as well.)
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The beta-testing stage can be a bit stressful, but I would say that my least favorite part is Overworld editing.

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Editing ExGFX. Ripping the graphics and setting up the palette is easy enough initially, but the hellish part is when you've nearly finished with a complicated tileset (especially one with lots of similar colours like the sprites used in games like Seiken Densetsu 3 and Actraiser) and realise you've missed a few tiles.

So you then paste the tiles into YYCHR, and realise the colours are all wrong. It uses 15 or 16 different colours, so you don't have much chance of colour swapping, and it ends up basically being redrawing the relevant tiles from scratch.

Similarly, assembling graphics and levels can be annoying too, if it's either a Donkey KOng Country like foreground with God knows how many near identical tiles to arrange in the right order (because as we all know, most rippers seem too lazy to actually arrange the map16 in a way that allows using custom objects rather than individual map16 tiles), or if there's no sample level included and you have to vaguely guess how the whole thing goes jigsaw puzzle style.

Yeah, and testing. Such as when you've made a whole bunch of changes, but ended up screwing up just ONE room that you forgot to check after every single edit. Or that now a random sprite/piece of level asm has messed up and you don't have a clue why. That's really annoying.
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