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The Senate ~ Released!

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'Bout time I updated this.

Thank you very much for your feedback support. You have a great eye for spotting certain graphical errors. All your suggestions have been fixed.

It was really about time I updated this.
You may have checked my checklist once in a while and you if you did, you may have seen that I'm still working really hard on this hack. As you can see in the title, all levels have been made! Yay!. I've also been making a bunch of cutscenes, a few bosses and testing everything. I've noticed that some of my older levels (World 1-2-3, made over a year ago) play very a bit sloppy, because you're constantly jumping over stuff, under stuff, avoiding enemies and encountering weird land structures. Took a while to fix :D.

Blatant ad:
NewerSMBWii has opened my eyes with that last one. I really recommend you to play it. Most of those guys know how to make really good levels man, darn. You don't have to add beautiful shenanigans all over the place, because the gameplay, which has to flow, is way more important.

Anyway, here's also a better palette for the 3rd special world level.

And this is how most of the cutscenes look like.

So, that's that. One last thing.

The hack is almost finished and I still need some bèta testers. I currently have 2, but I wondered if some more would be interested. If so, please PM me. I'll probably not hire over 5 testers, so full is full.
If you already are one, or want to be: I'll hand over the .ips at the 28th of September, because the next week and a half I have a school trip to Rome (Really look forward to that btw). The hack is not done yet then, but it will hopefully be before the end of that month. I date I currently have in mind is at the 18th of October. Please test as many as you can before that. Thanks in forward.

Probably the last update before the release guys. Stay tuned!

2 bèta tester spots left!
A bit of palette amazing, looks pretty good! A 3rd Special World contains castle tiles ruined is amazing! We made a best full-length hack more 70+ levels constantly overworld events.

Wait for full version hack! #smw{O_O}
Amazing layout by JackTheSpades
- Hey! Why isn't this hack released yet?!? You said you would release it the 18th! Oh, and then you update your bio to say it's postponed to the 20th and now you dare to say it will be postponed to the 21th?

- I'm afraid so.


This is, unfortunately, the case. Some things took way more time than I expected and I'm currently doing my best to release it tomorrow. I've been working over 9 hours this weekend on this hack (bit much, ugh) and yet I will not make it today. I'm sorry.

All levels have been completed, all the OW's are finished and (finally) have their correct music, the bosses have been made, all the cutscenes have been written, drawn and connected properly (they're all vanilla) and everything has been tested by a few people. Thank you very much for that by the way.

What's left is the OW events for a couple of worlds and some drawing stuff. It will probably take another 3-4 hours to do that and I simply do not have not enough time today.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you understand this ;)
Oh Hell No.

P.S Here's 1 screenie to at least show you something ,

Yep, I used the left minecraft pic I found on google to draw something. Again, sorry for the lack of updates and the continuously postponed release date. See you tomorrow in the finished hack thread!
I might actually play this hack, it looks very good! I also really like that Magikoopa.
Take as much time as you need. We should all be patient as a complete hack is better than a broken hack.
As someone who beta-tested the first three worlds, I will definitely be playing the version you release. While playing it, if I find anything that needs to be fixed, I'll let you know.

Vanilla Twist!
what is the music in cranberry ruins 2?
Originally posted by ano_nymous
what is the music in cranberry ruins 2?

This one.

Closing this thread because it's no longer relevant. However, feel free to post here instead for anything related about the hack (except for asking the name of resources, you'd use this instead).
My hack thread


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