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Game Over [SS+demo+videos]

this is unprecedented serious affair
One question:

What exatly is that pirhana plants that shoots buzzy bettles?

Anyway, I hope the next demo will come out soon. The other one was broken to me ( I think it was just the emulator or something).

Nice screens...XD
Kawaii !!

gary was here ash is a loser
Originally posted by Bad luck man
what emulator were you using? Try new/old versions of Zsnes or your emulator.

I was using ZNSES v 1.51 (the newest version)

last time I submited this demo It was very humiliating (for me) having to re-submit it about 3 times and I don't wanna fail like that again. D:

Don't feel bad, I had to also :(

Originally posted by dotsarecool
I was using ZNSES v 1.42 (the newest version)

The newest version is 1.51 o.O

I liked your level design.It's pretty interesting.
By the way,Why is there a pipe in the ground?
That's part of the level's decoration. :P
that game looks good. I can't wait to play it.
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Wheeeee! I fixed my own problems. Anyway, this is how the entrance to underground levels work:

Enter the level...

Stop and look up... and hear the pipe SFX when you go inside...

And ta-da! You entered an nderground level, I'm also using this in underwater levels, and as you can see in this screen, the glitchy piranha has been removed... since july...
Wow except the looking up part it's just like entering level 1-2 in smb, great job BLM.
Fix that pipe. I'm a noob and even I know how to.
May we meet again outside the battlefield.
Originally posted by mimic
except the looking up part it's just like entering level 1-2 in smb.
It's supposed to be like that. :P
Fix that pipe.

Yeah, I've been messing on how the pipe looks... I'll post a screen ASAP.
Ok, here it is:

It looks better now... And Mario is inside the Pipe. :P
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I like it...
the pipe looks much better now
I'm making The Super Path from scratch. It almost had nothing to do with Super Mario. Here are some screens...

The entrance, Start by braking some turn blocks. I should've disabled Layer 3. :P

Then sensitive blocks and after, SMB1 bricks.

Then some Sprite Smashibles and some sensitive bouncys.
And I have something sorta unique for this one... I'll just post it tomorrow. :P
Ok... maybe NOT tomorrow... but today!
This is the super path from Glitter Castle, just "renovated".

So, here, falling is die.

But falling in certain places...

...makes you go further...


..You go up and..

...Fall and die, you can't return to the bottom.

I'll also be adding all sorts of bricks. Such as turn blocks, SMB3, SMB, sprite smashible only, etc. And I WILL add ? blocks with mushrooms only.

oh at first i was like "huh?"
but now i see how you died.
anyways,nice screenshots.
Also is it wise to put enemys in the super path?

I'm a Gradius addict... what?
Back to working on Mario and the Forgotten Flower:
World 1: 89%
Submap World 1: 98.9%

I think there was also a glitch in the first level where you kill the pirhana plants and a springboard comes up. if you jump in the end of the top pipe you got teleported to some weird place and you die.
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Yeah, I remember that one. It's like you fall into the bush and get teleported...
May we meet again outside the battlefield.
K2playa, there is some enemies in the level, I usually build the level first, then place sprites when I like how the level is done, and sometimes I place sprites when building the main level. As you can see in the screen I intentionally fell, there's a Bowser Statue. And in the screen with the black and white floor, there's 2 firebars and a roto-disc nearby.

internoob, PM me glitches... and that one has been fixed, it originally was gonna be a screen scrolling pipe, but I didn't want one there, so I just got some cement blocks and blocked the entrance... and left the pipe there. I just removed it and replaced it with normal, non-exit enabled pipes. And it got fixed.

And, hyreforgling, is that bush thing a bug in my hack? <_<
If so, PM me about it with details...

And some video in youtube of my hack made me sad...