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The Koopa Ilands [Demo1.2] - BroDute
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - The Koopa Ilands [Demo1.2] - BroDute
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Title: The Koopa Ilands [Demo1.2]
Author: BroDute
Description: This is my first hack. It has 35 exits and 27 levels.
I made a english and german version of it.
W 4-2 and special 3 are not made to enter!!!
Have FUN while playing and you can also lp it.
The credits come with the fullversion of it, but I can say that the most of them will go to this beautiful side.
Feedback is good for me.

General issues: This was not bad for a first hack, but it still has a lot of technical and level design issues that need to be fixed before it can be accepted. There were a lot of levels that required item babysitting (having to carry an item for through a long segment of a level) and backtracking, now this is not a issue if you do it for short segments, but when you have to cross the same large room several times it becomes a problem; other levels were just plain empty and/or repetitive.

Not a removal reason, but this title screen is kind of boring, also, the file selection menu needs a better palette.

Most of your messages were poorly redacted. I understand English is not your first language, so I advise you to get someone to proofread your text.

The background doesn't fade correctly in several levels because of the HDMA gradients.

The initial FG/BG is not set correctly in many levels, causing the camera to scrool down after Mario enters the level. This section of the F.A.Q explains how to fix this.

Not a removal reason, but since this is the English version, maybe you should keep the English words for the ON/OFF block.

Both the note block and the ON/OFF block spawn a sprite after being hit, and if you're not using the correct GFX, said sprite will appear glitched. This happened a lot in your hack.

Sometimes, the bros refuse to throw their projectiles because of sprite memory issues. Have you tried inserting the no sprite tile limit patch?

The bomb bro in this screenshot (from meta fortress) is blue, but the bomb bros in Recicleiland 4 were red. I spotted issues like this sever times in your hack; for the sake of consistency, you should avoid doing that.

This is what happens when you don't disable horizontal scrolling from levels 0 and 100. Also, you should remove that cement block in level 0 that makes you exit the bonus game.

Hammer Mario looks exactly like big Mario.


Your overworld events spawn these ugly yellow squares around the event tiles.

Mario's head gets cut by the OW border.

Small perspective error here: metacave 5 is in a higher landmass than metacave 4, therefore, Mario should be climbing in order to get to the higher landmass. I hope this was clear enough.

Both of these tiles lead to level 0, even if I can exit the bonus game, you shouldn't do this, because I can abuse these levels to get infinite lives; why don't you make them lead to a one screen level with a side exit instead? Also, the tiles of the earth border in the first screenshot, don't match the color of the space background tiles.

Some level tiles are revealed from the beginning of the game, even if they're not accessible yet.

The (non-fortress) level before this was Kuribonislands 3, how did the world's name suddently turned into "Sandbay", and what happened to level 4?

Recicleiland 1

What's the point on placing these coins if I can't take them without dyeing?

The note block changes its palette when I jump on it.

Recicleiland 2
-No screenshot-
Overall this level was empty and boring. I know it's the beginning of the hack, and it's supposed to be easy, but this doesn't mean you should leave empty segments with no enemies around.

The rope tileset doesn't have proper corner tile. You should either use another tileset or replace the corners with cement blocks.

Bad goal gate palette.

Recicleiland 3

This green ghost house column thing in the background doesn't look good; you should get rid of it.

Empty and boring segment.

Yellow switch

Too many sprites in the screen cause Yoshi's head to disappear. Also, the corner tiles don't line up correctly with the rest of the tileset; you should either make custom corner tiles or replace them with cement blocks.

This water acts like a blank tile. I advise you to get rid of it, as players may believe they can swim on it and die.

If I find the secret exit without having activated the blue switch (which is not even in this demo), I die durring Mario's victory march. Don't do this; instead, you should make this area unaccesible if the blue switch isn't activated.

Ghost house 1
-No screenshot-
This is a perfect example of the level that relied on item babysitting and backtracking as I mentioned before.

This level's entrance is set to enter as a pipe entrance even though there's no pipe.

I can stand here, this is why making invisible blocks via map16 doesn't work, use a cutom block instead.

This doesn't look like a pipe.

I got killed by an invisible enemy here. Also, this segment was boring, it's just about waiting for overture in the boo rings again and again.

From all the blocks in this screen, only 3 are carriable; this means if I miss just one hit, I'm forced to die. Add more trowable blocks.

This door is only accessible if a blue P-switch is active, it shouldn't be visible when it's not (by the way, I got here by spinjumping on the eeries at the beginning).

Lakitu's Caslte

The springboard's corner disappears because of sprite memory errors. Also, as you can guess, this is yet another level that relies on item babysitting and backtracking.

I would have appreciated if I had a better indication about where I should use the springboard.

This jump is a little too hard for a world 1 castle.

It's easy to run out of throw blocks in this battle, since you only provided four.

It is a hammer

You should make the hammer powerup visible.

Metacave 1

This P-switch looked gray even though it acts like a blue one.

Getting into one of these as big Mario is a little hard.

Metacave 2
-No screenshot-
Yet annother borring and empty level. The only enemies in this level were munchers, volcano lotuses and metroids, you need to add more enemy variety here, especially moving enemies.

This jump was annoying to perform.

Repetitive segment.

Yoshi's tongue is glitched here. Why did you use the castle tileset? You don't even have castle enemies in this level.

Yoshi shouldn't be able to stand in the lava.

Glitched goal sphere graphics.

Meta fortress

Minor, but the castle blocks cutoff the castle background.

When I enter here, I have very little time to react before I get hit by the homing bullet bill. Also, this fight was too hard for a world 2 midboss.

Slowdown and sprite memory errors here. I advise you to remove at least one of the bros.

Metacave 3

This Lakitu is flying too low, making it easy to kill him with a fireball, steal his cloud and break through the level.

Metacave 4

These koopas walk to their dead. Move the lava one tile down so this won't happen.

Waiting for the magikoopa to destroy these blocks is annoying, at least remove one column of turn blocks in all three areas shown in these screenshots.

Blarrg's caslte
-No screenshot-
This level was very annoying as it mostly consisted on finding the thermal key and carring it over and over through the same place so in order to open the thermal doors.

Repetitive segment

Even if you added a coin path, this still qualifies as a blind jump since landing on a specific tile if I can't see it is pretty hard.

Precision jumps are hard to perform without tools, I advise you to put more space between the spikes and add some enemies to this area.

Being able to stand on the lava without dyeing makes no sense. Also, is I enter here while the ON/OFF switch is ON, I'm forced to wait until the time goes out.

This springboard disappears after I jump on it, so if I use it in the wrong place I'm forced to kill myself.

That thing doesn't look like a bomb.

Red switch

If I try to get down, there's a chance I might end up falling into one of the Bowser's statue fireballs.

Ghost house 2

The tile for the cloud borders has a different color than the rest of the cloud.

These spikes got me by surprise.

Empty and boring segment.

What is that black thing bellow the crate?

Slowdown here

There's no vertical scrolling in this level, so I'm unable to see the pipe and the silver P-switch (which I had to find via Lunar Magic). Don't do this.

Same here, Mario should never walk outside of the Camera's view.

The way the water is cut by these ghost house columns is annoying. Also, this boss was pretty lame, it was just an ordinary Lakitu.

Since this is the flying Yoshi level, I'm able to activate the normal exit if I fall down...

And if I get a bonus game from this goal tape, I reappear at the beggining of this level. Replace the goal tape with a key and a keyhole.

The special auto-scroll doesn't go very well with the line guided platform's movements.

Star boulevard 1

By looking at the first screenshot, one would believe there's solid ground bellow the Yoshi coin...well, there's not.

Star boulevard 2
-Not pictured-
This level was extremely empty and had very few enemies around, it mostly consisted on getting shoot by those arrow signs and going back...boring.

This water doesn't look like it's going to kill me, and yet it does.

I can get here. This is why you should never connect a slope directly with a vertical edge.

Don't use the bottom row in Lunar Magic, it doesn't appear in-game.

Kuribonislands 1
-No screenshot-
Once again, a level that relies on item babysitting and backtracking, yeah...

I got an invisible mushroom here.

I can get stuck here if I take the coins before bringing the P-switch...

...Or if I don't bring a P-switch here.

These giant goombas need appropriate hitboxes. Also, if you look closely at the water bellow the columns, you will notice its animation is not synchronized correctly.

Bad ON/OFF switch palette.

Kuribonislands 2

This jump is hard to perform as big Mario.

Minor, but some grass tiles are missing here.

You might want to move down some tiles here.

Kuribonislands A

I don't like the palette of this fish.

Why do the giant goombas here look different from the ones in Kuribonislands 1?

I can get into these slopes.

Kuribonislands 3
-Not pictured-
This level was a bit short compared to the rest of your world 3 levels, it was also too empty.

Bad blooper palette

It would be nice if I could know which currents take me up and which ones take me down

Bad ON/OFF switch palette again.

Sand fortress

This jump is hard to perform as big Mario.

Glitched bullet bill bro graphics.

Yeah, just another level about backtracking.

-No screenshot-
I had to perform a shell-jump at one point in this level. Your hack shouldn't require glitch abuse in order to be cleared.

Blind jump.

This boss was pretty easy for world 3. I'm sure it would fit better on meta fortress.

Sandbay 5

What's with these fake 1-up mushrooms?

Repetitive and empty segment.

Sometimes, if I fall into the quicksand, there's no way I can get back. I advise you to replace it with a pit or make it act like lava.

Both of these segments were annoying. I advise you to make it so the bullet bills I have to jump on won't turn around.

Thwomp's castle

I'm sure this can qualify as a blind jump.

The earthquake thwomps can stun me even if I'm in the air, which is kind of annoying.

Not shown in the screenshot, but I actually got hit by an invisible enemy here.

Mountainclimbway 1

Bad status bar palette, and bad fireball palette.

You really need to fix all those levels that require item babysitting and all those empty levels, you should also get proofreaders for your message boxes. I advise you to read this and this in order to improve your level design.
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - The Koopa Ilands [Demo1.2] - BroDute

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