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What's your Youtube account username?

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Yeah, the title of this topic is self-explanitory. So c'mon, what is it?

Some SMWC users have the same YT username. Some do not.

Mine is Falconpunch19. "Falconpunch" was already taken.

I could never post videos at all, because I try to record and all that, and I followed Atma's (Or someone else's) video tutorial, but it wasn't working for me.

Also, if there is already an active thread about this, feel free to close this.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
NismoZ58. Although it's not like I use it that much anymore. I make Forza videos to show to people on reddit.

It's so far been primarily Kaizo TASes, and a few Minecraft videos. Pretty cool though that my bsnes & zsnes Timecop video got so many views and comments from being featured on Ars Technica when byuu wrote a guest article. Over 100 subscribers and 100,000 video views ftw~

World Community Grid: Thread | Team

Mostly dead, but with some SMB3 and SMW videos. I would like to upload more, but my computer isn't the greatest when it comes to recording.

Celarix | [email protected] | Avatar by Uhrix
Abount 98% of my videos are all TASes.

My YouTube username is DTE225.

But i also made a new one called LunarSkulltagDoom
Working on a hack I probably won't even finish.

Pretty much everything is related to SMW. There's a few speedruns but most of the stuff is just ASM hacks.
ehgames1234.Yes, I know it's a pretty stupid name, but this is before I cam up with this BMM. My videos consist of mostly old and crappy Let's Plays and outdated hack videos. I may get active on it again at one point, but I feel too lazy at this point. Meh.

- BlackMageMario

Weekly uploads. Also I'm a partner so this is a small corner of income for me. Therefore ratings and comments are appreciated :>
SMWC's official dentist since 2011.

YouTube - Twitter - Twitch
GvS ~ u:11380
I was offered to be a partner, but since I pretty much didn't have enough time to make videos by that time, I didn't become one. Too bad, because I have enough time to make videos now, but because of my great loss of activity, I've just lost about 200 subscribers. Ah well.

All I really do is SMW and some LM tutorials nowadays.

e: my bad, fixed link
Steam: controversialbread
The same as my original username on this site, SuperMarioRPG600.

I don't really post that many videos, but when I do it's usually just a save stateless run of a level, something I found while playing a hack that I thought was funny or a custom level, though, the latter is rare nowadays. I actually have it listed in my profile here as my website, I guess because it's my HQ or something.
shirt status: not on
Daily(Usually daily) Let's plays
About 60 subscribers, 15,000 views, currently LPing Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
Living life takes forever

I rarely use it though, almost to never.

Contains only Touhou videos as of now, but that's bound to change in the future, since I plan on making a more general video series where I compare different versions of one game (for instance, the NES and Genesis/Mega Drive versions of Battletoads or the Japanese and North American versions of Castlevania III). And yes, I have the most unoriginal profile background ever. I might change that, though.
Twitter account

Steam Community profile
My channel would probably have a lot greater variety of videos if I had a better screen casting software and/or my own digital camera. The only reason I have almost all No Limits/ROM hack videos right now is because both programs have a built in recording software that is pretty good. I do have CamStudio, but I hate how it records stuff with a not so smooth frame rate, and with sub-par sound quality. I post videos fairly often.
Legacy custom music
A site where you can be able to hit that dislike where your dislike will be visible to other people and not have to rely on a browser extension as well as actually watch my SMW hacking content

It's my current username. I don't post videos that much, only SMW hacks or other things that I plan to post.

But my account is not stopped, is frozen.
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