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24h SMW II: Discussion

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I might actually attempt it this time =P
Not gonna submit anything, but I will try out all the entries. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to do this because of real life stuff but I don't think watching a bunch of title screens will waste too much of my time.
Hmm, can't say I really like the theme, but I did vote for this contest, so I'll try to come up with something. Who knows- it could be interesting.

I dunno, though- it seems more like an auto-level contest.
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Seems like a tricky one...
Woah, talk about complete curveball. I doubt anyone ever expected this to be the theme for the contest.

Regardless, I shall take a crack at this. After all, the title animation isn't too long to build around.
Well, it's like a automatic Mario contest but this time Mario move. I would have preferred a contest where you can play the level, not just watch it. Oh well, I'm gonna try to do something.
Props to p4plus2 for the suggestion. I had something a little different in mind (namely, "what if the Valley of Bowser switch palace existed? Design it."), but I figured that would be impossible to judge.

This idea seemed really cool, as well as challenging. If it totally flops and no one produces anything, I'd likely choose an easier theme and do it next weekend. As for now though, I'm curious to see what people can do.
That will be kinda hard. Well, I'll try to come up with something good.
Hmmm, one more question. Does the level have to comply with general title screen rules? (As in, you are not allowed to have Mario die, enter a pipe, trigger a goal, etc.)
hard and tricky but I will try
GeminiRage: Yes. The playback should go from start to finish as usual.

(also guys, even if you come up with something and it isn't that great, submit it anyway. This is a challenging contest no doubt, and I imagine a lot of people will struggle with it. That being said, for all you know, even your entry that you don't think is good could be a winner.)
Hmm... an 24h contest making a new title screen using Mario's original movements? I think that is kinda hard, but I will try to make it creative.
What? Wasn't a type of contest like this already?... wait... That was a kaizo one. Sorry.

Don't really care too much for the theme of this one, I'll probably try it anyway and see what I can come up with (and maybe the switch palace one just for the heck of it because I doubt I could spend all that much time making a 45 second level).

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Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Are we allowed to change the FG/BG starting position?

Yes you can, but I can't see it being particularly beneficial (though I guarantee you or someone else will prove me wrong on this).
I've had a bit of a think about this one and I think I have a theme to go by.
Also.. This really ain't going to be too hard in my opinion. Sure, it's harder to get a theme, but you can't 'misinterpret' this one the same way you could last time.
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