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24h SMW II: Discussion

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Originally posted by Derpy Backslide
I'd say about 1/3 of the levels I've seen have what I'm looking for, and even then it seems like each level has the player stop for quite a period of time.

Well, movement wise, mario does stop alot:(
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Well that was certainly an interesting one. I feel like I did pretty well considering this was my first "automatic" level. Though, looking at some of the entries I feel like I could've done more creative things with the movements..

Originally posted by Dinomar
After seeing Jimmy's entry, i just got the meaning of this video...

ASGHJADGHEGFHJDGEVUIFSDKJ If I see that video one more time... >.>
Originally posted by MarioFan22
I was stuck at what to do with Mario standing doing nothing for about 3 seconds. So I thought I'll just use the eating block.

I tried to camouflage those 3 seconds of nothing by making it look like Mario is waiting for a koopa to get to just the right spot, so he can hit it from below.
Masking the pauses and backward movements was pretty annoying. I wanted to aim for having the level look totally natural--like something someone actually playing it would do--but it's pretty hard with those movements!

The gimmick I used in my level involved Mario jumping in and out of water a few times, and for about the first hour I was totally regretting that and almost scrapped the level idea. You'd be surprised at how hard it is to make Demo Mario jump out of water and not drown :(.
In other news, I've already judged almost half of them. I imagine I'll be done before p4plus2 even starts.

I am like, beyond impressed at some of these.
You know, something about the default controller input is awfully strange. When Mario jumps, it's not just a single button press. I see I'm not the only one who stumbled across that oddity :b

Edit: Also, how many joke entries with note blocks did we get? I expected one or two in the beginning, but I didn't think others would actually follow suit later on *shrug*
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Did you notice this in my entry? That thing was actually unexpected there.
Yeah, the double jump at the end, if I'm not mistaken? I'm sure there were others, too, but I can't remember.
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I've stumbled upon Jimmy's entry, and I'm asking myself how I'm even supposed to rank it with the others. I mean, it's like .. incomparable in a sense, and that may not necessarily be a good thing.
I missed the last 24 hour contest, so does S.N.N. give comments on the "levels", or just rank them?

Ninja'd by S.N.N. himself... which one was Jimmy's entry? I've seen them all, but I organized them terribly so I can only match a few of the levels with their creators.
Would it be possible for all the entries to be put in one ZIP file?
I really can't be bothered to download 65 IPS files one at a time.
Eh, I'm not really expecting a good ranking on my thing, especially after reading a little bit of what other people did. Plus there's a few things, looking back, that I could have made more interesting or whatever.
Whatever. As long as it isn't '0/20, get back to #chanofice', I think I'll be happy.


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Heh, the parts where Mario stops walking in the original title screen were very handy for my lineguided level. I suppose it's a lot harder to time everything well with it, but it has its pros too.

Also, SNN, you're one amazingly fast judge. O_o
Jimmy52905's entry... just... HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! :O
How did you do that?!
AHA, just found the joke entry! #w{xD}
I found at least two within the first fifteen submissions. I'm hoping there isn't any more than that.

Also jimmy's is just what.
It would be sort of unfair if Jimmy would score first. It does have Mario's original movements and it's certainly a title screen level, but it doesn't feel like a Mario thing anymore. Oh well, depends on how's this classified.
I feel the same way Ripperon. I mean it's pretty damn amazing, but it doesn't feel like an SMW title screen. I suppose it depends on how the judges deal with these kind of entries...if there are any others this different.
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