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Wakana's ports and music-related stuff
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Added mystia lorelei's amazing!...but still a beta. I will improve it!

Added also the Extra stage theme: Hourai Victim! It's amazing...the best one I agree with me?

Then added the eastern Night tune...the amazing calming title screen. This song was used also in a level of An SMWC Production, is it?

Nobody replies? Please, tell me your points of view about those tunes, I need motivation!#w{=P}
the only slight complaint i have is the way the percussion sounds in some of these, but other then that, the fact i would have great difficulty doing these makes me disregard that fact.

also......*shivers* hourai victim, bad memories, im clean, IM CLEAN!!
i died on one of the extra boss's LAST few spells, with one of them being (pardon my language)bullshit,i lost the will to try that one again for some time. i have a huge pack of midi's if you would like them when you finish the 8 soundtrack.
Whoa man, I'm really surprised of the extra theme you ported, while I'm not a fan of the original I can say this sounds amazing and it's your best port so far!

Though, I reccomend you to change that @4 at 1:32 to @0 or @13, it would work best if you go for accuracy, of course, it's not needed at all :P

Good luck with the soundtrack and please, don't use just one instrment for the percussion, that ruins the whole port if you ask me :/
Originally posted by omegazeroINFI

I know...I have to work with the percussion channel...
Then, I died in few secs in the extra stages of Touhou's lunatic! I don't know how you survived.#w{=|}

Also, @Masterlink, I'll try to switch the instruments you suggested.
2 channels for the percussions?? Well, I'll try to do the same port with 2 percussions channels, but this will ruin the song as well...I have to choose: the accuracy in percussions or in notes? I obliviously choose the note accuracy. Just try to remove one channel with the spc player...the song sucks!!

However, I'll try it out!#w{=P}

Added Plan Asia!
Added the ZE☆! ...oh, sorry, the Marisa Battle theme!
Improved Old World theme!
Maiden's Capriccio released!

  </ ̄ ̄丶
 \  ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ

However, it's too fuc*ing difficult! I messed with octaves and so. Reimu, your theme is too complicated!!

Reimu: It's not my fault!

Silver: ...however, your theme is lovely...#w{<3}
the only thing with percussion really is that percussion just shouldnt use 1 instrument, it usually is changed every note to match the instrument that should play, also want my replay on the extra stage?
Originally posted by omegazeroINFI
the only thing with percussion really is that percussion just shouldnt use 1 instrument, it usually is changed every note to match the instrument that should play, also want my replay on the extra stage?

Well, maybe some of the percussion sounds bad because I haven't set them to work. Some aren't seeted, some are screwed...when I stop being a lazy ass, I will set them correctly.

Then...yes, send me the replay of your extra stage performance...I'm curious. Actually, I started this year playing Touhou. I finished it as Easy mode only. I'll try the medium one next time...

Now, let's put this subject aside and Master Spark-eeh, comment my tunes!
Added Imperishable Night tune, the music that plays before throwing the keyboard on the wall-eeh, before fighting Marisa/Reimu.

Also, I want to thank you omegazeroINFI for the help he is giving me.#w{=P}

OMG! 700 POST!

EDIT! Listen to "Ghostly Eyes". A star appeared. That mean that maybe that's the definitive version. Listen it and leave comments!#w{=P}

EDIT!2 Added "Kagome Kagome", the tune you hear before meeting Tewi and Reisen.
Man, long time no see, thread.

Added Patchouli theme. It's my first sample bank tune. Thanks for Imamelia for the 5th symphonic sample bank!#w{=P}

Then added Touhou 8 music: Invisible Full Moon, aaaand Eirin Voyage in 1969.

Edit again for the "History of the Moon" tune...a bit messed up, though...but now it's fixed enough for you! Then added the Lunatic Princess tune and the "Voyage 1970".

Edit still, for the "Immortal Smoke" tune...the music you hear while fighting the Final Boss of the extra stage. I only met her twice...but I haven't destroyed my keyboard twice only...

Then we have Evening Primrose, the tune of the final cutscene. Since I never listened this because I always skipped it, I don't like it much. But the way I ported it is awesome.

In the end I added another tune of the credit-cutscene. One tune left. You hear!? ANOTHER ONE AND I'VE DONE TH8 SOUNDTRACK!!

Man, I'm doing it well. When all is finished, I'll fix all the weirdos.
Today is a great day!

The Th8 soundtrack is done!
However, I'm going to fix the weird parts of some musics. The definitive versions are showed if there's a yellow star near to the port.

Any suggestions are welcome! Please, I need your support here.

EDIT for Leonid's castle. Epic....din-don-din-don-din-don-din-don-din-don-din-don-din-don-din-don-

Added one of Muse's tune, you know, the famous rock band that made some songs even in the olympic games.

Then added a downloadable version of Eggman's theme. My first serious port.

EDIT! Added Touhou fairy wars tune, and WMOD Terrormisù battle!

Long time no see guys, huh?

I made Touhou 11 Nuclear Fusion, and Terrormisù battle of Wario Master of disguise (the final boss theme that someone requested time ago...)

Have a nice listening!
i decided to see what the ??? was and it sounds an awful lot like legend of zelda majoras mask song of healing or at least the version you hear in the tower.

fairy wars spc
Originally posted by me
magus night, which is marisa's ex boss theme.
1000th post!

Added New Super Mario bros final battle, bad apple, Alice's theme of Touhou, and Yoshi's Island, before boss, and much more! Included some improvements too!

Happy reborn, thread!#thp{=D}
(And happy 1000 post for me! #thp{>:)})
(The post it's only directed to the new ports, sorry D:)

Let's see...

Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

The percussion it's wrong (lacks of the snare and it's also... a bit out of place if you compare it with the original) and sometimes the @4 chord goes way too loud, but overall, it's a good port despite its flaws.

Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

Well... first of all, it's there a reason to make all the instruments @0 at the beginning? The original had pianos, weird sounding sawtooths and violins (?). Maybe this port it's another theme (I'm listening to this one which basically it's the only one that I know) so it has different instrumentation, but oh well, keeping that aside, I guess is quite decent but not too close to the original, but I do understand that porting these to the snes it's complicated due to its high limitations.

Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

Sounds... quite wierd, mostly because the main instrument is @17. The drums sound really good though! (Also please, if you discover a new command, don't overuse it, or use it moderately, for example here (and in other of your ports), the echo volume is way too high making the port sound quite bad sometimes).

Loud as hell but it's not that bad, it's just that sometimes it gets really loud and then quiet. Try using some vibrato by the way, it would help you to make @1 sound really amazing if you use it moderately (in case you don't know what I'm talking about, the command is pX,Y, where X is the wave length and Y the amplitude).

Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

Oh, I somehow recognize this music (but don't remember the game where it comes from, nor its name lol), the only complaints I have is the volume, again, WAY too loud and the bad loop.

Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

Oh wow, this is a BIG improvement of your last try! Now I can recognize the original melody, which is amazing of course! Although I think some octaves are lower than the original, for example the @4's octave and the @15's (by the way, since that instrument is not looped, you can safely use $ed $7f $e0 and it will sound better). My favorite part is when the @6 starts playing.

Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

This one also has a problem with the percussion, it's not like that in the original. Also, I don't think @9s fits here... they sound really bad in lower octaves.

Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

It's missing some slides and as with other ports, the volume it's way too loud. As for the port itself, it's not a bad try but can be improved, specially that "percussive" adsr for @4. And again, the percussion it's not the same as the original.

Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

Never heard the original but sounds quite cool and elegant indeed. Also, seems like you're having troubles splitting chords because in many of your ports, there are two channels playing the same note at the same time for a second, which of course makes it loud.

Just a suggestion for future ports, if you want to replicate string ensembles, use a soft adsr like $ed $79 $e0/$e9 with vibrato (I use p11,21 quite often for strings).

Originally posted by Silver Scarlet

Same problem. Very high echo volume and song's volume. It's not a bad redemption but I feel that the samples don't fit at all, what about using samples with better quality? If you need help finding them, PM me.

I guess that's all, you're getting better but at a slow rhythm. Try porting songs from other platforms like snes, they're fairly easy to port and can help you to improve more.

I apologize for typos or grammar errors (in case I've made some), I hope you understand anyway.

Congrats for your 1000 posts.
Originally posted by Masterlink

I appreciate people like you.#thp{^_^}

Thank you for the tips, I really need them.

Ah, and in case you're wondering, the !!! is a Touhou music called "Alice's Girimore" or something similar.#thp{>:)}
LOL it's a Secret of Mana song, not a Toho one.

Also p11,21 WTF!?#thp{O_O1}

The piano sounds quite weird. Try adding a high-delay echo to it (like $05 and feedback of $65), because pianos regularily sound even after you play another note, so an echo effect would do nicely. The melody would sound better if you changed that @4 to I think a @1 or a @6, with a soft tremolo and a not-so high Attack for ADSR, because some short notes can't be really heard because of a low attack. Also, the part from 0:43 on, the @4 should be changed to another @9 or even a @16.

It's sweet how you try porting such complex songs, though. Keep it up.
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to hear birds and see none.
Submitted this!

Hope it'll get accepted. If yes, I'll add it in the list!#thp{>:)}
That dreadful; battle sounds awesome man! Don't think it's from romacing saga 2,it's from saga 2 I gues just hear it in youtube for saga 2 dreadful battle:

Again epic! Reminds me VIP4!
Not bad,but need improve a lot this!!
By the way,you ported by ear?
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